A Portrayal Of The Rewards Of Capitulating To the LTTE And Their Gratitude For Euro Aid!

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An indication of greater animosities to follow or poetic justice? is the question being asked by many analysts in the aftermath of the humiliating attack on LTTE Champion Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena by pro-LTTE Students in Jaffna! Jayawardena had been attending a ceremony at Jaffna University accompanied by the European Union Charge d' Affaires Mr.Wouter Wilton which adds to the climate of disrespect and arrogance the LTTE have created towards the Adminstration and a pointer towards future communications with the LTTE emphasizing the importance of reconsidering previous conciliatory gestures by the Administration towards the LTTE with greater caution than was exercised before and an object lesson which probably carries the simplest of rationales that the LTTE show no respect for any Administration short of pretence towards their own survival but in this case an apathetic disregard for it as it is tantamount to cutting the hand that feeds them!!

Perhaps Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena has been flirting with danger for sometime now with the eventuality that familiarity breeds contempt in the long run hanging over his head as the LTTE have shown scant respect for someone such as himself who has been overly supportive of their existence, has attended international seminars under LTTE auspices, been clandestinely involved with the LTTE propaganda network and has even treated injured LTTE cadre in the Wanni where the buck stops short of capitulating to the LTTE and world authorities have accused him of being an LTTE spy constantly given the nod of approval by his peer Ranil Wickremasinghe the Prime Minister who probably is pondering his chances of a confrontation with the LTTE where he might be subjected to the same treatment or worse.

The scant respect and scorn by the LTTE towards the Wickremasinghe Administration has been blown up larger than poster size Nationwide and obviously spilling into the international limelight with the assistance of the LTTE website TamilNet and other propaganda sources where photographs of the assault of Dr. Jayawardena together with salacious comments relative to the incident have been broadcast rather insolently and the world watches in amazement and wonders what the rationale might be which promotes such a loss of self respect on the part of the Administration as in the case of the Dr Jayawardena incident which like the veritable Rolex Watch ' takes a licking and keeps on ticking!'

Beyond all conjecture the Students Union of Jaffna University have committed a grave 'faux pas' and a possible loss of 6 million Euros donated by the European Union and its representative and revoked in the most insulting manner the assistance provided towards rebuilding a collection of schools in the Jaffna District and an act which involves very poor judgement by the LTTE coerced students who appear to be venting their frustrations with the Administration and using whatever available sources to do so and in this instance the Student's Union of Jaffna University have become the latest pawns in the LTTE chess game which they appear to be losing.

A turn of events which in the long term could prove very detrimental to all students in the Jaffna District and perhaps all of Sri Lanka if denied future assistance packages! It is not expected that the EU would view this shameful indiscretion with kindness as Dr. Jayawrdena retreats to the safety of Colombo to treat both his physical as well as psyhological wounds and Mr. Wilton returns to Europe probably unharmed but not without being shaken up through mob confrontation.

The shape of worse things to follow perhaps if the freedom permitted towards continuation of LTTE steamrolling is not quelled before it gathers the momentum of a runaway train and their rights presented to them with appropriate collateral towards damage inflicted on a Nation as the Peace Process now invites them to greater privileges of merging into an administrative capacity and territory sharing which although myopic in design and needs to be re- scrutinized for loopholes may eventually bear the hallmark of hasty foolhardiness as it suggests compromise and betrayal of the Sinhala Nation where even its representatives regardless of credibilities seem to be recieving kicks in the rear end for their efforts!

To add further to the speculations of doubt about the real intentions of the LTTE it has been discovered by Military intelligence that the latest ploy involving LTTE arms smuggling has surfaced "as did Jonah " in the belly of a large fish and short of depleting large fish populations in territorial waters the Sri Lankan Navy may be faced with the Hobson's Choice of taking on the Sea Tigers and investigating their fishing techniques with the help of the SLMM who are taking their fair share of being booted in the derriere by the LTTE as well !



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