Sri Lanka Must Remain Undivided And The De-Mergers Of The North and North East, Food For Thought Towards Its Success!

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There cannot be any question of a snowballing conflict as reported in the Hindu News Item of 28.08.03 on the alleged question of a unified North East to constitute a single Tamil Homeland which would stall the Peace process and such reports should be cautioned as the term 'Tamil Homeland' equates to Eelam which is the primary quest of the LTTE who are virtual non representatives of the Tamil Community although they might like to so believe ! The 'Conflict' per se has been created by the LTTE who probably see their eventual demise over the horizon havinfg already withdrawn from Peace Talks and continued to persist in their usual existence and carry on their activities under the protection of the ceasefire and the relaxed security which affords them greater freedom of movement than ever before.

Furthermore, no Sri Lankan Administration regardless of whether it be the UNF or PA has any right to circumvent the Constitution and the Legal Justice System of the Land to capitulate to a group of outlawed insurgents ( a title befitting the LTTE ) presently acting as though they are in the seat of power merely because an itinerant incumbent Administration fashions the LTTE's trend of thought superficially in this direction contrary to the opinions of most world powers who have outlawed them together with the International Law Enforcement Agencies in a relentless quest for the criminals within the LTTE who need to be indicted for huge crimes against humanity.

There is nothing snowballing in the present stance of the LTTE who have been virtually subjugated and isolated as outcasts of the free world whose suicide bomb culture, extortion, child conscription, murdering of prominent Politicians and other heinous activities, all part of their infamous modus operandi have only projected them as worthless yet dangerous criminals an image which has also been taken on by many other subversive terror groups causing mayhem around the globe and there remains nothing to condone the LTTE as being liberators of any community.

The ambiguity which the LTTE are steeped in through the freedom of movement afforded them by the present Administration ever since the Ceasefire and Peace Talks began has become visibly apparent for the entire length of the return to the uneasy calm which has prevailed by sheer virtue of the pressures imposed by the World Super Powers and none other where they have methodically regrouped under cover of the ceasefire! and while the merits of the lasting peace unfold in the best interests of the Nation there also hangs a dark cloud of uncertainty in the manner the LTTE have commenced bargaining for what many analysts see as their own survival and short of political blackmail has no attribute deemable of being meritworthy.

A huge concensus of support for the preponderances of retaining Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity has now been born amongst most patriotic Sri Lankans spearheaded by the JVP and SLFP/PA as seen in the recent demonstrations and march to Colombo from Galle and National Demands for the de-merger of the North and North Eastern Provinces which highlights the most basic of necessities for the Nations well being as well as its unitarity seees a viable alternative to subjugation where no stepping stones will be provided for the LTTE which is a matter for all parties to consider where the balance of power existing presently could easily shift against the incumbent party under the threat of the Nation being divided to accommodate the LTTE.

A catalyst towards UNF insecurities may also present itself through the unrest of the multi ethnic North East and its Muslim Communities who have also been agitated by the demands of the LTTE and their attrocities against them which continue unabated which could further compound the decision making of the UNF Administration as it would be a multi faceted effort to contain the LTTE as well as militant Muslims who are now regrouping in an explosive situation where peace is of the essence and of primary importance to the well being of Sri Lanka.

Objectively, a de-merging of the North and North East could be a two pronged success as it would not only appease the Muslim Community but also contain the LTTE towards their inevitable breaking down of wills! Given a few desertions of loyalties by disgruntled Muslim MPs presently in the UNF camp the fate of the Administration could easily be sealed as its situation will then be rendered precarious by way of Parliamentary Majority which is even at present paper thin! and the end result consequentially in disfavour of the prevailing tranquility within Sri Lanka but perhaps a return to a normal order where constitutional legitimacies and the Democracy of a Sovereign Nation will prevail as Sri Lanka retains her Sinhala Nation composure and identity without division or segregation within the confines of her own boundaries and the best interests of the minorities maintained and attended to without the impositions of insurgents whose future probably also hangs in the balance .


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