LTTE Idealogue Karuna Speculates On International Displeasure Towards The Sri Lankan Administration, On The Wrong Footing!

Duttagamini Singhaputhra World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb

Recent LTTE Propaganda with no mandate nor authority to legitimately draw such conclusions have misguidedly broadcast in their newsmedia that " Failure to accept IA proposal will invite International displeasure'" quoting their latest terrorist turned idealogue- Karuna on his return from Ireland, a statement of great ambiguity and on the wrong footing where the concerns of the International Community for a long time now has been focussed on the ongoing attrocities and irrationalities of the LTTE.

It is not known when the bestowance of the mantle of 'judge and jury' on international opinion was conveyed on the LTTE and their mouthpieces such as Karuna who eventually might not be able to put their monies where their mouths are as International displeasure is fast growing in disfavour of the LTTE and their illegal posturings in trying to legitimize their illegal image of infamy where the only displeasure is one, they might encounter together with their supportives, the segments of globally scattered Tamil Diaspora in favour of the LTTE continuing to surreptitiously fund their terrorist activities which could evoke nothing short of displeasure directed at them conversely.
Very falteringly yet with conviction almost in a tone of voice trying to reassure himself, Karuna has been quoted as saying said that "If the Government of Sri Lanka fails to accept the Interim Administration proposals that we have developed with the assistance of our legal and constitutional experts and consultations with many Governments of the West, the Sri Lanka Government will have to face severe international displeasure," almost threateningly during a special interview to the media in the North on his return from his overseas trip of undisclosed sponsorship and hopefully not at the taxpayer's expense!

Apparently the reference to the 'Many Governments of the West' are more than likely references to Governments which have banned and outlawed the LTTE where the so called 'legal' and 'constitutional' experts refered to are none other than biased pro LTTE idealogues whose titles are more self imposed than officially sanctioned and short of denouncing their terrorist image, presently ongoing attrocities and illegaly imposed administrations, legislative, policing and financing systems in parts of the North and North East of Sri Lanka ,they could hope to accomplish nothing other than an intensity of their rhetoric rebounding on them to the tune of severe displeasure which would be of a rather imposing and condemning nature towards their objectives, a fact recently confirmed by visiting Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham's message during his address to official sources and its tone indicating displeasure at the ongoing activities of the LTTE echoings of the same theme coming from various other parts of the globe and Karuna needs to emphasize his statement co-related to reality rather than conjecture.

There is somewhat of an amusing reference by this LTTE idealogue Karuna to the eventual proposals relative to the constitutions and administrative architecture of several countries offset against a North East Interim Administration being handed over to their leader Velupillai Pirapaharan where no known country exists with a terrorist group dictating terms to the indecisiveness of an incumbent administration nor tolerates a condemned prurient terrorist as leader wanted internationally.

One needs not speculate on the credibilities of his reference to the manner in which the Muslim Community will be incorporated to their fashioned and perhaps imagined governance and the so called rights promised them, which have been apathetically denied the Muslims in the North and North East to a degree where a huge anti LTTE upsurge by the Muslim Community appears to be in the offing and poised for takeoff!

Perhaps a better option for Karuna and his LTTE Propaganda sources would be to move towards mainstream Sri Lankan Society in the manner of ordinary citizens of the land prepared to contribute towards the future of a United Sri Lanka regardless of their ethnicity as the demands set by the present counter proposals will not be rationally conceded to by any Sri Lankan Administration as the demands would more than likely compromise the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka and her Sinhala majority!



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