ISGA should not be the basis of peace negotiations, but a modified ISGA applicable to all Provinces should be the outcome of the negotiations.

By Charles Perera

UNP started by directly criticising the UPFA for having failed to honour their election promises within the three months they were in power. UNP kept telling that the UPFA has failed to tell the people how they propose to conduct the peace negotiations and that they should start peace negotiations on the basis of the ISGA. Then they collected the political parties opposed to the government in to a group, “a watch dog of democracy”, and cried high and low that they have a majority against the government.

Having failed to destabilise the government with their stupid manoeuvres, two clowns of the UNP gave a press conference, one incessantly winking and the other looking around with a foolish smile , where they exposed their latest tactics. UNP undoubtedly wants a political rift between the JVP and the SLFP. UNP shows sudden warmth and sympathy towards the President and wants to save her from a” manipulating “ JVP. The clowns said, that the UNP will not let the Government of Chandrika Kumaratunga fall even if the unruly JVP were to break away from the coalition. There lies their secret hope, which is that the JVP may leave the coalition on the ISGA issue.

The two UNP spokesmen insisted that the UNP will give all its unconditional support to the President to carry out the peace negotiations “on the basis of the ISGA”. It is a great plan taking the government and the people to be utter fools. UNP fears JVP more than the SLFP. The difficulty for their moving in with the government is the more vigilant JVP who sees through UNP tactics. The stand the JVP has taken with regard to the LTTE’s ISGA is quite correct and there is no way would change their position. That irks not only the UNP but also the Government of Norway with its “fake” mediators and the LTTE murder clique.

With a modernised army and with the help of the world powers that have vowed to end terrorism in the world, the UPFA need not give in to terror tactics of the LTTE to start negotiation on the ISGA. Why should there be two forms of provincial administrations in Sri Lanka, one for the North and East and the other for the rest of the Provinces. The ISGA should therefore be modified to be applied to all Provinces. For that purpose the peace negotiation s should commence with a view to explain the implications of an ISGA and why it should not be the basis of the negotiations but the final outcome of the negotiations in its modified form.

UNP will not look at this in that light . UNP is a party rejected by the people, that does not apparently take no for an answer and feels that they have a role to play. But the UPFA is now well settled in the role of governance and need no support from the UNP. One of the UNP spokes men had played a key role in the peace negotiations carried out by the UNF Government, and messed up everything until LTTE came up with the ISGA without even a “by your permission” to the UNF peace negotiators. What have the UNP and its clowns to give by way of advice ?

One good advice to UNP would be to keep away , and let the Government govern and give their opinion only when asked for.



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