The Army's Deep Penetrative Unit's Quest For LTTE Leader Protested Misguidedly By Balasingham.

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The terrorist aide in peacemaker garb Anton Balasingham has maderather misguided protestations that the notorious LTTE leader Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) who is on a high priority wanted list by the Indian Government and Interpol is under threat from the Sri Lankan Security Forces who should have no qualms at all if their intention is to capture the man who easily fits the bill of Public Enemy No.1 in Sri Lanka where they should really add Balasingham and his Wife Adele to the wanted list for their roles in horrendous crimes against innocent civilians and children at the height of the LTTE attrocities in Sri Lanka but instead are permitted a free ride in and out of the country when the occassion demands it and let off the hook under the guise of a flimsy Peace Process which keeps getting complicated by the day and appears to look more and more futile with the passage of time!

For lack of better representation apathetically, the chief negotiator who is a taskmaster of pretence feigning innocence of his part in directing LTTE attrocities in the past and continues his rhetoric in trying to justify LTTE activity and the right to exist freely, that of the infamous LTTE Leader and his aides hiding in the jungles of the Wanni and the realization that their's is an ambiguous representation of the Tamil Community more or less forcibly self imposed by the LTTE where many Tamils now denounce the representation and Balasingham despite his protestations does not really have too much terra firma to stand on and make his rather bold allegations presented during a Tamil Gathering at the United Nations Human Rights Day in Geneva Switzerland which if they were indeed as he is alleged to have voiced would nevertheless be justified in view of the criminal nature of the individual concerned. Furthermore it is surmised as a rather two faced presentation by someone accused of human rights violations himself as Balasingham is reputed to be alongside of his Australian born wife and has little or no right to make the protestation in question where the deep penetrative unit of the Security Forces may have been authorised to carry out a perfectly legal manoeuvre regardless of LTTE opinion. As to whether the orders given to the Army DPU were to search and destroy or search and apprehend is classified information which no 'LTTE intelligence sources' could have got wind of as claimed by Balasingham but nonetheless academic.

It also seems but a matter of time before justice will be served and the criminal element of the LTTE who are now carrying on a campaign of terror against the Muslim Community in Mutur in Eastern Sri Lanka despite their denials will be rounded up and incarcerated within the laws of the land as they fail to observe the singlemost cardinal rule towards a negotiated Peace within Sri Lanka which is to maintain their integrity towards the accords signed under the M o U with the Government of Sri Lanka and by blatantly violating the Peace through various instances of violent attacks on shipping,the civilian population, the armed forces and whom they see fit to identify as Government informers and gunning them down, as their aberrations continue they all but weaken their stance on any right to demand concessions.

Despite the evidence against them they now have the affront and nerve to point fingers at all but themselves for their latest vio;lations of the Peace Process where their chief idealogue is their chief representation being a master weaver of intrigue through denial and the refusal to acknowledge responsibility while a blinkered administration looks on rather indifferently in the name of what it terms the ''Preservation and Continuity Of The Peace Process".

In the face of all the play acting by the likes of Balasingham, LTTE credibilities are more than likely to be depleted as their much adulated leader is flushed out of the jungles of the Wanni by none other than "You Guessed It, the Deep Penetrative Unit Of The Sri Lankan Armed Forces with backup to the tune of a few Bunker Busters courtesy of the USA!

Another episode in the continuing drama of the LTTE's theatrics where the Peace Process has been misconstrued by Anton Balasingham and his consorts as being one which entitles them free passageby way of UNF back patting, into immortality when all it amounts to is an ill defined interpretation of assumed rights by a terrorist group who have no rights whatsoever in demanding restitution towards an unjust cause!



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