A Dissection Of 'Sudar Oli's Recommendations To Return To War

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In a bold though ill conceived manner of reasoning the pro LTTE newspaper 'Sudar Oli' has recommended that Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran the wanted LTTE leader ) and the LTTE should return to war. That the proclamation needs to be dissected to examine the source of its seemingly ill gotten logic seems imperative to the well being of the Sinhala Nation!

That Pirapaharan, ( presently an internationally condemned criminal in hiding from Interpol and the Indian Government through the leniencies of the present UNF Administration towards apprehending him ) illustrating apathy that he has been given a nudge by ' Sudar Oli' to re-commence armed aggression, is an affront not only to the precepts of Democracy and the Constitutionalised Existence of Sri Lanka as a Sovereignity but also to the Tamil Community who, is not involuntarily represented by the LTTE, and in most cases do not condone such unguardely sickening comments at a time when Sri Lanka is making the rather painful transition from 'War Ravaged ' Nation to one of hope and peace for the future where vast multitudes of displaced people are returning to re-settle, a majority of them Tamils together with many other ethnicities one part of its multicultural mosaic.

Not only is this a recommendation of seditious intent leaning towards incitement for war but a criminal act directed against a constitutionalised and democratically elected Government and an act for which the head honchos of ' Sudar Oli' probably need to be confronted and indicted at a time( The Freedom of speech assumed inapplicable to comments of a treasonous nature involving the sentitive issue of a return to war ! ) when Sri Lanka is going through the delicate transition from a war ravaged Nation to one of peace and hope for the future as mentioned and it is intolerable that callous statements of this nature regardless of how lucid it may sound to the utterer, should go unnoticed as it appears to be a direct call to arms with a bravado which falls short of sheer stupidity notwithstanding the arms buildup of the LTTE in recent times.

Their surreptitious and clandestine movements indicative of re-grouping to which powerful countermeasures by the Security Forces and other areas of support have been set in place to overcome a worse case scenario of any foolish aggression by the LTTE!, the sinking of LTTE gun runners on the high seas within territorial waters and the many prompt responses by the Armed Forces to counter and stem any indications of LTTE activity may be assumed as a precursor to this reality as is the increased Indian Interest in Sri Lankan Affairs, the scrutiny, joint surveillance and monitoring of territorial waters and airways as well as the involvement in Naval Facilities and Shipping Ports which should more than deter any fancy ideas as suggested by 'Sudar Oli' towards re-commencing the so called armed conflict in its latest memorandum!!!

It talks about a knife being driven deep into Tamil Pride, self respect and a yearning for freedom which accuses Sri Lanka and almost laughably the International Community ( whose opinion one might logically expect to be a norm!) of wrongdoings and a near blasphemous reference to a certain 'accommodativeness and patience in the face of grave provocations?" on the part of Pirapaharan who by rights needs to be noosed and dragged into a cell where he really belongs while shoving the concept of his acommodativeness and patience into the trash can of 'Sudar Oli' whose conceptual idealogies towards the best interests of Sri Lanka appear treasonous!

No mention has however been made of the havoc through decades of attrocities inflicted upon a Sovereign Nation by insurgent terrorist, who have not only driven knives into National Sinhala Pride, its self respect and progress into the new millenium,but has also ursurped its prime right to exist alongside the other ethnicities comprising of the population of Sri Lanka as a majority benevolent to all races within the land.

Perhaps realising that the days of the LTTE are probably numbered, being isolated not only by the majoriy of Sri Lankans against whom huge attrocities have been commited in the past but also by the International Community and World Super Powers who have issued very specific and clear warnings that LTTE attrocities would never again be tolerated 'Sudar Oli' has decided to indulge in a bit of stratgey which could easily backfire not only on them but on Pirapaharan and the LTTE also!.

It has been envisaged by many analysts that 'Sudar Oli' in a last ditch effort to promulgate LTTE idealogies now on the wane and fading in an environment which sees them as a pariah doctrine totally contradicting the principles of democracy and constitutionalised governance has had the nerve to even hint at a return to war which would most certainly be the end of the road for the LTTE and whatever their chances slim as they seem of merging into free Sri Lankan Society and quietly slipping away altogether.

The memorandum issued by 'Sudar Oli' whether quoted inadvertently or not has highlighted a statement made by the United States Deputy Secretary of State Mr. Richard Armitage that quote" The US would hunt down the LTTE and force it to give up the use of violence to achieve its political objectives" end quote and a clear warning which carries ominous sounding implications towards the very fanning of war fires by 'Sudar Oli' which rather than discourage them seems to have had an opposite effect in the most puerile manner of reasoning and mind boggling as the importance of working towards a continued peace has been completely circumvented where only the need for the survival of the LTTE , Pirapaharan and perhaps even 'Sudar Oli' seems imperative!

The 'Sudar Oli' statistics which lean heavily towards visible LTTE bias and somewhat exaggerated as quoted suggests that 'Sweet Tolerant' Mr Pirapaharan has had great restraint over Armed Forces excesses where both sides in reality have indulged in the excesses of war, proverbially deemed 'all fair' and to table a list of all attrocities would be a wasted effort where the undeniable guilt would point to the LTTE whose attrocities at times bypassed the norms of human kindness by far .

A new twist to the propaganda machine of 'Sudar Oli' now suggests that the projected identity of arms smuggling unmarked LTTE ocean vessels recently sunk by the Sri Lankan Navy were deemed commercial vessels and a blatant innuendo which adds to the doubts regarding the credibilities of this medium as it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that the vessels concerned were indeed arms carriers! Makes the discerning mind wonder whether 'Sudar Oli' somehow translates to 'False Propagandist'.

Short of being self destructive and accomplishing nothing beyond it as were the Kama Khazi Suicide Brigades of World War 11 the voicings of 'Sudar Oli' can only be likened to being self destructive where no self respecting Tamil or any other citizen of Sri Lanka should pay heed to what amounts to a renewed call towards self anihilation as the only avenue of recourse as the better alternative would be a call to lay down arms, renounce their idealogies towards a misconcieved freedom struggle and armed insurrection and join the new world order of global peace where there can be no exceptions or reservations, especially now in Sri Lanka!

The final analysis on dissecting 'Sudar Oli' s call to arms only reveals a sense of desperation intended towards survival at any cost, completely disregarding the needs, well being and projections towards the future of Sri Lanka as a whole!


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