Another Example of Neo-Colonial and Capitalist Perception and Servitude.

By Mahinda Karunaratne

Reply to Dr. A. Karunanayke, New Zealand

I was much dismayed after reading Dr. Karunanayke's (Dr. K's) article on the Lankaweb recently misinterpreting and criticising H.E. President of Sri Lanka, Madam Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunga's (CBK)address at the UN convention in New York and appraising American action of use of force against sovereign nations and countries.

It is a total false that as per Dr. K, the freedom fighters who die for Independence of their own motherland from colonial occupation or fight against social injustice are Terrorists. In this explanation, then even our forefathers who fought against Portuguese, Dutch and British occupation were also Terrorists. Sri Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Julius Niarere were all terrorists. Brave Vietnamese and Korean people who fought against American occupation were also Terrorists.

The war against terrorism is a mere deception and pretext fabricated by US hegemony to justify their action, force and suppress freedom fighters who fight against inhuman & illegal occupation of their own country, for example people of Iraq and Palestine should never be interpreted as Terrorists because their action of fight against the US and Allied occupation or Israeli atrocities is justified in the context of Independence, national rights, integrity, culture and of the country and nation.

As a simple example, if some one invades your home and occupy, would you just totally submit to him and let him utilize your home, it's utilities and every thing and even your better half? When you fight against the invader by any means at your reach, are you a Terrorist?

Every individual, society or a country has it's own rights of culture, beliefs and other features which they need to maintain for the identity. The whole world cannot be under American whim and fancy. United States or any other country has no rights to occupy another country by force or any means, the very reason is that US needs to dominate oil rich middle-east or any other country vital for their vested interests.

When the US secretly helped financially and by materials to Taleban movement against the Babra Karmal govt. which was Soviet Supported, US did not address Taleban was their very good allies. But the same Taleban started to fight against US they were branded as Terrorists. And US now needs to crush them. This is the dirty method US practices everywhere in the name of their own duped democracy and human rights which does not even prevail in the much publicised America it self.

The reason for all the violence in middle-east is because of Israeli occupation of Palestine Lands and their massacre of Arabs in the pretext of security, US support to Israel by all means to have their foot in middle-east to maintain and safeguard their vested interests.

Every violence either by individual or societies were and are erupted due to injustice, humiliation and largely due to neo-colonial and capitalist atrocities inflicted upon less developed nations and countries. This is what Madam CBK expressed in few words and brainy people can easily understand.

According to Dr. K's perception, every one should shut their mouths and restrains physically and submit to the neo-colonialism and inhuman capitalism and allow them to plunder their wealth and resources with no noise.

What CBK stated in the UN conference was that all such violence and civil wars were born due to injustice and political reasons. In the case of LTTE they are really terrorists by all means, because their cause is to divide the country which even all the Tamils in Sri Lanka does not agree, but for LTTE to come forward and establish so much, there was many reasons behind, which I am not going to explain in this letter as it is not the topic. But we must accept the fact that under many govt's after independence in Sri Lanka followed policies that divided nationalities, discriminated and created hatred among and so on. Therefore even if the LTTE is sent to extinction by any force, yet there will be fire under ashes which will never be solved, unless at this stage we act wisely and find a negotiated solution to the main cause.

In the case of JVP insurrection they too took violence methods because no govt. or leader paid attention to the needs of mass, did not adders to the real needs and situations of the country, instead kept fortifying wealthy class and dancing to the tune of Neo-Colonialists which widened the gap of rich and poor, unemployment, social injustice and many more. If not for two insurrection of the JVP, their violence, the situations in Sri Lankan sphere would never have provided the environment for the JVP to enter mainstream politics and by now win 40 seats in the legislature.

One reason for both current problems in the North and JVP to come in to violence methods is largely due to JRJ's open economic policy adopted, and his duped " Just Society" under the advise of America and West, that set fire to our national economy, communal harmony, culture and what is not? He crated a Yankee society with competition with each other, hatred, destroyed livelihood of local farmer and industrialist, and initiated a Drug (Kudu) society. Sold our Mothers to middle-east as salves to earn foreign currency and let that money to be used by a handful of rich and corrupt class to enjoy, live, plunder national wealth and submit to the west by borrowing more and more loans from colonial masters.

It was UNP regime who introduced Gun culture, Narcotics, Organized Prostitution and many other odds to Sri Lankan society. Women was made a sellable commodity.

People in Iraq has all the rights to fight against US occupation and kill them as much as possible and eventually kick them out of their motherland. People in Palestine has all the rights to fight against cruel and inhuman Israel and win their independence. Neither any Iraqis nor Palestine are terrorists by any means, but in American neo-colonialism and Capitalist perception they are. We must admire their courage and dedication in this context and one day Al Qaeda will have the credit for it.

When the America involved unnecessarily in to Vietnam and Korean conflicts for protecting their goons and vested interests in those countries, the brave people of both Vietnam and Korea fought over years and kicked out American forces and occupation in humiliating conditions. Are Vietnam and Korean people Terrorists, for taking path to liberate their motherland form American occupation?

