Report Of Warnings About The Possible Loss Of Pledged Aid To Sri Lanka Should Incorporate The LTTE's Liability Rather Than That Of The Government.

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There either seems to be some subtle wordplay in the Reuter's recent news report subsequent to the Donor Aid meeting held in Brussels recently,or else a bizzare twist towards deliberate misleading the discerning mind which indicates that Sri Lanka has been quote'Warned' to resume peace talks with the Tamil Tiger rebels or else chance losing $4.5 Billion in pledged aid where nothing has been mentioned about the current status of the rebels as a fully armed unrelenting internationally condemned terror group within the confines of a Sovereign Democratic Nation, who are the only source which needs any warning to come clean where there should implicitly be no liability on the part of the Sri Lankan Government to stand to attention and pay homage in order to secure the pledged aid which makes the news item somewhat questionable in a very circumspect sense as to what was being implied ?
It has also been reported that the call to end the 20 year old civil war in Sri Lanka was ''a blunt one" at the end of the recent meeting in Brussels of Japan, Norway, The United States and the European Union who are purported to be the Co-Chairs of Reconstruction and Development of Sri Lanka and short of being intimidatory towards a Sovereign Democracy taking into consideration the considerable bias, entities such as Norway and the European Union have shown in the past in favour of the LTTE, while leaving little room for any other inferences, the tone of voice of the report is perhaps trying to portray the LTTE in the role of the injured party and the Government the liable villain whereas the boot should be on the other foot and the exhortations to come clean, relent and seek a civilised compromise while relenting past crimes against humanity should rest solely on the LTTE who should also consider handing over its criminally liable leadership and operational cooperatives to the hand of International Justice where the aid to Sri Lanka should not be a consideration for barter or equal distribution where the LTTE should ever have a hand in its disbursement short of catapulting further complexities within an already complex situation involving a fully armed terrorist group which by rights needs to be dismantled not only in the best interests of the Nation but also of the Region and a role which it is fervently hoped India will have a major role to play in case of eventualities necessitating it somewhere down the road in collaboration with the incumbent Administration and world consensus.

Bearing in mind that the current impasse on the Peace Process in Sri Lanka was a joint creation of the previous Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe and the obnoxious attitude of the LTTE whose presentation of their so called (ISGA) Interim Delf Governing Authority, totally unacceptable to the norms of Democracy and Sovereignity under any Constitutionalised Statute within Sri Lanka defining the rights of a ruling majority being questioned by a residual minority who have taken to internal armed insurrection and short of being contemptible, something which the Aid Donors should hardly consider as a responsibility needing resolution by the Administration and should in all fairness level their questioning and criticisms at the LTTE and advise them of what their obligations and the pre-conditions are in order that the Tamil Community of Sri lanka are restored their entitlements as citizens of the land together with everyone else whose rights are being compromised by the mendacious attitude of the LTTE if they have in fact misled the Aid Donors into believing that they are deserving of restitution as a terror group and perhaps wishful thinking on their part! and wrongfully emphasized in the Reuter's Report perhaps inadvertently!
Reuters have been quoted as reporting that "In a world of competing crises, Sri Lanka donor co-chairs have urged in the strongest possible terms a rapid resumption of the peace negotiations so that Sri Lanka can benefit from the generosity of the international community as released by the donors in a joint statement" and that their attention and four-year funding under any given package might go elsewhere unless the Peace Process makes progress" end quote which is a very profound offering of advice to the Sri Lankan Government where a subtle yet critical aspect of responsibility has been overlooked where the LTTE need to be held responsible for the breakdown in peace negotiations. in the case of the unforeseeable eventuality of a complete loss of the pledged aid which would seem very much to their satisfaction based on their recent rhetoric which has even sugggested such an eventuality and an entrapment perhaps of the Aid Donors who have been falsely misled into believing their propaganda.

That the importance of a permanent peace within Sri lanka being a paramount one is well recognized by all concerned which incorporates the determination and aspirations of the International Community also, but the LTTE being swept under the carpet and the liabilities thrust on the Government of Sri Lanka alone,either through misrepresentation or oversight as portrayed by recent news reports seems truly a travesty of justice and a point to ponder upon by all those responsible, given the circumstances within Sri Lanka and in particular the consortium of Aid Donors who are alleged to have issued warnings to the Government of Sri Lanka with no mention of the LTTE!



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