UN Leader Kofi Annan's Visit To Sri Lanka If It Includes Meeting Terrorist Leader, Highly Irregular!

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Contrary to the melodramatic news reports in Colombo that theUN Secretary General Kofi Annan is torn between the conflicting demands of the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, and is reconsidering his planned visit to Sri Lanka in October there seems to be a wave of assent both Nationally and Internationally that the Secretary General's trip might be mandatory towards the continuation of Peace in Sri Lanka where the prime obligation of the UN Leader would be to illustrate, emphasize and accentuate to the Sri Lankan Government the importance of implementing the Accords and conditions of the UN Charter to the Government and not necessarily to the LTTE who by choice remain a terror group with a leader in hiding thereby disentitling their right to meet the UN Leader who would scarcely be expected to consort with criminals.

It would seem highly irregular for a dignitary of the stature of Mr.Kofi Annan, Secretary General of The United Nations to break with tradition, his ethical responsibilities and create a precedent in meeting internationally condemned terrorist leader in hiding Velupillai Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) and Mr. Annan should indeed reconsider his planned visit to Sri Lanka in early October to incorporate a different schedule if this meeting with the terrorist leader is indeed part of his agenda!

The greatest implication of such a meeting would be the conveyance of legitimacy to a heinous criminal who has spearheaded the near devastation of a Nation and its people and it also seems preposterous that Mr. Annan as previously intended should visit the LTTE leader in in the Wanni in what is proclaimed by the LTTE as "LTTE held territory" which categorically belongs to the Nation of Sri Lanka, an equation if applied logically to the issue might soften the nature of the meeting and its fallout yet unacceptable to the Sinhala Nation totally aware of what the United Nations represents relative to its stance on Terrorism.

It would also seem a great irony and a contradiction of policy that the leader of the organization as important as the UN who has condemned unequivocally the terror group Al Quaeda and all terrorist activity globally and has never condoned or made attempts to meet its notorious leader in hiding Osama Bin Laden would want to meet with Pirapaharan(Prabhakaran) as there could be parallels drawn against the two issues which are more or less at par with each other when viewed objectively and rationally.

Whatever the ' issues needing clarification' are, as stated by the UN Secretary General's Office prior to finalising his visit to Sri Lanka as purported they cannot include meeting the terrorist leader which would bifurcate the UN's attitude towards International terrorism in general in creating a separate rationale towards the LTTE which seems totally inconcistent with UN Policy.

There seems a rather sardonic twist to the manner in which the Sri Lankan Administration has responded to the matter in question where it has indicated that it would not mind Mr.Annan meeting Prabhakaran in a government controlled area, preferably in a high security area such as the Colombo Airport and quite an accomplishment if the Terrorist leader in hiding could be persuaded to venture out and food for thought for other developments somewhat unrelated to the UN Leader's visit which might be viwed very favourably by the Indian Government as well as the Sri Lankan Armed Forces!

There are rather incredulous reports from LTTE sources that the Secretary General is being coerced (one wonders how?) and is under pressure from the Tamil Diaspora in the West to visit the Wanni although the logic of it all suggests that the practice of foreign dignitaries visiting a notorious terrorist leader in his hideout in the Wanni which seems to have become commonplace with many unscheduled visits by various individuals in recent times, needs to be halted based on the importance towards discouraging the concept to all concerned present to them that it is a legitimization and recognition of an internationally condemned terror group which needs to shed its image, denounce its policies towards secession, lay down arms and convince the international community as well as the citizens of Sri Lanka that their right to exist coincides with that of the rest of the Nation aligned with peace in reality and non disruptive nor veiled in a double standard!.

Interestingly the Prime Minister in his recent address to the UN Assembly was quoted as saying that the UN would have a "major role to play" in the Peace Process, but since his subsequent return to Sri Lanka he and his caucases have concluded that it would be politically very embarrassing for the Administration if Annan met the rebel leader in his hideout thereby confering on him, legitimacy and equality with the Sovereign Government of Sri Lanka.

Nanda Godage, an official of the Sri Lankan Peace Secretariat has very appropriatey asked "How can we allow the UN Secretary General to confer legitimacy on a person who had assassinated Rajiv Gandhi?" which simplifies and illustrates the relative importance of whether or not Mr. Kofi Annan should officially or otherwise meet the LTTE leader and dispels any doubts towards its propriety.

The Wickremasinghe Administration seems to be in a catch 22 situation and on rather thin ice about the end result of the UN Leader Mr. Kofi Annan's visit and how best to appease the Nation while explaining to Mr Annan, the consequences involved in meeting the LTTE leader without compromising the norms of democracy or the statutes against global terrorism.The Administration must have obvious concerns about the response of the LTTE which any Democratically Elected Administration should in reality have no qualms about standing upto although large clouds of uncertainty appear to loom over the horizon about how best to deal with the LTTE with respect to the UN Leader's anticipated visit.

It is expected that proper choices would be made and no further concessions granted through compromising the Nation's integrity to illegitimacy which contradicts its Constitutionalised Accords.



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