Solheim Again ! Does The UNF Believe He's A Miracle Worker And Have They ForgottenThe Past?

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The Sri Lankan Government has further contributed to its dubious track record in as far as the Peace Process is concerned in recalling the questionable Norwegian 'Playboy Diplomat' Eric Solheim to re-join the deadlocked Peace Negotiations probably believing he is a miracle worker and if Solheim is the best Norway has to offer, a rather poor response which either should be reconsidered or invalidated immediately as the taxpayers money which goes towards the paid vacations of haphazardly selected LTTE friendly Norwegians seems a complete waste of time and a misusing of dwindling Sri Lankan coffers!

It has to be remembered that Solheim in his last effort as mediator completely overstepped his mission, bungled every step of the way and ended up dabbling in matters beyond his jurisdiction at the end of which he had to leave Sri Lanka in near disrepute having incurred the wrath of many and to recall him now seems ludicrous and incongruous by the UNF Government and through this action indicates the insecure state of its decision making which often recurs with alarming regularity.

That the President and all opposition parties are incensed at such puerile moves led by the shallow rationale of Prime Minister Wickremasinghe comes as no surprise as he seems to be carving a path to his own political destruction if he persists in his stubborn mentality which does not seem to put self over country and the present tabling of manouvres to topple the Administration as recorded by recent Opposition task force gatherings may very well be justified in the best interests of the Nation.

This is probably an opportune time for the entire Norwergian contingent involved in the Peace Process as mediators now turned decision makers, LTTE instigators, arbitrators and nothing but trouble makers to be thrown out of Sri Lanka as they have chosen to ignore completely the nefarious activities of the LTTE which continue unabated in the North and North East of Sri Lanka and have turned a blind eye to the campaigning, cadre recruitment,demand for sea tiger recognition and control of territorial waters, arms stockpiling and a continued push for a separate state now under the guise of a demand for interim administrative status and if the Norwegians were in any way legit, their first response should have been opposition on their part to all of these aforementions LTTE indiscretions rather than condone them surreptitously by totally ignoring them and all the while singing their praises and a blinkered Ranil Wickremasinghe looks on!!

Sri Lanka needs a clean up and demolition of LTTE influences in every aspect of their existence within its identity as a Sovereign Democratic Nation rather than any Administrative Body bartering with them in a world climate of non acceptance of any terrorist entity and a bringing to justice as demanded by International Lawmakers of the heinous LTTE Leadership and aides who have caused so much destruction and the sooner the trend is set to accomplish this all important eventuality for the well being of Sri Lanka as well as the entire region of South Asia and perhaps even the world totally opposed to terrorism the better!.

Rather than deluding themselves into believing that the likes of Erik Solheim is the answer to Sri Lanka's woes which is mythical in every perspective and a wasted effort, perhaps it's about time to for Ranil Wickremasinghe and his United Nationdestructive Front (UNF) to set the LTTE a few tough obstacle and some real goals to overcome such as the complete de-commissioning of weapons, cadre recruitments, their unending push towards secession, a denouncing of idealogies, identities etc. and call the LTTE bluff about their withdrawal from the Peace Process as nothing gives them the right to any of their demands being an outlawed entity with a leader in hiding in the bushes of the Wanni ! who is not a representation of the Tamil Community as he claims to be.

If the present Administration doe not have the spine nor resolve to stand up to the LTTE and inform them of their rights and real options then perhaps its about time it relinquished its identity as the status quo, abdicated and handed over the reins to an authority with a better sense of judgement and the best interests of Sri Lanka at heart!or perhaps even face the ultimate reality of being dumped ignominiously from office!

Solheim in the meantime should be returned with thanks to Norway as he is probably better equipped to deal with with its near multitude of pro LTTE Sri Lankans domiciled there, who seem to be causing quite a bit of unrest lately as reliable sources have learnt, in the manner they go about their affairs and their capacity to multiply their numbers within Norway and are posing somewhat of a dilemma to its administrators!

To entrust matters relating to Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial integrity to the mediatory capacity of the likes of Solheim and the present Norwegian contingent who have proved beyond a doubt that they are conciliatory and even biased towards the LTTE would not only be a continued farce but a travesty of justice!

The present peace within the land must continue with greater accords to its stabilization together with the world powers that now support it with great fervour as it seems hardly likely that the LTTE would ever have the nerve to ursup this reality with a return to hostilities which is a key factor which any Administration should bear to mind and the yardstick by which their approach towards dealing with the LTTE should be measured!

Certainly not by revealing a soft underbelly like the Wickremasinghe led UNF has done!




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