In Matters Pertaining To The Sri Lankan Political Situation,The USA Prior To Taking A Bi - Partisan Stance Behind Prime Minister In Reality Should Support The President!

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A spokesman for the President of Sri Lanka has expressed regret that America has taken a bi-partisan approach and a dim view of the political problem of Sri Lanka. The Office of the President of Sri Lanka has recently been somewhat rudely surprised that the USA has boldly spoken out against the President and in support of the policies of the Prime Minister on the matter of National Defence where the ongoing tussle for the Defence Ministry which constitutionally hence legally belongs to the President although being contested by the Prime Minister has been firmly appropriated by the President.

Perhaps it is time auspicious to gently nudge the USA in letting them know that all their assertions about matters pertaining to the politics of other Nations are not always legit nor acceptable relevant to the manner it has handled many fiascos of their own creation beyond the realm of conjecture of their rightful status to justify their actions and in the case of Sri Lanka the bi- partisan stance the USA appears to have taken in support of Ranil Wickremasinghe as opposed to the Constitutional Rights of the President, as puerile as the policies of George W. Bush itself! The portrayal of the 'Emperor Who Wore No Clothes ' has now been made more than manifest by the manner in which the Bush Administration continues to hoodwink some of the more naive and gullible of the International Community into thinking that he has accomplished a great deal for the world when the likes of Osama Bin Laden and his Al Quaeda, infamous terror groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Abu Sayak, and many other dangerous terrorist cells including the LTTE and even the Taliban who are now suspected of regrouping, carry on their nefarious activities with impunity and unapprehended!

The Sri Lankan Nation is well aware that the current political crisis as presented by the Prime Minister in his bleatings to the US Administration has been exaggerated and blown out of proportion to gain sympathy whereas the stand taken by the President Mme. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is an assertive one in defence of Sri Lanka's Sovereign and Territorial Integrity which the policies of Ranil Wickremasinghe by virtue of his inconsistent attitude towards National Defence seemed to have been on the verge of being signed off into the hands of the insurgent LTTE and their ISGA about which the huge outcry by a vast majority of Sri Lankans together with its prominent Buddhist Clergy and all opposition parties bore testimony to the mood and climate of the Nation as being circumspect and suspicious of the current Administration and as an aftermath of which the President has reclaimed the Portfolios of Defence and Communications which were rightfully hers and much to the relief of the more discerning within Sri Lanka.

Speculations are presently rife that the scenario being enacted by the US Government's attitude towards the President's policies relevant to sidelining her recent actions appear to be pro-Wickremasinghe propaganda with US Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage often the spokesperson, by now fairly well known for his prevaricating statements and inconsistent jargon which sometimes speaks for the cause of Sri Lanka's integrity and unitarity and at times sounds undecided about what he is really implying or whose side he is really on, leading the dialogue on behalf of the USA as purported by reliable sources!

Perhaps the USA should re- evaluate their trend of thought and ponder whether they are in anyway justified in dabbling with the present theatrics of derring-do Ranil Wickremasinghe and his presented crisis ( probably himself a crisis in the minds of many Sri Lankans ) and be a bit more focussed on the realities facing Sri Lanka in the face of all adversities created by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which the USA has officially proscribed and align their policies in keeping with the Constitution of Sri Lanka which fully entitles President Kumaratunga to the course of actions she has chosen to pursue in the best interests of Sri Lanka!

If the concept is beyond the comprehension of the mighty US of A perhaps they are better off toning down their rhetoric propagated by Mr. Armitage and permitting the President to control the helm of her ship without hinderance, whose course which to all intents and purposes could be misguided with dire consequences for Sri Lanka should the buccaneeering mentality of the Wickremasinghe Administration be permitted access to the areas demanded with the 'loyal' support of the Bush Administration.

Sri Lanka is not just about ready to capitulate to a group of insurgents based purely upon US foreign policy whether inadvertently or not which in the case of Sri Lanka seems contradictary to their usually professed objectives towards world peace if the policies of President Kumaratunga are being undermined to uphold a bi-partisan support for a seemingly misguided Prime Minister whose actions could easily jeapordize the safety of the entire region!!

The response from the President's Office to all of this is that the President has made it crystal clear to the country, as well as to the International Community, in being quoted as saying" There is absolutely no Constitutional Crisis as implied by some in the country to whose advantage it might perhaps be if such a crisis was projected! and whatever crisis theory put forward by the United National Front and its leadership was illusionary, deceptive and imaginary one.

Recent news reports have been quoted as observing that the Prime Minister is now more adamant on having the Defence Ministry at the cost of the human misery. It is suspected that the Prime Minister is more inclined towards power and authority and not in peace and prosperity of the country.

If this message reaches the USA and their exponents of righteousness towards an acceptable world order perhaps it may be a deterrent towards their unjustifiable attitude of criticizing the President of Sri Lanka mandated by the people of her country to uphold, sovereignty and territorial integrity , peace, law and order and most importantly the Constitution of Sri Lanka.It seems bemusing that the USA seems to have overlooked the all important aspects of Sri Lanka's Governance and Administration being creations of the Constitution of Sri Lanka set in place by its founding fathers as much as the relativities of what the Confederation and Constitution of the USA stand for or is this another 'Faux Pas' for which its reputation seems to be gathering momentum as of late?

According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka at its last amendment the President is the Head of State and Head of the Government. The President nominates the Prime Minister and other Ministers and is in overall authority over all ministers and areas of Government and Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces. In the Sri Lankan Constitution the Prime Minister's status or authority at no instance by decree grants him or her supremacy over the President and is clearly stated in the articles of the Constitution.

Must it be emphasized then that the USA prior to taking a bi-partisan stand behind the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in matters pertaining to the political situation would be better off supporting the President as being the more logical thing to do.



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