Reuters' Report On Local News Item Relative to LTTE Counterproposals And Their Acceptability Rather Far Fetched!

Duttagamini Singhaputhra-World Council Of Sinhala Peers
For LankaWeb

It has been highlighted by the Reuters Agency that Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels will seek expanded powers in a plan to be released next week, and also want the option of a Separate State if constitutional reforms are rejected according to media report Sunday 26 th October that S.Lanka's Tiger rebels want expanded powers. As to whether these demands would be acceded to remains to be seen and rather doubtful of a positive outcome for the demandees who have no bargaining rights by virtue of their illegal and outlawed status and have the majority Sinhala Nation in reality to contend with rather than a blinkered Administration probably on its way out of office!!.

However, in a democracy, a hearing is permissible for even those without entitlement as the case appears although the option of a Separate State for the LTTE which this all amounts to seems a Confucious based dogma where the credibilities of the demands lie in the minds of those who seek them surrounded by their own confidences sometimes unaligned with reality and not necessarily acceptable to those considered a ruling power and a Majority!!

Quoting the Sunday Leader,it has been reported "The rebels will propose that a power-sharing agreement for the Tamil-Majority North and East of the Island be put in place for six years while a new constitution is negotiated, It seems far fetched and beyond the norms of Governance within Sri Lanka that a 'New Constitution" as purported in the report need ever be negotiated as the present constitution of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka is a legally appointed Constitution which in reality and given the circumstances, is unshakable. And since when has the term' majority' been applicable to the Tamil Community comprising of less than 25 percent of the Island's Population? asks the more discerning! and what kind of Administration representing the majority Sinhala Nation would tolerate such arrogance which the term represents?

Taking into consideration that the rebels as refered to are neither a full representation of the Tamil Community within Sri Lanka nor an entity with a mandate to demand a Constitutional change under any circumstance they seem to be overstepping the tolerance being extended to them by the incumbent Administration which seems to be the root cause of all the agitation within the country and perhaps should be routed and driven out of Sri Lanka permanently to end all the apprehensions relative to Sri Lanka's future as their's seem to be an expectancy similar to the concerns of a corrupt business organization uncertain of their future with a leader hiding in the jungles of the Wanni and needs to be flushed out to face the criminal charges against him!!.

It seems also to be an abomination of the rights of a Democratic Nation, a violation of its rights within the norms of Democracy and the Free World and an affront to rationality relative to the rights of a Peace loving Nation once ruthlessly torn apart by the attrocities of these very same individuals in terrorist identity that they are are now demanding a change to the Sri Lankan Constitution to accommodate their putrid means towards an existence in the name of its" acceptability to all sections of the people" a phrase of obvious othere than diaspora scattered globally and a fragmented few within Sri Lanka and sad will be the Administration which will concede any further demands to the terrorists beyond what already has been conceded in grievous error!

The reference to a guaranteeing of 'minority rights as part of State Policy ' as demanded by the LTTE seems to have a familiar ring to it and one which already exists within the present Constitution and to expect an augmentation of its nature by definition to accommodate the LTTE can only be deemed unacceptable as the need for repetition of an already existing condition only adds to the ignorance of the demands by an entity which seems to be confused in the wake of a realization that theirs may not be a right to exist for that much longer!

Hence the News Item under reference and the logic of the LTTE demands seems rather farfetched!






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