'Norwegians go home' This is the burning desire and the fiery slogan
of the patriots in Sri Lanka, which is gaining increasing momentum,
and drawing people from all walks of life. In view of Norway's skewed
track record of its involvement in the Sri Lankan conflict it is a
just and an appropriate demand that should be supported by all Sri

Unfortunately Sri Lankans have been systematically brainwashed during
the five centuries of imperialist domination to adapt the fictitious
concept that the whiteskinned, their products, their thinking, their
culture and their way of life are superior, better and perfect. These
fabricated norms are mainly ingrained in the blood of the anglophile
elite class and they will stoop to any level to please the alien
whiteskins, listen to their misguidance and resent the natives as
morons and imbeciles. .

It is due to this mistrust in ourselves, our abilities, our resources
that aliens succeeded in subjugating Sri Lanka over four centuries
under imperialist rule and continue to subjugate us under various
shades of neo-colonialism. The involvement of the Norwegians,
despicably termed as white-tigers, in our country's problems remind us
the betrayal made by their cousins Dutch when their assistance was
sought by King Rajasinghe II to drive away the loathed Portuguese from
our soil. The Dutch in violation of the 1638 Treaty they entered into
with the King to provide assistance for expelling the Protuguese,
captured and occupied Colombo and thereby established their rule in
the country. It seems that the white-tiger Norwegians are in the
process of carrying out the same treachery of their Dutch cousins.

Norway has been permitted to operate in Sri Lanka as a mediator to
facilitate talks between the terrorist group LTTE and the Sri Lankan
government, and as members of a monitoring mission set up to monitor
and prevent violations of a truce agreement covered by an MOU authored
by Norwegians and signed by the then Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and
the terrorist leader Prabhakaran. Their acts and deeds prove not only
they have miserably failed to uphold the responsibilities entrusted to
them but also have taken a direct and perfidious role of undermining
the sovereignty and the unitary status of Sri Lanka and aiding and
abetting the tiger terrorists to achieve its goal of establishing a
separate country by segregating Sri Lanka.

Prior to getting involved in the Sri Lankan conflict Norway was
engaged as peace brokers in the Palestinian-Israeli issue and the
Yugoslavian conflict. A report published in the leading Norwegian
newspaper 'Aftenposten'(29.04.04) said that Norway was hardly a
neutral player when it brokered an agreement between Palestinian and
the Israelis in the early 1990s. The report written by Norwegian
researcher Hilde Henriksen Waage and financed by the Norwegian Foreign
Ministry states that the Norwegian negotiators supported the Israeli
claims and Norway and Isreal intentionally misled US officials about
the nature of the talks between Palestinians and Israelis. It also
states that the Norwegians did very little to try to get the Israelis
to understand the Palestinian standpoints.

Similarly in the Yugoslavian conflict the Norwegians, who acted as
peace brokers, with the clout of the western nations, particularly the
NATO compelled the Yugoslavian government to yield to the secessionist
group Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA) and engineered the destruction of
the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Asst. Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, Francisco Gil White
in 'The Oslo War Process'(April 2002) describes that small rich
Norway is the Trojan Horse of Euro-American interests. He states that
Norway is not neutral when it mediates in arenas of violent conflict.
Referring to Sri Lanka he predicts in the aforementioned paper that
Norwegians peace process in Sri Lanka will be designed to give the
Tigers more of what they want and will treat the Tiger terrorists as
a ‘political’ force that represents all the Tamil people. It will
progress from legitimizing a Tamil ‘mini-state’ to the creation of
a “De Facto State’ in Sri Lanka, he explains.

The Norwegian model of peace mediation is designed to acquire the
services of academics, journalists, politicians, Government officials,
the so-called intellectuals and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
in the subject country to function as their agents. Norwegians term
this as “outsourced diplomacy”, and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry
work in symbiosis with these peace-pushers. Events unfolding in Sri
Lanka since the Norwegians stepped in show how Jehan Perers, Jayadeva
Uyangodas, NGOs such as National Peace Council (NPC), and PAFFREL to
name a few got incredibly involved in parroting the views of the
Norwegians and aggressively canvassing for accommodating the terrorist
organization. It was the National Peace Council that assertively
lobbied with the Ranil Wickremasinghe government for lifting the
proscription on the LTTE.

