CBK on the Mat-Bravo Wimal Weerawansa

Walter Rajaratne Australia.

Dear Mr.Wimal Weerawansa

I would imagine that your comments about Mrs.CBK were perfectly correct though belated. Was it Panson Police that you compared her to when she was being made mincemeat by the cabinet of Ranil W on many an issue such as the Rs.2.5 billion fraud on security vehicles. We really felt sorry, seeing her haggard looks when allegedly caught pants down, spying with an elusive micro camera hidden in her hand bag.

In the same token don’t tell us that you did not know who she was along with the ministers and henchmen from the axis of evil, when you fell into an alliance with them, at a time both your parties were getting bellyful in the opposition benches at the hands of a worst set of rogues in the then government. Soon after the electoral victory it’s the same old crooked faces that appear in the SLFP group portrait and it’s their gala time till the next election.

Further, this is a lady not worth the time spent on the internet talking about. Right from her Sorbonne days through Janawasama via Polhengoda to the Presidential palace, it would be blasphemous to discuss in retrospect. Sinhala,Tamil and Muslim, all have their equals, parallel to her among their leadership who are at the root of all evils. That’s why Sri Lankans are what they are forever. They enjoy the sadistic pleasure of getting manacled in slavery and tortured by a monarch or a ruthless tyrant for a good nights sleep, even in hunger.

Reading this illustrious ideologue Mr.Dayan Jayatilake’s writing, yesterday, about the salubrious Sri Lanka that Sucharitha Premadasa created in the company of Sirisena Cooray, KHJ, Paski, Susil Siriwardne et al, we felt, what an amazing fairytale. Who wouldn’t have a hearty laugh at intermission with a Disney comic? Surprise Surprise. If that’s where the Sri Lankan self-proclaimed intelligentsia wants the people to go back to, then let’s say adieu Sri Lanka. Enmeshed in his adventurous doctoral assignments Dayan has missed Soththi, (Upali Lamaya). When is he going to re-enact the UDI with Varatharaja P this time round, not for the north east but for the entire SL, is the $4.5b dollar question? Isn’t it timely that Goerge W is badly in need of the able assistance of Sira through the ballot boxes at Florida? Just look around to see the pot bellied Sajith and the ring, whose poverty his master’s programme alleviated. At a time when all efforts are being unified at eliminating a deadly beast of Sun God fame, we would rather leave Dayan for a future date.

Nevertheless, Wimal, if you are intelligent and sincerely interested in the well being of the people of Sri Lanka, you got to be more patient and far sighted. Let me remind you that your party got to go a long way to erase the barbaric acts and human rights violations committed during the 89-90 era. In the indictment that JVP was behind the killing of Vijaya K has any substance then you committed the unpardonable crime by Sri Lankans, than killing a man, thus elevating a nincompoop to the pedestal of a heroine under a different disguise of CBK.

If you stroll down the memory lane to that period now, it must prevail upon you that you fell into a neatly laid trap that sent you against the armed services by Premadasa. The price paid in that ignominious act, in terms of innocent lives of Sinhala children from the down trodden for a fatal error is unimaginable. Ranil, CBK and the state machinery run by the old guard are still capable of sending you into a false sense of confidence, making you the scapegoat once again. Never forget that history has a very funny way of repeating itself.

Therefore, take a deep breath, relax and think before talk. She as much as Ranil, for that matter Mahinda R included (maybe not corrupt yet) have their own schemes for the ultimate title belt which they are yearning for. We hope yours can’t be that? So, be mindful of the fact that it’s not the mouth that should talk but your actions. Actions to take Sri Lankans to the promised land of true democracy, prosperity and independent judiciary that’s governed by the equal rule of law for one and all. Those are the institutions that you must strengthen on a prioritized plan. Your every step is watched with suspicion since it’s a horrific trail of blood that you have travelled along. For any solution, the ultimate yardstick is non-violence. Sri Lankans are an intelligent human group given the right option. What remains to be seen is whether you practice what you preach?

Why not, for a start, invite these high flying ministers and bureaucrats to table their expenses (yours first) each month, that cost the poor taxpayer, in colossal terms, for their gallivanting stunts, all over under ridiculous pretexts. If your much publicised Thousand Tank project (Dahasak Wave) is in need of urgent funds, here is the best source to draw that without running behind international monetary sharks with a begging bowl. You will be shocked at the amount realized in that simple hat collection, when it’s not short of say, an easy Rs.100 million/month. The madam president’s share would be, a shocking 200 million in one hat. Alas, this man is talking nonsense. How can we live sans her glamour, without that 200m!!

Great Parakramabahu did not meet Yashushi Akashi in his palace when building dams to arrest water, passing through to the ocean without rendering its due service, in filling the granaries.

Rich nations never believe that SL is a poor country when they witness our dignitaries driving in and out of Waldorf Astoria in fleet of limousines with huge entourage and hordes of film units and media men, just for a gaudy 30 minute mumbo-jumbo at UN for a dozing audience.

Walter Rajaratne Australia.


In lighter vein, she deserved the salvo you unleashed. Although she has returned a few lukewarm flurry of late cuts on you, she is dazed now, isn’t she? Crown is too precious to loose. We only hear a cacophony of a few born licking miscreants since. Come on, give me a break. Calculated more such jabs, though below the belt, covering the referee’s eye, are welcome.



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