Presidential Cautions About National Security Seem Very Realistic As The Wickremasinghe UNF Downplays Them.

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A recent report submitted by the President has warned the Nation that Tamil Tiger rebels have sent 840 suicide bombers to unleash a wave of attacks if and when the peace process breaks down.Consequently there seems to be an interesting dispute worth evaluating between the Nation's two foremost administrators namely the President Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe whose so called cohabitational politics seem to be playing to the Nation from different sides of the same theme and applicable to National Security with great concerns.

While Madame President contends that the LTTE have been for sometime now, posing a clear threat to the Nation based on her intelligence investigations linked to Military sources which in the past have proved to be clinically accurate together with those of former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, the Prime Minister defiantly downplays the contentions with his usual hoopla and hype which in its latest presentation of bravado that the United States and India will be a deterrent towards any LTTE fancy ideas about a resumption of aggression while ignoring the foremost reality that the people of Sri Lanka have become an unwilling pawn in this latest game of chess and probably need greater assurances then those of the Prime Minister to assert the reality that Sri Lanka is indeed secure from any planned LTTE insurgency.
Quoting The People's Alliance, which is the main opposition in Parliament led by the President it has been disclosed that it had information from Military Intelligence and its own research that the guerrillas were preparing to mount attacks and that the LTTE were preparing to unleash violence where the Nation could be sliding towards a dangerous situation where LTTE attrocities could very well commence in North eastern and Eastern Sri Lanka.

There is a great deal of agitation presently initiated by the LTTE in these regions and there appears to be no conjecture on the part of Presidental sources whose anxieties are based on reliable Army Intelligence information and need to be heeded with objectives towards dispeling any threat to National Security with much more than mere verbal assurances such as those of the Prime Minister as the numbers of LTTE cadre including suicide bombers who appear to be in readiness towards ursurping the peace process in an eventuality disfavourable to their demands notwithstanding the extent of the Peace which has lasted thus far appear alarming and seem to be far beyond any previous estimates released.
Time and time again the LTTE have reiterated that they were not ready to negotiate with the government's proposal to give limited political powers to a rebel-controlled provincial administrative structure which is not agreeable to their terms and according to the Information presented by the Opposition. "They are going to present the government with a 'take it or else' proposal based on LTTE terms as devised by their idealogues! " was a unanimous assention by a recent statement made to the media.
President Kumaratunga's opposition to the Wickremasinghe Administration's handling of the peace process along with her cautions that the Tigers were moving their cadres in the eastern district of Trincomalee and threatening the security of the Trincomalee Naval Base suddenly becomes a visible reality which needs to be viewed objectively and taken very seriously and a caution which not only re surfaces the concept that the assurances being given to the Nation by the Prime Minister is a misrepresentation of facts but also shows off the reality of how unconcerned he seems to be of a worst case scenario and the extent to which he is prepared to gamble with the Nation's Security which is a poor indication of his leadership as bearing any credibility towards his duties which at best seem lackadaisical.

At his speculative best, Wickremasinghe has been quoted as saying that Sri Lanka was counting on foreign military support, notably from the United States and India, should its "territorial integrity" be threatened, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said Thursday.The government has worked to restructure and strengthen security forces under the current ceasefire with Tamil Tiger rebels, Wickremesinghe wrote in a five-page letter to President Chandrika Kumaratunga who has accused him of jeopardising national security by allowing a rebel build-up undercover of the ceasefire.
Wickremasinghe has responded by saying that quote "There have been many measures taken by our government to restructure and strengthen our security forces in order to ensure that we are in a position to meet any hostile threat to the Sovereign territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.Separate programs have been worked out for the army, navy and air force and special forces. This is being achieved in a systematic manner using both our own expertise and resources as well as the support of countries like India and the United States."end quote although interestingly enough neither the US Government nor India have given any indication or corroborated Wickremasinghe's claims and the constant references to the protection of Sovereign and Territorial Integrity seems to be fast becoming a borrowed cliché with little to substantiate its importance relative to any reality.

The premier said continued his dialogue that the UNF government which has been in power since December 2001 has strengthened relations with other countries who could "assist speedily and effectively if the need arises" albeit proof positive of this is still in the air with nothing officially to substantiate his claims.
"While urging the President to keep National Security and defence completely out of what he terms "their political bickering" he seems to have forgotten the President's Constutionalized Accords which provide her with far greater authority than himself to provide the Nation with the kind of security needed in the present climate and in the face of a renewed LTTE threat which he seems to prefer sweeping under the carpet with false assurances and dank consideration towards posterity and the future of the Sinhala Nation!

It might also be considered that if blackmail is a bargaining tool to be used by terrorists against a Sovereign Democracy then Sri Lanka would have created a precedent towards its success or be faced with eradicating the source within the norms of the free world with substance rather than with rhetoric!






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