Mr. Eric Solheim, the man designated as chief negotiator by Norway is
reputed for participating in pro-LTTE marches held in Norway, and
having well established links with the pro-LTTE Sri Lankans lobby in
Norway headed by a Tamil lady married to a Norwegian diplomat.
Following blatant trespassing of his responsibilities on the request
of the PA Government he was suspended from this position but re- emerged with the installation of Ranil Wickremasinghe government and
continues in his biased role despite change of government. He has
also been accused of trying to undertake a visit to the United States
for persuading President Bush to remove the proscription on the
terrorist organization.

Transgression of diplomatic immunity was blatantly displayed by Norway
when it transported unchecked and unverified container loads of
materials, including high tech communication and V-Sat equipment to
the Vanni jungles. Protests made by the President and people of the
country against these shipments were ignored totally. It is with the
help of these high tech communication equipment hundreds of persons
including many officers affiliated to the government Intelligence
United have been tracked down and ruthlessly murdered by the Vanni

The Embassy of Norway in Colombo has virtually become the Colombo
Headquarters of the Vanni Tigers and the Norwegian diplomats from this
edifice are handling all tiger activities with the international

During the so-called rounds of peace talks held from Bangkok onwards
the Norwegian delegation acted as a part and parcel of the LTTE
delegates and there was no mediation or facilitation involved other
than jointly imposing dictates on the treacherous Sri Lankan mission.
They were only subordinates to Balasingham and Tamilselvam dutifully
upholding and legitimizing their views and opinions.

It is Norway that authored the ignominious MOU signed by the terrorist
leader and Ranil Wickremasinghe, which confers undisputed authority to
the Vanni tigers in a vast area of the Sri Lankan territory and also
license the terrorists to dispose the peace loving anti-terrorist Sri
Lankans be they Tamil, Sinhala, or Muslims. It is this MOU that
emboldened the terrorists for embezzlement in the general election and
prevented the democratic groups from electioneering.

The Monitoring Mission established under the so-called MOU, and headed
by the Norwegians has totally shirked its responsibilities and from
the very inception functions as a front organization of the Vanni
Tigers. The concerted attempts made by the ruffians in this Mission
to legitimize the sea-tiger outfit as a naval unit and demarcate
country’s sea territory as an exclusive zone for this unit, and the
ultimatum given to the then Sri Lankan government to implement this
diktat is well known. If it were not for the firm and strong stand
taken by our patriotic and courageous Naval officers a major portion
of Sri Lanka’s sea territory would have been in the possession of the
Vanni Tigers today.

Instances of evading responsibility by this mission to prevent
movement of armed tigers, protect life and property from atrocities,
inspect sea movements to prevent smuggling of arms are far many to
elaborate. It prevented the Sri Lankan Navy many times from capturing
arms being smuggled by the Vanni Tigers. One such instance was
leaking of information by the Head of the SLMM Mr. Tellefsen, relating
to Navy’s plan to capture an arms shipment near Mullaitivu in October
last year, When the President submitted a written protest to the
Norwegian Prime Minister against this incident the Norwegian Foreign
Minister Jan Petersen warned her saying that her continuous
interference in the peace attempts could have consequences both for
the peace process and for Norway’s role. No country would have
tolerated such an ignominy but the impotent government allowed the
matter to die down.

Even change of government has not compelled those in the Monitoring
Mission or in the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo to act responsibly. It
blatantly allows the armed Vanni Tigers to trespass and eliminate
persons sympathetic to Eastern Tamil leader Karuna and at the same
time issues warnings to the government or endorses Vanni Tiger
allegations. Even last month it failed to take action against
allegations of unloading arms by Tiger boats off Chalai.

The conference “Road Maps to Peace in Sri Lanka” held in Norway itself
last week by “The World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka (WAPS) had
given a golden opportunity to expose the partisan role being played by
the Norwegians. All patriotic Sri Lankans should be thankful to the
organizers of this event as it provided a convincing forum to present
in its own soil Norway’s crimes against Sri Lanka. Contributions made
by Falk Ruvik of the Norwegian Organization opposed to Norway’s
colonial interference in other counties “ROVIK Senter” alone is
sufficient to kick the Norwegians out of our country. Among other
things he has disclosed about military training provided by Norwegians
to LTTE terrorists and about financial assistance being given by the
Norwegian government for pro-LTTE propaganda activities. How can such
a country play an impartial role as a mediator?

It is enough that we tolerated these enemy forces to dictate terms to
us and gradually pave the way for segregation of this glorious
nation. As the National Patriotic Movement has respectfully requested
Norway should withdraw from its hideous role in Sri Lanka or else we
should launch a massive drive to chase them away from our soil once
and for all.



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