Dr. K, it is very sad a person of your calibre has a wrong, one sided and slavery perception in this subject leaning to American view which is opposed at large not only worldwide, but also in America it self, and what reasonable and intelligent public expects from a scholar is the true perception where as your view is in contrary.

America is a police state and not a democracy but namely only a Republic, but all oppositions are suppressed by use of various laws and intelligence for the smooth sail of capitalism and exploitation. It's people have no worker rights, no job security and many more situations under people living and for them no way of voicing their opposition other than voting one of the only two parties when election comes in. So, this is the country that preaches other countries to do reforms in democracy. The American president who won election by forgery, is him self calling others to follow him and help him eradicate terrorism. What a joke! In America itself now people laugh at George Bush when he appears on (TV) media.

America now has realized that they are lost, and due to endless killing of American soldiers they are now turning to UN ( from which they never asked for any mandate to go to invade and use of force in Iraq) and wants to replace by a UN force to save their own men being killed. Madam CBK addressed that at no cost Sri Lanka will send any troops to undertake this risk. Other leaders should follow and let America be crushed in Iraq and all it's troops be killed mercilessly.

When a US soldier or a American is killed in Iraq or elsewhere it is given wide publicity in US media and interprets that terrorists killed them. Do any American media exposes or talk about how many innocent people in Iraq were killed, made homeless, disabled, how many women and children were raped and being done? Only when an American die, they are heroes, they are innocent humans. But others are all sub humans and Terrorists. When will they accept the fact that others too are humans and their lives too are equally valuable as American lives?

UN Sec. General in his address said "Rule of law must start from home". Does the rule of law come from America itself. Who authorized America to topple Sadam Hussein from power and change regime? UN Sec. Gen. Koffi Annan declared that war on Iraq is illegal. What is more than that.

What US should do is accept their fault, save name of America from further deteriorating it, and get out of Iraq. Then do not involve in any other countries affairs if they need to stop enmity from others. Today America has more enemies than ever due to it's own bad deeds. This trend is on the increment.

The statement of CBK is perfect and there is no conflict about it, we do not need any involvement from America or Norway for it, we better solve it with India or for that matter let China be a middle man. The very America who voices so much for War Against Terrorism pressurize Sri Lankan govt. to go for negotiations with LTTE. What do you have say about this double standard. Whether it is by force or by Negotiations it is a matter to be decide by govt. of Sri Lanka, it's leaders, and it's People at large. America ahs noting to do with it. If the LTTE was Buddhist or Muslims, America would have illegally invade Sri Lanka, occupied and crushed them but isn't it that because LTTE is supported by Catholic Church and Evangelists, America wants a negotiated solution to LTTE case?

Neo-Colonialism and Capitalism although it boasts, had failed in their own countries in many ways. America is facing huge problems themselves due to faults in extreme capitalism and their policies imposed on many countries had economically collapsed. Argentina is a very good example that was taken for complete ride by IMF, WB and American policies, today it is totally bankrupted.

To cover their sins and faults, America keep un to economic sanctions imposed on Cuba depriving development and trade with outside world over decades and depriving human rights of all it's people. Is this the American Democracy? American intelligence always on the move infiltrating in to others sovereignty, killing national leaders of democracies which they think are threats to Americanism.

The pretext to invade Iraq was that Sadam Hussein was developing Weapon of Mass Destruction. Whether he is or not, so what?, can't other countries develop what they want? Is there a mandate by any one ( from their omnipotent creator) only America to have every weapon and rule the whole world?

It is the America that has all the Weapons of Mass Destruction on the earth and they are they are the Terrorists of the world.

Other countries, Iran, North Korea or any other has the sole rights to develop all kinds of weapons and get ready to fight this inhuman, uncivilized monster sooner or later without allowing it to impose their rule on every country.

More they apply force and their hegemony on other people, the more other people will turn to violence, hate America and America will have more and more enemies, it will be more vulnerable to risks and attacks.

America was able to do all these wonders after Mikhail Gorbechev (Gobba Choff in our language) trapped himself and submitted the great Soviet Union and destroyed the expectations of brave people who established Soviet Union against world capitalism and colonialism at the cost of millions of lives in 1917 October revolution. America has made it such that former Soviet Union's own countries are fighting among. Russia has become a major mafia spot, narcotics, cultureless and being another place for all other American garbage.

The problem in Sri Lanka with LTTE will be solved by our own people with the participation of JVP in their Patriotic and National policy with the madam CBK who has the courage for it. America should not be worried and has no business in this. Neither America will follow our examples nor we will follow American example, therefore it will be for Americas and it's henchmen own good that they be confined to their own business.

Many are talking against Terrorism in their own perception and meaning to it, but these fools never talk of why such violence erupts daily and everywhere. There is no way of solving problems and conflicts other than through dialogue, compromise and compassion, more the force and oppression the more disastrous it will be.

Public should not be duped by advises of slaves of Neo-Colonialism. Instead it be crushed in the most cruel and merciless manner, whether it be in middle-east or elsewhere, Americanism and American Terrorism should be defeated by any means.

May all brave people of the world queue against Neo-Colonialism and capitalism.



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