Editorial Response To S. Makenthiran of Mississauga Ontario Canada

LankaWeb-Weekly Editorial

That this writer despite his visible bias towards his own perceptions eliciting his choice of words and misconcieved idealogies, has been granted publicity in Lanka Web is an example of LankaWebs impartiality towards free speech and expressed opinions. A fortunate consideration towards his objectives which seem to have failed in as far as the presentation of facts though he may consider himself privileged!!!

This also does not necessarily constitute acceptable rhyme or reason towards realities where the logic of responses towards the insinuations and innuendoes portrayed are fairly simple and probably not worth the effort!

Contrary to being ''rantings and ravings of amusing and pathetic" dispositions the Editorials of Lanka Web are carefully researched and overlaid with plausible facts and statistics based on evidential accuracies rather than conjecture unlike the writer's effort which appears to be a somewhat fecund attempt at depicting the LTTE as champions of all Sri Lankan Tamils, which is not the case at all.

Taking into consideration the LTTE's Track Record, their Ambiguities, Transparencies , Criminality and the fact that they are a proscribed, outlawed and condemned lot of unrelentingTerrorists whose financial mobility has been impounded and caution advised about their activities while being favoured only by certain individuals of theTamil Diaspora deemed LTTE supportives such as the writer languishing in the relative safety of countries like Canada which harbour many undesirables without screening or restriction towards being terrorist supportive, there seems no further need to continue a meaningless dialogue althought the writer might be sympathised with if his arguments involved less conjecture, fantasy and the attempt to mislead the undiscerning! while recognizing the real needs of the Sri Lankan Tamils! Ones which are perhaps on the verge of being alleviated and augmented favourably through the emerging force of Col. Karuna and his visionaries.

As far as the Sinhalese being soaked in blood, it is a euphemism of relative perspective where one cannot isolate whose blood flowed the greater once an illegal armed insurrection was initiated which the LTTE are responsible for being anti establishment within Sri Lanka.There is no platform for this argument hence, unless the adage 'All's Fair In Love And War" is brought to bear! and the right to defend Sovereignity and Territotial Integrity the burning issue!

There will be no further communications on this subject in response to any further reiterations on your part so please govern yourself accordingly




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