In Reply to Mr. Das Samuel

By Rajiv

In Nazi Germany there were many ordinary Germans who considered the Nazis to be their saviours. They could not see the evil that the Nazis were perpetrating and they could not see the damage that the Nazis were inflicting upon German society itself. The hated and demonised "other" was the source of all problems. Likewise, many in the Sri Lankan Tamil community - especially from the insulated diasporas - consider the LTTE to be their saviours, despite the fact that the LTTE is continuing to destroy the Tamil community from within with their violence. Since the signing of the ceasefire agreement, it is the LTTE that has continued to murder its own people. To the LTTE, and to those Tamils that cling to LTTE ideology, the Sinhalese, and all other non-Tamils are the demonised "other" - people to be hated and annihilated for the sake of Tamil "freedom." It is ironic to note here that democracy among the Sri Lankan Tamil community is dead. It is totalitarianism that rules the community today, but many like Mr. Das Samuel and Mr. Makenthiran are so blinded by the hate they have for the Sinhalese that they cannot see what is happening to their own community.

Considering that Mr. Das Samuel is so enamoured of the LTTE, I would not at all be surprised if he is part of the crowd that cheers when the LTTE sets off bombs killing innocent men, women and children, all in the name of Tamil "liberation." For people like him who are drivin along in life by hatred and animosity, nothing appears abhorrent anymore. We can see that he considers events long past as fresh wounds made yesterday, and if someone does not want their wounds (whether real or imagined) to heal, there is nothing much that we can do.

To claim that most Tamils are alive today because of the LTTE is quite amusing considering that most Tamils now live outside the Northern and the Eastern provinces among the Sinhalese. Yes, we are talking about the same Sinhalese that are supposedly running a campaign of genocide. And daily we hear of more Tamil families moving out of LTTE-controlled areas and starting their life in government-controlled land, not to mention child soldiers and mothers seeking help from the Army.

Hate is what is keeping the Sri Lankan Tamil community together today. Violence is the mainstay of the Sri Lankan Tamil community today. Hand in hand these two monsters are destroying the community both within and without, and even though all of this has been self-wrought it is the demonised "other" that is blamed. Since the signing of the ceasefire agreement we have seen Tamil on Tamil violence continue unabated. The Jaffna Tamils, the Vanni Tamils, the Colombo Tamils, the Eastern Tamils all have their separate grivences with each other. Add caste to this. The cement that is holding all these groups together is the LTTE-sponsored hatred of the Sinhalese and all other non-Tamils. Without this group to hate collectively, there would be no Tamil unity as such.

It is also amusing to see Mr. Das Samuel call a government held in power by minority parties a "Sinhala Buddhist government." Without the support of minority parties the government falls from power. Not to mention that the major parties have members of all ethnic groups and religions. Now when was the last time a government was in power without the support of minority parties? Of course, this is quite easy to ignore for those with an agenda like Mr. Das Samuel. Here it is perceptible to us the ill will he carries towards the Buddhist Sinhalese in particular - the LTTE propaganda merchants have done well; hate the Sinhalese and hate the Sinhalese Buddhists even more.

I must mention that it is interesting that you use Hinduism to rationalise violence and terrorism. But then, many Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus consider the brutal and bloodthirsty Prabhakaran to be a god - Surya Devan - who is worthy of worship.

Mr Das Samuel, please keep the hatred you have for the Sinhalese and the Sinhalese Buddhists to yourself good sir. Democracy is alive and well among the Sinhalese community, which is why you are given a space to air your views at this website. You are free to support the LTTE as you wish, but you must realise that the LTTE is only tearing the Tamil community apart. It is not the Sinhalese, the Muslims, the Burghers or whomever else you wish to blame that is responsble for the current predicament of the Tamil community. We can see that under the ceasefire agreement it has been the LTTE, and the LTTE alone, along with the Eastern LTTE faction that is killing Tamils daily. Tamil lives are being lost at the hands of Tamils themselves. This is something the community must solve itself.



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