Buddhism, Hinduism and Mr.Samuel


The manifestation of the GOD in Hinduism can be presented as follows:

GOD = Creating + Preserving + Recycling

Wherever there is creativity there is Brahama, wherever there is preservation there is Vishnu and wherever there is recycling there is Shiva.

The manifest-relative world (thatha) has the above three qualities and it had been always like that and it will be always like that. We can do nothing about it. However these devine qualities make the birth, bloom, decay and death inevitable!

All Hindu schools of thought including Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.. consider the unsatisfactoriness of the manifest world and try to attain the absolute, unmanifest or unborn, the Moksha/Nirvana.

Different schools follow different paths but they all lead to the same point. Even Anathma doctrine of Buddhism and the Maha-Athama(Brahman) doctrine of Hinduism reinforce each other!

In India you can find a Buddhist, a Vaishnava, a Jain and a Sikh within the same family. It will be the same in Sri Lanka if persons like Mr. Samuel are not so cross with the Hindu/Buddhist civilisation and hinder its development. Please try to understand the basics of this magnificent civilisation into which you are born. It is not too late to change ideas and join the family!

Many thanks to Mr. Samuel for pointing out the lack of solidarity among Buddhists. Buddhists, let us try to do what we can, to bring prosperity to all.

As for the monks, they are our own brothers and sisters who have taken up a very difficult challenge. Let us wish them success.



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