"Norway Fury" - Keep it Up Patriots!

By M. R. Opatha

After I read through the submission titled "Norway Fury" by Shyamon Jayasinghe, I felt an urgent, furious need to say the following:

Obviously, this writer has shown very myopic thinking and he has shamelessly denigrated the admirable efforts of some patriotic Sri Lankan expatriates who hosted the recent Oslo conference.

Let me explain my own FURY as follows:

" The conference in Oslo did much to expose to the world of Norway's duplicity in the Sri Lanka's so called peace process. If one thinks of this exercise as "humbug," then I can only speculate that either the person must be a LTTE stooge, or regretfully but undoubtedly, he must be lacking in metal capacity to grasp the value of an exposé or simply, the value of counter-propaganda in an international setting. One only needs to ask what made the LTTE an accepted entity in the West to know the value of this.

" While I do not offer apologies for the fast manifesting substandard performance by the UPFA regime in this regard (especially with regards to the ISGA where there is no consistency or steadfastness), let's be reasonable about the present circumstances. The former regime, headed by Ranil W. let the Norwegians virtually run the country's security policy with dire consequences. It is now known that during that time the LTTE increased its military strength by nearly tenfold and it was very effective in bumping-off all informants that it dreaded. When Madam CBK took over, despite his rhetoric, Ranil must have wickedly smiled with delight as he expected her to fall into the trap - the trap that would brand her as the warmonger and bring the wrath of international community. There was every expectation on his part that she would kick out the Norwegians and consequently, the country would go back to war with the LTTE. Ranil basically cemented Norway's role in the LTTE desired fissure of Sri Lanka and it is not going to be easy for any other person or government to void it - unless there is a well demonstrated evidence of Norway's duplicity. Therefore, if any patriotic Sri Lankan characterizes any attempts at this as "humbug," then that person has to be surely retarded!

" Let's not try to save the trees and let the forest burn. Your concern for the plight of our maids in the Middle East is truly valid and there must be measures brought forth to improve their lot (incidentally, I expect such to come from not the inefficient and corrupt SLFP/UNP policy makers, but the JVP that you debase at every turn). However, while the country is being torn apart by a well connived, expertly designed, and stealthily executed process, I would think it is hardly the time to be diverting attention to other, worrisome nevertheless, shortcomings. The preservation of Sri Lanka's unitary sovereign state must take precedence over all other issues as otherwise, you would have saved the trees and let the forest burn. Talk about (sadly) missing the perspective!

" This writer claims to have held a notable position in the Sri Lanka's Ministry of Labour and knowing how the Sri Lanka's Labour Ministry has been run all along, why am I not surprised with his myopic, callous attitude? I would like to ask him what he did to improve the lot of the ME going maids - even after he saw their sheer misery as he claimed? Probably a lot of talk and Zippo as nothing has changed with their sorrowful plight since they started going to the ME about 25 years ago!

" On the contrary, the patriotic Sri Lankans who hosted the Oslo conference can take solace in the fact that they have accomplished something of value as already some questions are being asked at the EU level about the SLMM and Norway's role/performance in this so called peace process!



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