Canadian Alliance's Mr. Stockwell Day Has Spoken Out Boldly About The LTTE !

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What the Canadian Alliance Foreign Affairs critic Mr.Stockwell Day has emphasized as Canada's Wrong Attitude towards harboring and ignoring LTTE activities within Canada and around the World for many decades now does not have a truer implication than on reality itself pointing to the shameless attitude on the part of the Canadian Government towards tolerating the LTTE and in speaking out boldly in the Canadian Parliament has shed light on an issue which has been sidetracked and swept under the carpet by many past incumbent regimes including those of the Joe Clarke - Mulroney years which lent sympathies to the LTTE in the first place based on the false propaganda campaigns and crocodile tears of the many refugees who crossed into Canada and overcoming its flimsy immigration requirements through a flawed refugee policy as acknowledged by many analysts.

What Mr. Day has stirred within the consciences of many Canadians whether expatriate, naturalized or indigenous is the misconception that unlike the USA, Canada has not banned the LTTE from functioning as a legitimately recognized Organizaation, albeit a token gesture which outlawed its operations through mere lip service and perhaps restricting the free flow of illegal transfers of LTTE funds which reached their destinations through other devious routes anyway! and something which the LTTE have nevertheless continued relentlessly.Their total financial might is said to surpass by far, that of the infamous Al-Quaeda network and a very plausible truism considering their capabilities which also are beyond a doubt nefarious while being clinically efficient!

Mr. Day said was quoted by the National Post news that" Canada is acting as an 'apologist' for terrorists and sending the wrong message by refusing to ban the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which the United States lists as a terrorist group and which the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) allege, still maintain front organizations in Canada that funnel vast amounts of money towards LTTE operations in Sri Lanka." end quote, which confirms the recent reports of massive arms and equipment build up by the LTTE reported by Sri Lankan Military Intelligence. Quoting further he continued that "The Tigers continue their effort to destroy the peace process in Sri Lanka.... They have made suicide bombings, kidnappings and political assasinations a part of their modus operandi and they operate from Canada.It is time to cage these tigers ! "end quote and Mr. Day was also vehement in a call to ban Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorists groups who continue to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes globally in the name of some fanatically conceived religious idealogy or the other and a call which needs to be heeded with great emphasis and attention towards making the world a better place to live in, with particular emphasis on Sri Lanka rather than persist in a flawed peace process and bargaining with unrelenting criminals!.

Indeed the lip service refered to earlier has much to do with a need to reassure the World with special emphasis on the Canadian Government which needs to put their monies where their mouths are having often prevaricated about banning the Tamil Tigers with some cock-a-manie hackneyed excuse or the other and the need to convince Canadians and Sri Lankans alike that this Government is serious about the war on terrorism imperatively rather than convey falsely projected sympathies about the Peace Process in Sri Lanka whose connotations have already been grossly misinterpreted by some LTTE operatives both in Sri Lanka and Globally!."

It has been revealed that The Jean Chretien Administration has refused to outlaw completely the activities of the LTTE with respect to their covert operations and diaspora sympathetic organized support for the illegal LTTE activities around Canada which promotes suicide bombings, political assassinations and all the attrocities which continue unabated in Sri Lanka and are a hallmarks of the LTTE and has ordered Law Enforcement Agencies for unknown reasons to avoid apprehending and bringing to justice what the world has recognizes as a dangerous terrorist entity and the lamest of excuses has been given for this order that it would hamper the Peace Process! This order has come from none other than Mr. Bill Graham, the Foreign Affairs Minister in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice. Mr Graham who spoke out in Parliament to the tune of much barracking while convincing Cabinet last week that outlawing the Tamil Tigers could jeopardize fragile Peace Talks with the Sri Lanka Government. One is prompted to ask "Fragile probably because they were talks between a Sovereign Nation which had the right to exist Democratically and an outcast, condemned terror group which had none?" also the rather sardonic implication as questioned by Mr.Day who cited an alarming Toronto Police report that Toronto and its suburbs are populated by well over 8000 Tamil terror taction supporters of which the LTTE are predominant. The dialogue raised by Mr. Day was credible to pinpoint accuracy by way of statistics where there were no holds barred from the reality of how deadly and dangerous the LTTE really were, how capable they were of raising funds to the tune of millions of dollars, engaing in every form of illegal activity thinkable including drug running, people smuggling and underworld activities including extortion and underworld gangland operations which have brought great disrepute to the Sri Lankans domiciled in Canada yet virtually ignored where criminal activities of lesser known less violent groups have been confronted and banned. Connections to Liberal Party activities and links to Liberal Ridings has been suggested by Mr. Day as the main reason for Governmental indifference and there are statistics to confirm the allegation! the most blatant of which surely must be the presence some years ago of the current front runner for the Liberal leadership Mr. Paul Martin and his then cabinet colleague Ms Maria Minna who were embarrased attending an LTTE Front Organization Dinner in Toronto.The ensuing furore in Parliament and throughout the Nation prompted Prime Minister Chretien to relieve Ms. Minna of her duties but for some reason his confrontation with Mr. Martin did not take place until some years later albeit the eventuality materialising nonetheless regardless of the why's and wherefore's and subsequent poetic justice of Martin's dumping where Martin now languishes in the rear shadows of Parliament but awaiting his turn to possibly recommence his sympathetic attitude towards the LTTE!

There is no need for any further Canadian pretense or double standards towards banning outright the LTTE and squeezing out their existence as the charade has gone on for long enough as Mr. Stockwell Day joined by the vast support of righteous Canadians which include a multitude of Sri Lankans have pointed out to the world.

Its about time the LTTE were caught and dealt with uncompromisingly as their image has never been conducive towards any democratic right which belongs not only to Sri Lankans but the entire world!

Bravo Mr Day! We Salute you!


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