Report On LTTE 's Quest For Cluster Bombs Needs Closer Official Scrutiny!

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An alarming latest news report in Sri Lanka's leading Sinhala language weekly, the Irida Divayina has quoted unnamed French Military Experts visiting Security Forces in Sri Lanka that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has ordered Cluster Bombs, to be added to their deadly arsenal in the preparation for war against the Sri Lanka Government and the sooner the credibilities of this report are established the better it would be for a Nation already faced with the dilemma of finding solutions to other LTTE created problems which have lasted decades .

With all due respect, it may be suggested to official sources, primarily the Ministry of Defence and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that the need to ascertain the accuracy of the report with an immediate response to confront and if necessary repel and thwart any impending threat to National Security seems of primary necessity as such reports cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet. History has proved what the consequences of disregarding such information in the past can be and the track record of the sneaky and surreptitious nature of LTTE modus operandi will more than attest to this with all the disaster zones Sri Lanka can present to the world as examples of past LTTE attrocities. Their reputation as an untrustworth terror group proscribed by most countries continues to be a thorn in the side of the Sri Lankan Administration although the latest rhetoric emanating from the LTTE camp indicates a preparedness to support the on going peace rather than disrupt it!

While quoting unnamed French military experts ( whose identities really need to be disclosed towards further credibility of the report) a journalist covering military matters for the weekend newspaper has said in his report that quote"The Tamil rebel group has ordered the dreaded Cluster Bombs from a clandestine weapons factory in Argentina, in South America and named the factory as 'Plak Ordinary' ( Due to the report being published in the Sinhalese language the correct spelling is not assured) " end quote although the implications are crystal clear.

One has also to bear in mind that Argentina is a nation in dire financial straits and bankrupt to the degree where any means to recover financially even through illegal weapons manufacturing for high priced clandestine deals with undergroung terror groups would seem a likely option. Argentina also has had the unenviable notoriety for offering refuge and harboring war criminals over the years and to resort to a deal as shady as the one in question would seem hardly a pang on Argentina's conscience!

Further describing the vicious and destructive capacity of the bombs in question the report continues to say that, quote "Cluster bombs are small explosive bomblets carried in a large canister that opens in mid-air, scattering them over a wide area. The bomblets may be delivered by aircraft, rocket, or by artillery projectiles and the Tamil Tigers might try to use them by the last method !! Although many countries, including the European Union have demanded a general moratorium of the weapon, the United States is the world's biggest culprit, that has used the weapon and caused grisly results among innocent civilians especially among children who pick them up for toys. . US media has reported the deaths of hundreds of children who died due to the explosions of cluster bombs during the recent US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Children, who are sometimes attracted to the bombs' bright colors and interesting shapes, represent a high percentage of victims. Cluster bomblets become less stable - and more dangerous - as time passes. In Laos, nearly every day people are still being killed from bombs dropped 30 years ago (by the United States). With an estimated 10 million (or more) unexploded cluster bombs, it could be many decades - or even centuries - until the killing is over" end quote.There is little need to cross reference this to a situation in Sri Lanka as a mild indiscretion on the part of the LTTE as the untold mayhem which would follow would be unimaginable!

A wretched by product of the horrors of war, Cluster Bombs have been protested over and exposed through the voicings of anti war groups and human rights watchdogs the world over and there has been a global demand for the banning and discontinuance of cluster bombs because of their grenade like nature where explosives scatter widely and most of the time out of the combat areas where civilians come into contact with them with huge casualties! both during and after conflict as the initial efficiency rating of these dreaded weapons are usually mininal and have a tendency to disperse explosively much later than at its time of activation which could sometimes take weeks, months or years hence resulting in the unsuspecting heavy civilian casualties especially children attracted to them by their colourful outward appearance and mistaking them for toys.

Although there has been no official confirmation of this , perhaps it would be in hindsight and in wisdom in order that that Sri Lankans could breathe easier that this information needs to be pursued with intent and the sources checked where the purported deliverers of the deadly weapons as well as its alleged purchasers need to be taken to task and dealt with effectively as the world knows the deadly consequences which are likely to surface if the LTTE are in anyway given the opportunity get a hold of such weaponry or for that matter any weaponry.

If this is a mere rumor with intent to cause panic amongst Sri Lankans by miscreant mischief makers , once again there is a felt need to take to task whoever is responsible in order to alleviate any unnecessary fears such rumors would cause within Sri Lanka in these turbulent times. Although the likelihood of its accuracy seems plausible and verifiable as it has been picked up by respected LankaWeb Correspondent Mr. Walter Jayawardene whose credibilities are unquestionable and has relayed the information as reported by the Sunday Weekly Irida Divayina it seems questionable while the possibilities exist towards its accuracy that the original source of information The French Military Experts may have picked up inaccurate information where the question however remains "Can Any Chances Be Taken?" and the likely answer would seem "Better Safe Than Sorry!"




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