"Pongu Thamil" Or "Ponga Ranil !"

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Alas! It appears that the day has dawned when the Prime Minister of the Sinhala Nation has consented to a rally known as "Pongu Thamil" directed by the LTTE against the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka who have every right to legitimacy, existence and duties whereas the organisers of the rally belong to an outlawed bunch of degenerate terrorists and to coin the phrase "Ponga Ranil, Take your Pongu Thamil With You" sounds like a wonderfully patriotic cry which should be raised to the high heavens and broadcast to all corners of this beloved land of ours to emphasize the dignity of the Sinhala Nation and perhaps the first step towards the removal of someone who appears to have all the trappings of a Sinhala traitor (Sri Lanka has had a few such in her recorded history!) who has shamed and disgraced not only his own communiuty but his entire native land towards the quest for his own ambitions through collaborating with the LTTE, a conclusion presented by the World Council of Sinhala Peers an International Watchdog on Sri Lankan Affairs which does not appear to be far removed from reality.

To emphasize that the term Peace Process has been bastardized and cheapened through dangerous compromises to unpredictable and violent enemies who have now chosen to parade in the guise of wolves in sheep's clothing with lies and innuendos as their banner, would be putting it mildly by way of expression as the stark reality that the Peace Process with its multifaceted anomalies of kaleidoscopic irregularities is becoming somewhat of a figure of speech rather metaphorical in its perspective and hits the more discerning of the Nation more often than not represented by the vision of the opposition factions, right between the eyes.

The LTTE seem to believe in their ill concieved idealogy that the 'Pongu Thamil' rally which demands that the territory occupied by Sri Lanka Armed Forces should be relinquished towards their control using a puny excuse that this is territory belonging to the Tamils who in their reckoning have a right to an interim administration with full authority which should be created toward a permanent solution targetting peace but what is this "Full Authority" being demanded other than a veiled attempt at their quest for secession amd Eelam?

Do they really believe that the Sinhala Nation will simply stand by and let a blinkered Administration led by a cross eyed Prime Minister who has betrayal written all over his policies, hand over to the LTTE on a platter what they never accomplished through terror and related attrocities over decades at high human cost? Their's will be the ultimate disillusionment as their 'against the grain' dreams of a separate state would amount to a wasted effort as the combined will of the resolute Sinhala Nation together with that of the Super Powers of the World who have reached a level of Zero Tolerance would stand out in strength. As the Coalition Against International Terrorists and Terrorism grows in stature and its manifesto also includes every step necessary to prevent any Democratically Elected Nation being overrun by a terrorist entity, the LTTE should in reality consider their options with time running out on them or face annihilation as the ultimate eventuality!

Considering it to be the present Administration's shame this so called 'Pongu Thamil ' rally in Vavuniya would go into history as the first time a Government in power in Sri Lanka has openly supported a terrorist group suggesting political subterfuge in attacking its own army and perhaps should be re-named the 'Ponga Ranil' rally to give it a greater emphasis on the bearing it has on the dim witted leader of the UNF who chooses to tolerate such ignominies as representative of an incumbent Government while lowering the dignities and self respect of the majority Sinhala Nation of the land who want no part of it and eventually perhaps even that of his leadership.

Considering the facts that the 'Pongu Thamil' rally would be heralded by illegal banner carrying, anti- Government slogan shouting processions starting at five different locations outside the town of Vavuniya and converging on the Vavuniya Council grounds within a Sri Lanka Government controlled area, the condemnations by the general public and opposition factions of the degree to which any Administration could tolerate such attrocities seem very appropriate as it questions the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of the Nation which seems to be the focal point of compromise involving the Wickremasinghe Administration, proof positive of which has been recorded through a directive of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's given to the Minister of Public Administration Vajera Abeywardena who has ordered that 'full cooperation' of the state officials should be given to the Pongu Tamil gathering organized by the separatist rebel group the LTTE.

Bewildered Sri Lanka Army Officials in the Region have questioned the orders of the Minister of Public Administration Vajera Abeywardena who in turn has rejected the Sri Lanka Army's Wanni Command which has submitted a stringent letter of reprimand sent to Vavuniya Government Agent K.Ganesh asking for explanations for why he and other government officials were helping to organize the LTTE rally especially when it involved the usage of public funds and the services of public servants and to add to the ultimate humiliation, the involvement of schoolchildren!

An earlier agreement between the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, the Sri Lanka Army and the LTTE outlining that school children cannot be used for political rallies in Vavuniya has reportedly has been overturned by the regional Government Agent Ganesh who has organized school children to be used in the LTTE demonstrations and questionably with what authority?

That the officials of the Armed Forces in the region and surely those within the entire Nation consider this a further attempt by the LTTE to ridicule the Armed Forces needs no speculation towards its reality. It also gives great credence to the suspicions of many analysts who believe that the present Administration has no credibility or integrity whatsoever towards any capability of resolving the issues relative to a lasting peace without compromising the Security of the Nation and its inhabitants as they seem to lack the wherewithal to utilize world accords against terrorism and stand firmly committed towards concessions which are bound to imperil Sri Lanka and seem to prefer continuing on a collision course with disater unless perhaps they are removed from office and replaced with a more efficient administration dedicated towards the preservation of Sri Lanka!

To rest on the laurels that this is the Administration which has orchestrated the Peace which has lasted thus far and would eventually see it through would seem foolish conjecture if the LTTE were given further leeway towards their own ends as the futility of a fragile Peace which has continued though unratified towards any permanence by way of the presence of a dangerous armed terrorist group still in circulation in full ensemble, unrelenting for past attrocities and unprepared to shed their identity or arms which has led to many world powers condemning them internationally and seems somewhat of a foregone conclusion about how they are regarded!

Curiously and most ironically in the Southern Provinces, the Administration under the directives of the Prime Minister on many an instance ordered the Police to use water cannons laced with chemicals, baton charges and tear gas against certain JVP demonstrations and very recently to disperse political demonstrations organized by Muslims and to think that the LTTE have been given the go ahead to organize a demonstration against the Armed Forces seems a travesty of Justice and all the more reason why the Wassail " Ponga Ranil Take Your Pongu Thamil With You" should reverberate from Dondra to Point Pedro, Chilaw to Batticaloa and and resonate throughout the land!



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