Sampanthan's Demands On Behalf Of The LTTE, A Conundrum Of Misconcieved Aspirations.

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Despite being on the verge of a resumption of peace talks between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE terrorists as a post election obligation toward the Nation, the main spokesperson of the LTTE, Sampanthan seems to be interested in converting LTTE demands as presented to the Government into somewhat of a conundrum of misconcieved aspirations at a very inauspicious time when it has been indicated many times over that their demands as presented in their (ISGA) Interim Self Governing Authority are not only unacceptable to Sri Lanka but also a wasted effort if their main objective is to continue a tough stance with little ground to stand on at a time when World opinion about their real sincerities and objectives are dwindling and they continue to carry the lable of outlawed proscribed terrorists as the USA has recently indicated beyond a measure of doubt.

The group's assumed representation of the entire Tamil Community, which is by no stretch of the imagination a verifiable reality taking into consideration the tenable factors applicable by way of statistics and openly expressed moderate Tamil opinion, appears nevertheless to entitle their main voice Sampanthan to be constantly talking tough about the dangers of what might transpire should the Government of Sri Lanka not capitulate to their preconditions set by their unacceptable Interim Self Governing Authority ISGA which has not only been rejected by the President of Sri Lanka but by the majority Sinhala Nation and perhaps about time Sampanthan and his band of terrorists were politely informed that theirs is a mission impossible as neither the Nation of Sri Lanka nor the powers that be within the Global Community are going to recognize LTTE aspirations as a legitimate means towards National Peace other than a means toward their continuity as a terrorisrt group.

Their continued insistence that the ISGA is a pre-condition to their participating in a return to peace negotiations and the only one within their realm of acceptance is an apathetic misconception towards their acceptability which is already encased within a thin mantle of circumspect world opinion where they should be thankful to a Government which has not taken advantage of an opportunity to have possibly routed their organization, which presented itself recently as being feasible towards their elimination where the better judgements have prevailed in the face of many quarters of diverse opinion towards granting them an opportunity to come clean and merge into the mainstream of Sri Lanka while denouncing their impure objectives which would be destructive not only to themselves but perhaps inadvertently to the entireTamil Community which they seem to represent in pretense rather than in reality!

The greatest irony that besets Sri Lanka today is being subjected to the humiliation of having to negotiate peace with a condemned terrorist entity who are still fully armed, continue their aggressive dialogue, have never given up their secessionist aspirations being made painfully obvious through all their meanderings despite attempts to camouflage intentions and talk big about being the sole representative of the Tamil Community when in fact they are not, by the simplest of definitions, where its reality would probably be manifest beyond question should a consensus be arrived at through a National referendum involving the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka and perhaps even some of its diaspora who have been intimidated towards acknowledging their demands to this effect, in many cases against their will.

The manifestations of how true this concept is, has been proven in the manner in which the political party which presently holds the LTTE proxy in parliament the TNA who literally cheated their candidates entry into parliament, proven by eyewitness accounts of foreign monitors as being the the most corrupt of electoral practises, voter intimidation and vote rigging where the legitimate entrants the EPDP were virtually robbed of their right to the privilege of Parliamentary Representation and hopefully the present investigations being conducted into the matter may present the eventual truth and point towards TNA disentitlement making them null and void and Mr Sampanthan might have to take his cacophony of veiled threats to a Sovereign Nation under a bushel as it may not augur well towards his identity, image and perhaps even his existence as an aspiring self respecting Sri Lankan which should really be his ambit rather than an inane desire to be a terrorist megaphone which make his entreaties sound somewhat puerile!

If indications of the recent developments within the LTTE which drove them to near destruction from within their rank and file are a measure of what the future may hold for them, they would certainly be better off in rejoining mainstream Sri Lankan Society with sincere intentions towards a collective future of promise for all citizens, devoid of their armaments, secessionist aspirations and terrorist image in order to avoid a recurrence of the ignominy of an image in tatters as well the rationality that they have few options short of facing complete incarceration should their falsely presented bravado of much insignificance continue through the voicings of their sycophant Sampanthan who probably needs to re -structure his dialogue towards collective interests of plurality towards a coming together of all Sri Lankans without intimidation or coercion where idle threats carry no weight towards the dispensation of a normal order!



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