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Das Samuel.

Dear Editor,

Most tamils are alive today because of the LTTE - which is the saviour and protector of tamils in sri lanka. But for them, half the tamils will not be alive today - and they know this. LTTE also killed 1,200 indians who killed raped & tortured tamils.The man who sent them died an unnatural death.

It is wishful thinking & propaganda by the state that the "LTTE has torn the community to bits" - purely to save face internationally and get foreign assistance. Tamils( in and ) outside lanka, in constant communication with kith and kin left behind, whom they help financially, know the truth - not persons like Mr Rajiv who swallow state propaganda. Sri Lanka is a terrorist state by any standards - but no state is labelled "terrorist" by international diplomatic convention. UN Human Rights Reports are a clear indictment on Sri Lanka.

The killings at present are done by mercenaries recruited by the army - they kill tamils of all parties - tamils are expendable. The killers always escape ! The new IGP only called for renewed efforts to fight crime - he did not call for measures to apprehend these killers - maybe he knows who they are. These killings are to prepare an excuse by blaming the LTTE, to slaughter tamils after getting rid of the norwegians and the media.

Tamils have no hatred towards anyone except those who want them to live as second class citizens forever, those who killed & burnt them alive, those who destroyed hundreds of their temples, those who starved them by blockade of food & medicine, those who deny them basic educational facilities & those who deny them employment at least in proportionate ratios. They hate those occupying their homes and lands, those who make them - 200,000 - refugees in their own country, those who forced them to flee sri lanka, those who prevent them peacefully pursuing their livelihood even under trying conditions by harassment.

The great JRJayawardene who said "Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love" in san francisco, waited and watched for six days before declaring martial law during the anti-tamil pogrom planned and executed by his henchmen - as he admitted later - in 1973. Several pogroms before and after 1973 were executed, but all were disregarded by the establishment.

Buddhism precludes killing - man or beast - on any excuse whatsoever, as preached by the Lord Buddha to Asoka and to Theva Nampiya Theesan. Hinduism allows killing - to eliminate evil - as preached by Lord Krishna to Arjunan on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This is what tamils are being compelled to do, by the evil sinhala buddhist government, armed forces and police - not by the pious sinhala buddhists and sinhala christians - who are a minority.

Six hundred tamils disappeared after Kobbekaduwa was killed - it was later established, by the army itself. Sinhalas killed thousands of their own youth and burned them on tyres by the roadside in 1971 & 1988/89.They could easily have been taken into custody - but were executed instead - orders were "take no prisoners" ! ! Even Chandrika who made a hue and cry about Sooriyakanda graves, conveniantly forgot about them after becoming president. Now she has embraced her husband's killers - for political survival.

Tamils only want to manage their own affairs and live peacefully within a united lanka - but the sinhala buddhists want them to live as second class citizens forever. This is the whole problem.

Tamils by hard work and study achieved government jobs and entered professions by merit and fair compeitition. But this is held against them even now, after 55 years of "independence" - during which period successive sinhala majority governments could have built schools and universities of excellence and implemented social welfare. But they were busy fighting among themselves for political power and perks instead - but even now tamils are blamed for the prevailing state of affairs.

Maheswaran talks nonsense to curry favour and get media attention - he made his money during the blockade. Devananda has his own army funded by the state and has to 'sing for his supper' & prop up the regime. Noone is being " bashed " - only facts are stated - these are unpalatable to some.

Das Samuel.



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