I was and am a supporter of UNP

Keerthi Wijesinghe, A Sinhala Christian

Dear editor,
Please do not ignore this letter since I feel that this could be the way that an ordinary UNP suppoter will feel about his/her beloved party.Please publish this for people to know about a different view.
You Idiotic Leaders of UNP- DO NOT IGNORE THIS .

This is the first time that I am writing a letter of this nature or if I say correctly this is the first time I am writing about the party I still respect to stop thinking only about political gains.

I have no hesitation in declaring that I do not respect Bandaranayaka family since I stronglly
beleive that they are the cause of all the comunial problems what we face at current times. When S.W.R.D Bandaranayaka wanted the Sinhala to become the natioanal language he had his sole aim to get the sinhala vote. He never had the Wisdom to fore-see or or he completely ignored what will hapen there after.He wanated to come to power at any cost and he succedeed. But he sent his idiotic son Anura Bandaranayaka to Oxford and the daughter to France while the ordinary Sri lankans were studying in Sinhala only schools and universities.

Let me ask this direct question from all you Sinhalese( I am also a pure sinhalese) - How many of young university graduates can find suitable jobs in the private sector due to your poor knowlegw in English.How many can secure foreign jobs even if you are more qualified than Bandaranayakas.
But I will come to my main point. The purpose of this letter is not to condemn P.A , but to tell you that UNP is acting in more harmful way to the Sinhala race than S.W.R.D Bandaranayaka
by supporting a murderer like Prabaharan(I will never address him as Mr. Prahaharan since he does not deserve to be called Mr.) I love Tamils and Sinhalese equally because I am a Sinhala Christian who beleive that all people are created equally. I have no problem or hatred with any Tamil individually.

Dear UNP- Why are you silence to condemn the seize fire violations by LTTE- Hoisting their flags on Prabaharans B,day.

Why are you silence when Prabas, MPs in parliment create havoc in Parliment suppoting that murderer.Do you think that any Sinhalese can go to Jaffna and condemn Prabaharan or their race.These parlimentarians who support LTTE come to Colombo and critisize and condemn all Sri Lankan leaders and systems in style.But you UNPers are silence.You want their vote to come to power. But be aware , we will never vote for UNP if this is going to to be your stratergy. But the day you decide to be more concious about the country we will gladly come back to you.Please be aware that you are in the opposition with the sinhala vote.

I will finally say this to open your eyes.I was never a supporter of JVP since I did not like the way they closed shops during the troubled times in South and Colombo and the way they conducted them selves . I did not like the way they started the riots and used force to grab the power. At present I do not like the way they publish lies in Lanka Truth.

I do not like Hela Urumaya, who is trying to say that only Sinhala buddhist are Sinhalese, But not the Christians. Let them know that all Sinhala christians also love to be Sinhalese and love to be Sri Lankans and relegion is a personal matter and race is what you inherit.

But with all the above views I see only JVP taking a stand in the proper direction by talking the truth as the guide line and , UNP- don,t be suprised if all Sinhala Christians and Buddhista turn to JVP.

To be more precise I see a grate leader in Wimal Weerawansa- and may god bless him.

( I do not have confidence in Lanka Truth but I feel that Wimal says the truth most of the Time)

Wije.( A Sinhala Christian)



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