Minister Chandrasekheran Postulates On Contemplations About the Conjectured Extinction Of The Tamil Race As An Excuse Towards Justifying Eelam!

Duttagamini Singhaputra World Council Of Sinhala Peers -London, Paris, Melbourne,Montreal,Toronto, Ottawa and Colombo For LankaWeb

A proteus of amoeba like inconcistency has surfaced in the form of Periasamy Chandrasekharan whose vacillations about the identity and culture of the Tamil People seems to be a paradox of sorts bringing to mind the English Poet John Milton completing the sequels to his famed "On His Blindness" by adding on the compositions "Paradise Regained" and "Paradise Lost" where the distinct inferences had a lot to do with the loss of his sight and anticipated loss of existence. In the case of Chandrasekheran it appears to be a loss of perception relative to statistics, reality and intelligence and the ingratitude for being where he is today!

His appeal for the Tamil Community to unite under the leadership of the internationally sought after criminal Velupillai ( Prabhakaran ) Pirapaharan the infamous leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam citing his theory based on phobia that the Tamil Community will cease to exist in 50 years due to the lack of a country or government of their own, seems much like a voice in a wilderness of confusion and lack of insight as there indeed exists a part of the world and a Government belonging to the Tamil People in the form of Tamil Nadu in South India where the official language is indeed Tamil and he should have no qualms about their extinction as long as they decide to relocate to this all important Tamil domain depending on whether or not they are accepted as a distinct society by an already existing society which is outspokenly distinct within the realm of their reasoning but rather unfortunately the peers within this society, especially most of its leaders have already outlawed Pirapaharan and his LTTE cronies and shown no misgivings about their opposition towards what the LTTE represent while wanting no part of them in no uncertain terms and quite outspoken in so doing.

After the Assassination of their Prime Minister the Late Hon.Rajiv Gandhi, the authorities in Indian with particular bearing on Tamil Nadu have not made too many overtures to idealogies similar to this present one propagated by Chandrasekheran who probably needs to try a different route towards his goals or give up the pursuit completely for his own sake considering his status and that of the community he represents, as it is an abomination to the Sinhala Nation which needs no further testing of patience!

Chandrasekharan is quoted as having told the Tamil Sangham in Oslo, Norway, on August 30, that the "only" aim of LTTE chief V.Pirapaharan( Prabhakaran) was to unite the world's Tamils and before Pirapaharan and Chandrasekharan continue any further about their idealogies they needs to accept world opinion that Pirapaharan is a wanted criminal who should present himself to justice as there are many within the Tamil Community who detest the coinage of their existence and well being towards their future with that of Pirapaharan who has caused so much harm to the Nation of Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil Community asserting that the concept of Chandasekharan takes on a preposterous nature with a touch of the ridiculous added on considering the degenerate nature of his mentor!

He may be projecting himself as a champion of the hill country Tamils of South Indian origin imported as labourers by the British Raj during their occupation of the country, and an ethnicity which he is purported to belong to while forgetting that these expatriates of Indian origin have been granted great concessions by post British administrations(The Sirima -Shastri Pact notwithstanding ) with some exceptions to a degree where they have been more or less accepted into mainstream society and granted citizenship and all the concessions that go with it but they have no rights or claim towards any futher distinction and should be thankful of the courtesies already extended to them graciously which if unacceptable by the likes of Chandrasekharan, it is suggested that he much in the manner of Moses who led his tribe into the promised land should make an exodus to the promised land of Tamil Nadu without further ado as the Sinhala race would wish them well while shedding no tears to see them depart from an existence which they seem to be alienating themselves from through the distorted vision of the likes of Chandrasekeharan , himself have been granted conciliations in excess of what they really deserve, by the present Administration!

Forty-six year old Chandrasekharan is the Minister of Community Development in the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government and heads the Up-Country Peoples' Front (UPF), a party of Indian Origin Tamils living in the plantation areas of Sri Lanka's Central Highlands whose inroads into the vestiges of the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka might yet prove to be an irritant to the present Administration and generations of Sinhalese to come if preventive measures are not taken to deter such policy makers whose policies do not augur well for the posterity of Sri Lanka.There has always been a push by the LTTE to indoctrinate unsuccesfully the Hill country estate Tamils who are fully aware that they have absolutely no mandate to exercise any collaborative aggression intended to ursurp the laws of the land which if they do, need to be taken to task for.There should be no exceptions for Chandrasekeran in this respect either as he would be in direct contravention of the Sri Lankan Constitution thereby amounting to treason.

That Chandrasekheran has the affront to suggest uniting under the leadership of a condemned criminal in opposition to a Nation, using language culture and identity as an excuse seems to suggest the mentality of an individual without a conscience towards the concepts of Sovereignity and the Territorial Integrity of a Democratic Society which as a majority has existed for generations which tantamounts to the very cause which the Sinhala Nation is opposed to and sounds similar to another veiled version of a push towards what is now commonly known as Tamil Eelam!


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