World Council Of Sinhala Peers Responds To Bandaranaikes :The Bane Of Lanka by 'Insider'

Gemunu Kumara - World Council of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb

A recent feature published in a Local Sunday Weekly captioned Bandaranaikes: The Bane of Lanka by someone who hesitates to identify him or herself writing under the prefered pseudonym 'Insider' has spurred on the World Council Of Sinhala Peers who have consulted with a vast global following to repond that "Never has there been greater frustration ever displayed!!" in what some may see as free expression yet tantamount to propaganda and meaningless drivel as the following counter suggestions are placed before the discerning reader in order to endorse what visibly seems to be a deliberate intent to slander the President.This response has to be read in conjunction with the article under reference( while comparing and contrasting the misgivings and accomplishments of decades of political successions after British Rule if possibe) and placing emphasis on the bias indicated to offset its worthlessness.

Some of the 'crosses borne by Sri Lanka ' as quoted undoubtedly must be attributed to the political leaders who have wafted in and out of office where statistics prove that the UNP after the British have provided the greater number of crosses for Sri Lanka to bear and the inference 'to hunger for power' a common trait which in fact seems to have been initiated and propagated by the UNP rather than the alluded to Bandaranaike Dynasty and the SLFP which has done more good than harm for the Nation in a greater sense of patriotism than the pitiful efforts of some self centred autocrats from within the rank and file of the UNP who very nearly destroyed the Nation, continually emptied its coffers and deceived the Nation whether inadvertently or not, but for the timely intervention of some Bandaranaike at some given time as recent history bears testimony to the reality.

The sardonic references towards the bestowance of the KCMG to former Prime Minister the Hon. SWRD Bandaranaike which is one of the highest accolades granted by the British to persons of distinction and the ludicrous cross references to God (sacrileginous by itself) seem to display the ungainly reasoning of the writer who has failed to see beyond his dimwitted anachronisms and failing to recognize that it was infact the Bandaranaikes beginning with SWRD who carved out a significant state of recognition for the Sinhala Nation and has been consecutively maintained in absolute conscientious responsibility by his late wife and daughter where perhaps another sibling awaits his turn, meticulously dedicated to the patriotic heritage which has been theirs for a significant period of time in Sri Lanka's recent history and surely the frustrated sounding expressions of the ' Insider' must come from a dejected memberof the opposite camp opposed to patriotism and perhaps aligned with the nefarious intentions of both Ranil Wickremasinghe and Velupillai Pirapaharan the real Power Hungry dictatorial leaders of their respective clans who have borne more ill fortune for Sri Lanka ( despite the former given credit as the architect of the current peace process which is debatable) than any other known faction of recognition whether officially, or perverse as attributable to the latter!
Here it could probably be hypothetically assumed that the 'Insider' is no patriotic member of the Sinhala Nation as Sinhala representation which would thereby confer the title 'Outsider ' as a more appropriate title where Outsiders could be distinctly unwelcome towards such apathetic expression involving the President of Sri Lanka!
Undoubtedly there have been errors of omission and human failing in the political history of Sri Lanka which cannot be attributed to one given individual and least of all to the President Mme.Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga whose cardinal error during her incumbent tenure as leader of the ruling PA was to make certain wrong choices in affiliations with and faith entrusted to ne'er do wells, turncoats and ship jumpers who have indulged in great betrayals and backbitings which have not only harmed the Nation and its Economy but put at great risk its Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity which the present UNF under Wickremasinghe seemed poised to sell out to the LTTE until Presidential Statutes and accords were implemented, certain errant and miscreant cabinet minister were collared by the scruffs of their necks, booted out of office and order maintained despite the howlings from the UNF gallery in Parliament to which 'Insider' also seems to be contributing to and in all wisdom perhaps Mr / Mrs or 'Insider' had better reconsider the spewed rhetoric before indulging in further slanderous finger pointing at someone whom a greater majority of the Nation as well as many within the International Community recognize as Sri Lanka's Matriarch!

Continuing on the issue of cardinal errors it might be a point in time to remember a certaim SANSONI COMMISSION White Paper and recommendations which warned the incumbent UNP regime at the time (in the '50's) of a growing underground Tamil Insurgency which could pose a threat to National Security which was to all intents and purposes ignored or shelved and the rest is history!

Criticising the Sinhala Only policies of the late SLFP Leader who sacrificed himself towards his sense of patriotism and the efforts of his clan who subsequently entered politics and dedicated their sincerities towards the future of Sri Lanka and cross referencing itemised failures in income, expenditure, policy and the overall struggle to maintain a natural order within a very tempestuous and overpopulated socio economic morass that was Sri Lanka, an unenviable task, which hardly compensates for the greater indiscretions of the UNP leaders such as Jayawardena and Premadasa who bungled their way into history, literally let loose the caged tigers and elevated their morale to an unthinkable high and set the trend for the ultimate confusion which ended up as a contest between the LTTE struggle for secession and the true patriotic will of the present President to maintain Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity (although some errors of judgement were made such as entrusting military authority to non military relatives! and rescinding the forward thrust of dedicated relentless military leaderships ) an accountable and perhaps forgivable anomaly nevertheless counting the attributes excessive by far! which perhaps has bypassed the befuddled thinking of this 'Insider' who should by rights be a rank 'outsider' considering the feeble interpretations drawn towards justifying an unacceptable norm and certainly no "grinding of Sri Lanka into the mud by the President " as quoted ever being an acceptable definition.

The sanctimonious portrayal of Ranil the Tolerant must be exposed as a misconception and conversely depicted as someone who is prepared to deal with the devil (Pirapaharan) in his aspirations towards a future Presidency (no rocket science needed here) and the great return of the Prime Minister from his White House visit to a 'tumultuous' welcome which was more orchestrated than spontaneous, a mere illusion of numbers of a head count bought and transported into the Capital!
To portray the President's recent decision to take over the ministries vital to Sovereignity and Defence of Territory and their need to be secured from the ambitions of inveterate appointees to the posts perhaps in patronage and blundering their way as percieved by the President into the waiting arms of the LTTE , as one without moral authority suggests the infertile nature of this writers insiduous mind where the simplest of logic indicates a bounden right of any President holding the reins of a Sovereign Nation which seems to be beyond his or her comprehension
In conversely rephrasing ' Insider's ' eloquent remark with a name substitution that "Enough is enough, the time has come to show Wickremasinghe the door and rid the Nation of his malign influence before he is able to inflict even more damage seems to have a ring of truth and poetic justice if resorted to by the President. It could probably be more apropriately said that it is high time for the President to go to the people, and hound him out by all democratic means the likes of the UNF Administration and its conniving leader who seems to show little knowledge without placing the proverbial chariot before the horse as applicable to his posturing towards the LTTE in what's best for the Nation and appears to have a very nominal repertoire with which to preserve its Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity.This nation has had enough of the legacy handed down by an uncle to his nephew which has been the basis of the UNP sometimes coined as the Uncle Nephew Party!!.
'Insider' appears to have a felt need to rephrase assertions before being found out in amusement as a remarkable example of self indulgence based upon conjecture which he probably prides himself as creative writing with contained epithets! but that's about the gist of it! Creative to the degree of attracting cheap publicity the likes of whom hardly ever reveal identities for obvious reasons!



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