Resolution Of Present Self Inflicted Crises Sole Responsibility Of Administration And President !

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Sri Lanka should perhaps be dubbed the self inflicted crisis hub of the world where the onus of responsibility for such a title rests purely on its Administrative Leadership which often fails to be assertive and focussed on how matters of prime importance to the well being of the Nation are addressed and dealt with often prefering to send them to the backburner or sweep them under the carpet!

Thankfully the vision of the ever alert President has once again prevailed as she has moved quickly to bring under control what appeared at the inception to have dark undertones and possible grave implications for tranquility in Sri Lanka over a religious issue which nonetheless has not boiled over completely.

Whilst in the process of recovering from a horrendous insurgency which lasted over three decades, another controversy seems to have presented itself over the death of a powerful religious leader of the Buddhist faith which is threatening to create unnecessary problems and unwanted unrest within the Nation at a time when National Unity seems imperative, the absence of which could easily go against the grain of the much sought after peace to the contained delight perhaps of the insurgent LTTE who are capable of capitalizing on any unrest which could eventually prove to be the undoing of the Sinhala Nation.

The question has to be asked "In the face of all the presented details of the circumstances of Gangodawila Soma Thera's untimely passing which points more in the direction of natural causes rather than foul play, what are the objectives of the sections of the Buddhist Clergy and supportive individuals in creating huge areas of unrest within Sri Lanka including death fasts and unsubstantiated accusations against the Christian faith when there is little or no evidence to corroborate their accusations other than conjecture and speculation and all the facts surrounding the sad passing established through medical reports and expert analysis have been more or less established?" The autopsy which probably would have confirmed the issue beyond any doubt was rather unjudiciously bypassed at the behest of the Buddhist Community and its leaders where perhaps the Administration should have had the final say as it would have dispelled much doubt and perhaps alleviated the need for calm within the Nation.

Time appropriate to pose the question to those who are presently attempting to create unrest that "Would it not seem totally unethical to ursurp a Nation's transition into a much sought after peace after years of bloody conflict ?" which is what all the present agitations and demonstration seem to be doing inadvertently as opposed to contributing towards a unified peace and tranquility amongst all the people of various religious alliances in Sri Lanka.

Already the fires of anti- Christian hatred have been fomented and some rural Churches have been attacked and set on fire which has resulted in reinforced Police protection for others which not only seems shameful without any discretions towards their implications and a converse repetition of the LTTE attacks on places of Buddhist worship which at the end of all logic seems an apathetic direction taken by a misguided few where the alternatives towards resolution now lies in the hands of the Administration and the President.

While it would be an injustice and error on the part of anyone to incarcerate the main Christian establishments, denominations and clergy who have been around for decades in Sri Lanka and have established their bonafides towards their respect and recognition of what the majority Buddhist faith stands for in Sri Lanka in a manner of complete understanding and co-existence with the primary consideration given to the choice of freedom, there may be reason enough for the Administration to take a critical look at the Fundamentalist Christian Sects or Cults as they should be better defined as and their modus operandi which involves proselytism and forcible conversions based on enticement and incentives offered which are funded by Foreign NGO's created specifically for this purpose whose notoriety is well known in the West and whose riches and means of access permit them to infiltrate into the poorer parts of rural Sri Lanka.These organizatiuons are not aligned with mainframe Christianity in any part of the world where Sri Lanka is no exception!

A fellow journalist, the very astute and sometimes flamboyant Prof.Hudson Maclean in a recent article has pointed out very appropriatelt that quote"In order to elaborate the leading Christian faiths such as the Church of Rome, under the leadership of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, has encouraged closer dialogue with other main stream religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism.

The Right Reverend Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury has appealed for unity amongst Churches and closer understanding amongst other Faiths.

Even His Royal Highness Prince Charles expressed his desire to be addressed as the Head of Faiths, rather than the Head of Faith, acknowledging his desire to give equality to all Faiths within the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, rather than acting as the Guardian of the Church of England or the Anglican Church.

Late Rev. Mother Teresa, now Blessed Mother Teresa, an icon of human kindness, demonstrated to the world by showing her limitless kindness and devotion to the poor humanity, the destitute, the lepers, the beggars, the sufferers of the HIV-AIDS virus, living, working and subsequently dying amongst those humans who were predominantly Hindus. Blessed Mother Teresa did not attempt to convert any Indian, rich or poor. Her Faith in Jesus Christ helped her to dedicate her life to the destitute but did not try to convert the destitute to her Faith. A beautiful and a noble act! " end quote and points to ponder upon towards the respect and tolerance needed towards mainframe Christianity which should not be confused with Fundamentalist Christian Sects or cults set up for their own convenience!

While there is definitely a felt need to address the issue of fringe Evangelistic and Fundamentalist Christian Sects and their activities in Sri Lanka officially through Administrative and Presidential Scrutiny and preventive accords set in place , there seems to be no real cause for increased agitation, panic or paranoia on the part of those dissenters who have taken it upon themselves at grass roots level to create unrest through demonstrations and propaganda towards animosity against the Christian Faith as there would be no distinctions towards recognition of the righteous from the wrongdoers once the flames of hatred begin to spread and a tendency which has been demonstrated all to well in the past in Sri Lanka and it may be said with no compunction, throughout the world.

Once there is a victimization of innocents, there would be no justification of the regrets which normally follow once the dust settles and all the sanctimonious extensions of cordiality which would be offered as compensation worthless as nothing would be compensation enough to accommodate and smother the harm once it is done. The world has witnessed time and time again, whether it was through ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany and the anti racial genocide in Ruwanda to name a few that it would be in hindsight to quell any murmurs pointing towards religious unrest at its very inception and now seems the sole responsibility of the Sri Lankan Administration and The President which seems to have commenced with a great responsibility and very commendably especially on the part of the latter.

The greater issues at hand within Sri Lanka cannot be bypassed or circumvented by religious fervor where no insecurities seemingly exist in areas which display paranoia and need assurances to the contrary and is the sole responsibility of her leadership.The sooner the self inflicted crises are disposed of, the better it would be for all concerned particularly the Sinhala Nation and its Leadership!



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