Insinuations Against the President By LTTE Political Representative Need To Be Addressed!

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Perhaps a bit of advise would be in order so that the likes of so called LTTE Political Wing Leader C.Ilamparithi will refrain from getting overly carried away in the future in making statements about the might of the LTTE and their capabilities of winning a war with the Sri Lankan Government. Perhaps also the Prevention of Terrorism Act should be reinstated and the likes of such ignominious individuals apprehended for inciting through inflammatory speech anti National sentiment against a Sovereign Nation and interpreted as treasonous and dangerous to the freedom outlined in the International Charter of Rights of a Sovereign Democracy!

It can only be construed as gross ignorance on the part of minnows within the LTTE despite their self appointed titles to suggest that the President of Sri Lanka is leading the nation into a war against the LTTE when the only consensus about the LTTE at national and international level is that they are a fully armed terrorist group posing a regional threat and needs to be brought to justice for crimes against humanity and the myth about their current power and might exposed and dispersed as a distorted creation intertwined in mixed up semanticsto the world at large.

In what appears to be fallout as a result of the over conciliations of the previous administration towards the LTTE and the improper barteing which took place between the two entities during the Ranil Wickremasinghe led tenure of Administration of the UNF, the LTTE seem to have acquired a sense of propriety and legitimacy which they are not entitled to and constantly get carried away in their rhetoric against the Sovereign Democratic Nation of Sri Lanka which needs to be taken to task and dealt with especially when there is a signed Peace Accord and a ceasefire in progress where the obligations thereto are not always fully i upheld, implemented and respected by the LTTE.

The latest obstreperous verbosity as reported in Tamil Net , a pro LTTE website says quote"We are certain of victory if the Sri Lanka Government launches a war to occupy our traditional homeland," where Ilamparithi was quoted as saying in a tone of officiousness which seems to digress from the sublime to the ridiculous and has also refered to a 'Tamil Homeland' which to all intents and purposes is a figment of his imagination and is categorically non existent within Sri Lanka and never will! Perhaps the verbal liberty taken might be cross referenced with Tamil Nadu which sadly for this individual does not carry much empathy for the LTTE albeit its sympathies with the ordinary civilian Tamil Population of Sri Lanka!

There have also been accusations that the President of Sri Lanka is building military strength to neutralise the Tamil Tigers which if put into perspective legitimately is indded the right of the Chief Executive Officer also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces whose prerogative it is to defend Sovereign Sri Lankan Terrirory which will never be compromised to a bunch of insurgents with little direction other than towards their own survival. Purchasing of naval defence vessels, procurement of a new military arsenal and training the Sri Lankan military are not a testimony to her plans for renewed hostilities as alleged but a natural order followed by any Nation and a requisite towrds preserving its Sovereignity,Territorial Integrity and wayward insurgencies!!

There also appears to be a great deal of apprehension within the mainstream LTTE about the breakaway rebel leader Karuna who despite the title bestowed on him as a renegade is fast becoming a significant figurehead of near folk hero proportions by many within the Tamil Community who view him as a great alternative to the megalomaniac Velupillai Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) whose day of justice will probably pre-empt all his professed entitlements towards being the sole representative of the Tamil Community. In the most comprehensive of terms the name Karuna seems to instil fear and insecuerity within the ranks of the mainstream LTTE which appears to be the main motivation for the allegations that Karuna is being harbored by the Government of Sri lanka towards ursurping Pirapaharan's LTTE and for a group of insurgents who claim to have the capability of overcoming the Sri Lankan Armed Forces Karuna should pose no threat towards their existence albeit the reality which seems to attest to the contrary and their concerted attacks against Karuna associates continue in uncontrolled paranoia!

It would however be incorrect and misguided to assume that the President of Sri Lanka is also involved in creating divisions within the Tamil community by using the breakaway rebel Karuna who is purported to be virtual prisoner with the Sri Lanka intelligence division which if true would certainly be to the chagrin of the LTTE who claim to be so powerful and so much in control of the Tamil community.

Significantly LTTE's C.Ilamparithi sounds somewhat frustrated relative to the frustrations within the LTTE whose capabilitites seem to have diminished and has acquired a circumspect nature since the Karuna breakaway and perhaps a stepping stone for those in administrative and military capacity to view objectively towards a succesful campaign of negotiation which would guarrantee peace rather than a hypothetical return to hostilities while confronting the insinuations and dealing with proper Tamil representation.



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