Bandula Karannagoda UK

I can point out several flaws in Mahindapala’s article appearing in today’s Lankaweb with the title “Ranil is sinking…”

(1) He says “the Norwegian opposition whom I met in Oslo told me that this game of peace is almost a farce”. Can one rely on an opposition’s assessment of a government?. The opposition is there to oppose and discredit a government.

(2) He says “The Solheim_Wickremasinghe gang has put the nation into a blackhole”. If that is so, why hasn’t this government been unable to rectify the matter? In fact, I think even the president will admit that she has had difficulties in pursuing the peace talks because of opposition from within. The consequent delay has obviously been a principal cause in the current LTTE response. That response is normal filibuster tactics for which the LTTE has always been known.

(3) He says that Mr. Peiris addressed AB as “Excellency”. This is not true.

(4) He says “Wickremasinghe was junketing around the world as if he won the Nobel prize” and “ Peiris was crowing from the rooftops”. This is also not true as Mr. Wickremasinghe had always been modest about the achievement and continually reminding us that there was a long way to go. Mr. Peiris followed on the same lines.

I do not know what Mahindapala wants. Does he want to continue the war.? It is easy for him to say that living in a rich country. Nobody wants the war in Sri Lanka. The former government and the present government has tried to hook the LTTE to an agreement before the eyes of the international community because such an agreement is easy to enforce. We must continue in that line and not be discouraged when there is a setback. We must remember we are dealing with a very difficult enemy. For the last nearly three years after the MOU, the vast majority of the people have been secure and the economy has been reviving. We cannot therefore deny that a lot has been achieved. I think we must be positive and happy rather than ridiculing our leaders. Americans support their leaders even in the Iraq war.



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