The Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera's Dedications Should Promote Peace and Harmony In Sri Lanka.

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While One of the greatest beacons of the Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka in recent times the Ven.Gangodawila Soma Thera has been prematurely snatched away from his devoted followers and compatriots alike in a rather controversial manner albeit in strange sounding circumstances which has led to many accusations against the Christian faith in Sri Lanka of being responsible for his death it seems to go beyond the norms of rationality to persist in these accusations which have no basis other than the reality of the prelates journey to Russia to accept an honorary degree from a Christian source by his own choice while responding to an invitation from a Christian Organization which to a degree seems shrouded in some mystery as the analysts argue the motivation and need.

The medical report following the cause of his death however indicates rather extraneous circumstances and the time factor involving the treatment for his condition for which the medical authorities he was entrusted to should take the sole blame if any misadventure was the ensuing cause for his death as it appears to be in all probability as The Ven. Soma Thera's medical history indicates where proper medical treatment seems to have fallen short of the responsibilities of the caregivers.

To suggest foul play and premeditated murder of this outspoken and charismatic Thera by sources attributed to belong to Christianity seems unfair and somewhat of an excuse by certain individuals to hone in on the prevailing disharmony within Sri Lanka between some areas of the majority Buddhist faith and the fundamental Christian sects totally unrelated to the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican, Methodist and Baptist Denominations which have existed in Sri Lanka for generations past whose reputations and track recods have been impeccable and are vestiges of past Colonial Powers and recognized by incumbent Administrations over the years.

It is an indelible reality that the late Soma Thera fought relentlessly for his concepts of the survival of the Sinhala Nation, its predominant religion and its culture in true patriotic manner and began a movement of Sinhala-Buddhist Revival much in the same manner of his well known predecessor Anagarika Dharmapala during the early years of the 20th Century instilling the consciousness of Buddhists towards a greater maintenance of their faith in an ever changing World in a remarkable manner and needs great recognition.

The sections of the Sri Lankan Buddhist Establishment as well as its more radical Sinhala element which at times bore apprehensions perhaps with no real basis that it was being threatened by Westernisation and a striking lack of Nationalism while considering the threat of splinter Evangelistic Christian sects as being real seemed to display a degree of paranoia that the predominant religion in Sri Lanka, Buddhism was ever being compromised when in reality Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lankawas an unshakable rock propagated throught the World which nonetheless imparted a great degree of understanding,tolerance and patience towards all religions and races and the paranoia which has begun in some small measure within a partisan seclusion all but dispensable where the fortifications of the Buddhist Faith will stand eternal with hardly a need for self assurances although the cautions imparted by the Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera may very well be a form of preventive maintenance which must not be grossly misinterpreted as exhortations towards animosity as he was a gentle compassionate being of high intellect whose love for his motherland was all encompassing and not given to violence or hatred.

That he was outspoken in his beliefs and cautions to the Sinhala Nation of the dangers of being complacent towards upholding their superiority in the face of adversity especially relative to the insurgent threat of the LTTE and the subtle aspirations of certain other minorities towards their own status was a reality which all Sinhalese should be proud of and heed as an incentive towards self preservation and identity as the predominant Sri Lankan race and his passing has sadly signalled a vacuum of uncertainty for the multitudes which adulated his charismatic personality and leadership but not reason enough to initiate a reign of terror against all Christians within Sri Lanka where perhaps any wrongdoers need to be isolated and cast aside without reservations especially if relative to proselytism.

The Ven. Soma Thera has been quoted as " being very concerned about forcible conversions to Chistianity and the encroachments on Sinhala-Buddhist property by Muslims. He was not against any religion. He was only against poaching of this sort" end quote and very justifiably so if the degree of what he was emphasizing went beyond the norms of tolerance and the statutes of religion and its entitlements which no established and recognized areas of the present day Christian Faith (Fundementalist Zealots excluded) would ever condone perhaps with the exeption of past colonizations and the Spanish Conquistadores reputed for their ruthless persistence in this department!

Sri Lanka does not need further conflagaration between its citizens over religious differences blown out of proportion over a speculated paranoia as its Administration, the leaders of the High Buddhist Clergy and the governing bodies of the established Christian Faith in Sri lanka need to come together to iron out the differences and conflicting issues presented by the fundamentalist Christian Groups in Sri Lankan today with a view towards upholding the faith and confidences of the Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera who has paved the way towards posterity through his faith and love for Sri Lanka.

As an eulogy to this great prelate it may also be said that the example set by his wonderful deication towards his beliefs ensures the continuity of the Great Sinhala Race where no individual need to be harmed or incarcerated needlessly as the people grieve his passing and any secular idealogies contradicting the freedom of religion or its right to exist needs to be examined closely in memory of his devotion in a just and appropriate manner and no conveniences for monetary or proprietary gain as presented by these idealogies attributed to the fundamentalist religious groups in question be ever permitted to impose on the will of any individual, especially in Sri Lanka in these turbulent times or collectively foment fires of hatred!



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