US Deputy Secretary's Sentiments About Lankan Peace, Laced With A Double Standard.

Suranimala - Jathyanthara Sinha Balavegaya For LankaWeb

Deputy Secretary of State Armitage of theThe United States of America has been reported as reiterating strong support on behalf of his Government towards the Sri Lankan Peace Process when his Government is involved in a shameful invasion of a Sovereign Nation Iraq without United Nations Approval and the usual double standard the US is becoming more recognisable for is being blatantly displayed and rather deplorable. Especially in times where many world leaders including the Secretary General of the United Nations have exercised more restrain and continued negotiations as an alternative to war which the US has scorned and marched ahead with a few allies towards restoring what it terms a "Saddam Hussein Free Iraq" all the while keeping a watchful eye on their oil reserves! A recent quote by an undisclosed source rather sardonically enquired whether the US might have invaded Iraq had their gross national product been potatoes!

Whether this response by the State Department is based on the information provided by the Sri Lankan Government regardless of credibilities of the sources providing them that the Peace Process is making viable progress or not, is immaterial considering the implications of US involvement in the Iraqi war towards their own credibilities are concerned as it seems apathetic that the US aided by Britain is unleashing a massive offensive in Iraq where already there have been great numbers of civilian casualties as a direct result of the merciless bombardment Iraq has been subjected to, so why preach peace in pretense when they are involved in an all out war with no considerations to the huge economic and environmental ramifications it could have on the entire Middle East region and perhaps the World? Is this America's way of somehow trying to prove to the World that 'Peace Could be Acheived Through War' incredulous as it sounds at the expence of innocent lives?

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In reiterating his strong support for the Sri Lankan Peace Process and saying he was pleased with the continued progress in the talks showing determination on both sides to move forward the Deputy Secretary has undoubtedly endorsed a truism vital towards progress in any conflict ridden Nation but to do so when his own nation is involved in a meaningless war seems preposterous and insincere.

The very essence of the Deputy Secretary's dialogue quote,"The United States hopes that the negotiating process will lead to a permanent end to the Sri Lankan conflict based on the principles of democracy, respect for human rights, and territorial integrity of the Nation" end quote, seems to have an insignificantly hollow ring to it as there seems to be a blatant double standard involved where on one hand there is a vicious offensive being carried on in the name of Peace against a Nation and alternately a sermon of peace conducted synonymously towards peace in Sri Lanka and a pointer towards a felt need for the USA to re-assess their mission of destruction in Iraq towards halting it in the name of peace and give the same considerations extended to Sri Lanka in his dialogue in the hope that there will not be an anticipated catastrophe of gigantic proportions in the Middle East which could be a frightening eventuality.

Perhaps Saddam Hussein is a cruel dictator, a megalomaniac and ruthless killer or perhaps it is a degree of augmented paranoia by some, considering the more visibly dangerous individuals waving their own repertoire of military paraphanelia who could constitute a greater threat to the world based on their proven track records and utterings of veiled threats about what options they might resort to if deemed necessary but to take such individuals on, head on seems a great folly where the sermoned peace alternatives need to be upheld unequivocally as being the more feasible but without a double standard as it could then give rise to a precedent which the USA may find regrettable in the area of Global Opportunism with all the so called rebel nations with their own military merchandise and their particular definitions of restoring order which the USA might not necessarily have the capacity to contain!



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