Hon. Kjell Magne Bondevik
Prime Minister of Norway

Dear Sir:
Re: Statement in Tokyo re Peace Process in Sri Lanka - Reuters Report May 27,2003

I am outraged by your statement that the Sri Lankan government should be “flexible” to the Tamil terrorists latest demand for an administration outside the constitution of Sri Lanka. This follows the many reports carried in the international press regarding the Tamil terrorists continued arms smuggling, child conscription, extortion, murder of political opponents and innocent civilians and threats to revert to terrorism. Is what you are advocating for Sri Lanka permissible in Norway or is it that you have no respect for constitutions, territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries other than Norway?

There is a perception amongst many Sri Lankans that your government's involvement in the so called “peace process” in Sri Lanka is merely a front to assist the Tamil terrorists to achieve their goal of dividing Sri Lanka and creating a Tamil only, fascist dictatorship. Although Norway's role is supposed to be that of a “facilitator”, over the last year it has increasingly become one of "decision maker". The Sri Lankan electorate has not given you that mandate. Have the people of Norway given you one to support terrorists in Sri Lanka when your country is supposed to be one of the countries supporting the United States in their worldwide “war on terrorism”?

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
(Ontario, Canada)



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