Patten's Visit To Wanni Brings Inadvertent Or Deliberate Repudiation From The LTTE.

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Bewildering as it seems EU's Chris Patten has been given the go ahead and a President authorized Helicopter to fly into the Wanni to open a veritable can of worms in meeting a condemned criminal' whose response has been an arrogant statement to Sri Lanka that it is upto the Sinhalese politicians, to prevent a return to war. If this is not insult to injury inflicted on Sri Lanka over decades of insurgency then it must be dispelled as a mere excess of diplomtic meandering and a waiving of protocol which has been rewarded with a slap in the face from the Wanni while it has also indicated the possibilities of an LTTE agenda to return to war even in the form of a soft expression whose intent seems unmistakable!

Despite responses which may point fingers to the concept of war mongering, it has to be said unequivocally that permitting the likes of Patten and the others who wandered into the Wanni before him on thei various botched fact finding missions has been an error of judgement and an indication by both the President and the Administration that there surely must be speculated apprehensions about the possibilities of the LTTE towards a return to aggression and circumspect conclusion about Sri Lanka's ability to contain and vanquish them where as an alternative using the 'Janaka Perera' resolve, perhaps time to utilise greater efforts to flush out the areas of the Wanni ensconced by the LTTE (being State Owned Territory illegaly encroached upon!) towards apprehending the much sought after LTTE Leader and settling once and for all the indecisions and collossal wastages of manpower and finances to contain an enemy which has no morals or consciences towards any accords which superimpose authority on a Sovereign Nation and knows little or nothing about meaningful dialogue unless what they are now indulging is pure bluff and time appropriate to be called!

It has been an insult to democracy and the values of the free world that the likes of Patten ( No Relative of the Famed WW 2 General!) should ever have been permitted to indulge his fancy about sending a stern warning to the nefarious cowardly likes of Velupillai Pirapaharan and an affront to all selfrespecting citizens of Sri Lanka that Patten has returned almost tail beween legs having recieved a near berating , his warning apparently backfiring on him as infered by the response from the LTTE and an object lesson to the Administration and the Presidency that such manouvres involving foreign personalities on olive branch missions at least for the future seems a total waste of time and indicative of their own inability to conduct a dialogue or whatever to either turn the enemy around or dipose of them completely! daunting as it seems.

This time around "the cat has failed to extract the roasting jak seed from the fire" in accordance with an old sinhala proverb and about time its master or mistress took on the task!

Quoting Thamilchelvam the spokesperson of the somewhat muted Pirapaharan ! it has been said that"Our leader Mr Velupillai Prabhakaran told Mr Patten it is not at all in the hands of the Liberation Tigers to ensure that there is no return to war and that it is completely up to the Sinhala Polity to see there is no return to war," he said on Wednesday almost implying a devil may care attitude as far as the LTTE are concerned whether or not a return to aggresion is re-activated and a matter of paramount importance for the status quo to attend to which perhaps might not have surfaced if the overly eager EU Representative had been prevented from his journey into the Wanni as it has provided a platform for the LTTE to at least express themselves notwithstanding the realities or credibilities involved in their dialogue depending on who takes them seriously anymore!

The question must be asked "What was the prime importance for Patten to have to fly into the Wanni at the taxpayers expense to deliver a simple message to the LTTE that they had to renounce violence and stop recruiting child soldiers amongst the rest of their breaches of the Peace Agreement and M oU ?" an issue taken up on many separate occassions by persons of greater clout than an EU rep with about as much as the same measure of expected success deemable as below marginal where bleatings about "there being differences between Kalashnikovs and the ballot-boxes and the need to make it absolutely clear they must stop murdering people for political ends which more categorically is an issue which needs to be dealt with through the Justice and Security Systems of Sri Lanka and her Leaders! and not something which the LTTE have stood at attention to and saluted with a responsive "YES SIR! to some namby pamby former Governor of A British Colony whose track record at best seems in need of circumspect evaluation about his role as peacemaker and someone who was given a golden handshake by China !

Perhaps time appropriate for the Sri Lankan Administration and its President to shed their shackles of indecision and confront the LTTE with more plausible backing which suggests mustering all the support from India and The USA and the other Major Powers That Be in suppport! towards putting into perspective where Sri Lanka is headed in the future with an attitude of non hesitancy and unafraid of the rhetoric that often ensues from the LTTE when an insignificant third party is involved as has been exampled by Norway which has amouned to being anything but a facilitation!

In fact Patten's visit to the Wanni appears to have brought on an inadvertent or camouflaged repudiation from the LTTE towards responsibilities attested to in the Peace Process if infered rationally or perhaps inspired cause for an excuse by the LTTE to manifest this concept relative to their real agenda!



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