A Solution Towards Peace In Sri Lanka Through Peaceful Means With Indian Participation.

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.A rather ingenious proposal has surfaced from an anti LTTE group which lends a great deal of credibility towards a final solution towards the dilemmas created by the Liberation Terrorist Tigers Of Tamil Eelam for the continued well being of Sri Lanka.

The visionaries of this proposal, the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front ENDLF believes firmly in the concept that a Federal System of Government in a conjoint accord involving the incumbent United National Front (UNF) Party of Ranil Wickremasinghe and the Opposition People's Alliance (PA) with the support of the Indian Government already involved in many areas of regional matters as a quasi custodian towards maintaining a democratic order within the region.

This has been especially visible in the joint Indian Naval Manouvres with the Sri Lankan Navy in territorial waters and their increased commercial presence as a result of trade accords and mutual cordiality of an increased fervour in recent times showing great co-operation between the two neighbours and one entity whose super power status lends strength and assurances to the other of being watched over by a benevolent and powerful democracy with protective intent towards her neighbor's Sovereign and Territorial integrity.

.It has been clearly indicated through ENDLF's recent dialogue and press conferences that the inability of the Tamil Community within Sri Lanka to quell the infamous surge of the LTTE relative to their separatist aspirations and terrorist activity albeit with no real mandate from the Tamil Community per se where the major political parties have shown a rank indifference towards securing the rights of Sri Lanka through a federal structure.

As past history indicates and even in the event of a proposal to this effect being submitted, opposition and the subsequent veto by one or the other of the political parties in Parliament prevails. Perhaps an added incentive towards A Federal Structure if re- introduced in a different image which should all but eliminate the LTTE and their participation and disentitling them on the grounds that they neither fully represent the Tamil Community nor are they acceptable by virtue of being a subversive terror group reluctant to de-commission weapons, halt recruitment of cadre towards their cause and cease all activities promoting their push towards a separate state.

There is speculation by many analysts that the Tamil Community would fully respond to a joint Federal Proposal Package by the two major political parties which would have an added incentive should the JVP decide to throw in their support also to the cause where a constuitutional package incorporating the tangible needs of the Tamil Community are asserted and ratified by the main political formations and presented to them in all sincerity without prejudice which will then create an impasse for the LTTE and all but eliminate them and their unwelcome presence in all of Sri Lanka!

There is however a loophole to this theory where the Tamil Community through sheer LTTE intimidation have been reluctant and afraid to present themselves unilaterally and dissociated from LTTE coercions which have plagued their decision making in the past independantly as a Tamil Community, where it will be upto the conjoint Political Formation to assure them of their rights and what they stand to gain in the long run. No mean task considering the capabilities of the LTTE towards a further amplification of their threats which this time around will have to be ignored for the sake of posterity with the assurances of big brother neighbour India and the international accords set in place against terrorism by the USA, UK and other major world powers!

The Support of India towards such a venture would certainly be invaluable and indispensable towards it's ultimate success and the freedom associated with it long awaited by all communities within Sri Lanka and from an Indian Standpoint a multi faceted accomplishment where Sri Lanka's Sovereignity is maintained together with the rights of its citizens and an opportunity also towards inroads in the capture and indictment of LTTE leader Pirapaharan and his cohorts who in reality need to be indicted and tried for their crimies against humanity and for their sheer destructive past which devastated Sri Lanka and hampered her devlopment for decades and the bringing to justice of an assassin who wantonly conspired and felled a much loved Indian leader of great charisma and vision, an accomplishment which surely must be a top priority on India's agenda!

The theory that the LTTE if invincible by force of arms, yet may be susceptible to defeat through political and administrative means involving guile and craft through confrontation by their own disgruntled Community would then stand out Large as Life as the realization grows within all political caucases in Sri Lanka that Tamil Groups such as the factionally divided TULF, PLOTE, ENDLF, EPRLF-V and EPDP given the adrenalin, could politically confront the LTTE , defeat and disperse them together with their idealogies which bear no benevolence to a realistic resolution for Tamil Community woes!

A successful recourse would then emerge with supportive India's involvement and all the projected International Aid Packages combined together with the wisdom of the World Powers That Be, denouncing terrorism coming into play, constantly citing Sri Lanka's march towards Peace as a recent role model uplifting the Peace Process to previously unknown levels of accomplishment and hopefully of a permanent nature.

The UNF Administration however has been content to negotiate and quibble with the LTTE in a rather meaningless manner despite the recent LTTE rebuttals and an assault on one of its Ministers and mob intimidation of an EU Representative, the scorn and derision shown to the Norwegian Peace Monitors and through many questionable incidents projected by UNF attitude and indifference losing many credibilities in so doing.

There is nothing the LTTE would like better than to pre-empt India's involvement in Sri Lanka's Administrative manouvres and lay a spoke in the wheel of the Peace Process which is turning out to be disadvantageous to their existence.

All the more reason to consider the ENDLF proposal for all major political parties in Parliament to jointly submit a Federal Package of Governance in Sri Lanka incorporating the Tamil Community excluding the LTTE as a disentitled entity and backed assertively by the Indian Government which is what the proposal is tantamount to.An Indian regional presence in all of Sri Lankas Peace Moves would now seem imperative towards success and also secure the region form the dangers of terrorism spreading throught Asia from a perspective relative to LTTE presence and activities.

An avenue which will surely perpetuate the Peace which has prevailed thus far as the deterrent towards a return to conflict seems implaccably engraved in such a proposal as it outlines a means to Peace through peaceful means and a welcome change from decades of internal armed insurrection!!




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