Cabinet Minister Chandrasekeran's LTTE Sympathetic Activities Suggest
A Forthwith Investigation To Be In Order.

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While the fallout resulting from Fundamentalist Christian Group Proselytism and Conversion continues to be a focal point in Sri Lanka today and more and more Buddhist Monks seem to be suggesting death fasts if apropriate preventive legal measures are not initiated there seems to be more fat to chew on for the protestors seeking Administrative righteousness by the incumbent UNF as there are alarming news reports that a UNF cabinet minister is indulging in blatant skullduggery of a pro LTTE nature in a breaking news item which has been released by the Asian Tribune, courtesy of Roving Reporter the ever alert Mr. Walter Jayawardena from Los Angeles.

Could it be dangerous fallout as a result of connivance with the nefarious ilk of the LTTE and its supportives that it is being reported as quoted by the LTTE unfriendlty Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) and the above mentioned sources that "UNF Cabinet Minister for Comunity Development, Periyasamy Chandrasekaran is facilitating guerilla training to Tamil youths of Indian origin from the Indian Tamil populated tea plantations of Sri Lanka's central hills by the country's Northern separatists, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)?

The rather alarming disclosure has been made by the Eelam People's Democratic Party EPDP which is a Tamil political party opposed to the rebel outfit who seem to have launched a diabolical master plan under the pretext of a business venture where thet LTTE are purported to have infiltrated into the central hills in the guise of engaging themselves in a mineral water business whereas their real objective was to train Up Country Tamil youth in guerilla warfare.

The report states that approximately 250 Tamil youths of Indian origin, recently went to the Tiger stronghold of Wanni in Northern Sri Lanka, to receive such guerilla training with the recommendation of Periyasamy Chandrasekaran, Community Development Minister, charges if they could be proven would all but end Chandrasekeran's career and embarrass the leader of the UNF to a point where all the accusations levelled at him from some quarters that he himself is an LTTE manipulative just might have a ring of truth to it!.

Chandrasekaran is the leader of the Up Country People's Front, a political party and also a trade union of plantation workers of Indian Origin in Sri Lanka. A vast number of the plantation workers are also with the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) led by Arumugam Thondaman, who is also a Minister in the Ranil Wickremesinghe's United National Front Government. Chandrasekeran is an individual who often shows no discretions towards protocol and openly promotes pro LTTE slogans and curiously enough is tolerated by the present Administration which often digresses from the sublime to the ridiculous when it comes to the manner in which it puts up with the likes of Chandrasekeran!

Speculations about Indian Tamil youths being trained by the LTTE is something the Sri Lankan Security Forces have continued to emphasize for sometime now and have presented the theory that fighting forces of the LTTE often consisted of Up Country Tamil youths of Indian origin, lending credibility to the accusations levelled at Chandrasekeran who may have been involved in the process of recruiting upcountry youth for the LTTE earlier than speculated and should be fully investigated with the objective of indicting him for treason if charges against him could be proven.
To further corroborate the liberties seemingly taken by Chandrasekeran towards his pro LTTE leanings, some of the child soldiers who fled from of the LTTE's "Baby Battalion" and recently surrendered to the Security Forces have confessed that they were recruited from the tea plantations areas in the Hill Country as the directives of Chandrasekeran has been suspected as being the go between though unproven.
According to the the EPDP report there is evidence also that some 250 Tamil youths from Sri Lanka's upcountry region had recently gone to the LTTE controlled Wanni with introductory letters from Periyasamy Chandrasekaran's Ministry of Community Development, purportedly as manual workers but in fact in fact these youths were to be trained in the use of weapons and warfare and sent back to the plantation regions they came from.
Therefore it comes as no surprise that the Leader of the Opposition the Hon.Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse confirmed soon after that he too had got wind of the news that a group of youths from Vavuniya had met another group of youths in an upcountry tea factory where a Minister of the Government is alleged to have been instrumental in arranging the said meeting and described as none other than Periyasamy Chandrasekeran.
Chandrasekeran's pro LTTE leanings unfortunately for himself and rather fortunately for Sri Lanka had been previously noticed through a rather obstreperous statement to 'Sandeshaya' the Sinhala Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) where he had demanded somewhat obtusely that the Sri Lanka Government should remove its troops from the High Security Zones in both Northern and Eastern Provinces and coming from an incumbent Cabinet Minister could only be infered as pro LTTE rhetoric despite its surprising orator who seemed to care little about his status within the UNF Administration and was more concerned in broadcasting pro LTTE propaganda!.

This type of verbosity was persistently indulged in by the same individual who had no trepidations in insting openly at a Pongu Thamul Pro LTTE gathering in the Mannar District that all Tamils should be united in their support of wanted condemned terrorist leader Velupillai Pirapaharann(Prabhakaran) irrespective of where they resided in order to win Eelam which portrays the real identity of a wolf in sheeps clothing who has been given free access into their confines by the UNF Administration and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe!

Consequently there are certain high profile security sources who believe not without reason, that in the unlikely event of the resumption of LTTE insurgent activity the trained guerillas of the tea plantations would be fully utilized to cripple the economy of the country in order to bring the Government down to its knees but this is the height of conjecture before which the likes of Chandrasekeran need to be dealt with effectively and forthwith where Sri Lanka's Security should perhaps br further boosted to prevent any fancy moves of an already wilting LTTE under the constant surveillance of the powers that be which includes some powerful allies of Sri Lanka! .



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