Norway Fury: A Reply

Somaweera Sirisinghe writing from New Zealand

Shyamon Jayasinghe's "Norway Fury" is based on a very narrow and a simplistic view of things happening in the world theatre and descends to the lowest point when he recommends to Sinhala expatriates to refrain from exchanging their views about Sri Lanka's precarious national problem but instead to sponsor poor children and be contented that they have done their duty. The unusual abundance of inanity in his writings makes people wonder whether he has taken leave of his senses at his retirement.

According to his brand of objective analysis Norwegians are in Sri Lanka not for anything else but only at the will and pleasure of the government. That alone exemplifies his ignorance of the intricacies of national or international politics. His clear objective seems to be to belittle the outpouring of affections of the sinhala expatriates towards their mother country.

Shyamon has the penchant to dwell lavishly on the high positions he graced in the administrative hierarchy during JR/Premadasa governments but seems to have been blind to what Westborg, the Norwegian peace stalwart was doing at that time through Redd Barna teaming up with improperly and offensively named Gandhian Movement in establishing illegal LTTE settlements in Kilinochchi and Trincomalee areas.

There is indeed a possibility of senior public servants of his ilk losing their plot when they concentrate more on saying "Yes, Minister" and enthusiastically upgrading it to "Yes, Prime Minister" and to "Yes, Your Excellency" in par with the ascendancy of their favourite political master. His blinkered views of issues confronting Sri Lanka and its future poses the question whether he was able to deliver what was expected from those high positions of government that he held.

With this doubt in my mind I posed the question to a retired senior public servant living in New Zealand. He recalled the role Shyamon played in Professor Sarachchandra's original Peradeniya University play "Maname" as the "Pothey-gura" and wondered aloud whether that was the only contribution he made in his whole life. Indeed he shows the signs that he has maintained his intellect only to fill a role of a "pothey-gura" right into his retirement.



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