Cautions About The LTTE Split And The Advantages Thereof !

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The Sri Lankan Military Red Alert issued to Sri Lankan troops bracing for in fighting between rebel Tamil factions of the Internal LTTE split between rebel commander Karuna and supremo Pirapaharan should exercise great caution in order to avoid being drawn into a cross fire as breakaway rebels of the Karuna faction claim their leader is being targeted by death squads and vow to hit back.

Rebels close to regional commander V. Muralidharan, better known as Karuna, said he had received reports that death squads had been sent to kill him after he was allegedly dismissed Saturday by Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, but contested vehemently by Karuna that rather than being dismissed, he broke away with his contingent of some 6000 cadre, long before the Supremo's order which is somewhat contradictory. Karuna who is reportedly commanding fighters loyal to him and operating from a jungle base in the district of Batticaloa has said he was ready to deal with any attempts by Pirapaharan factions ordered to search and destroy him.It is common knowledge that Karuna was pretty much the brains behind much of the past LTTE exercises as a ruthless campaigner who thwarted Sri Lankan Military operations such as the failed Jayasikuru and Elephant Pass Conflicts with huge casualties on both sides and an adversary about whom Pirapaharan of the main LTTE faction would have great trepidations where a disparity of cunning, elusiveness and a fighting spirit favours by far, the breakaway leader Karuna by comparison with the neanderthalish mentality of Pirapaharan who depends much on his advisory council to which Karuna once belonged!

The possibility of the rebel move being a diversion and a dangerous ploy to draw the Sri Lankan Army into conflict and disrupt the forthcoming General Election to the advantage of the United National Front of Ranil Wickremasinghe has been taken up by Military Peers and cannot be dispelled as conjecture as the LTTE's capability of pulling any strings towards their advantage has been more than evident in the past. Confirmation that Sri Lankan Security Forces were well aware of this possibility came from military sources who have stressed the great importance towards remaining neutral in the deepening crisis within the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), albeit confined to the red alert, taking precedence while cautious about being caught in a possible crossfire and ordered troops to take maximum precautions. One military commander in the east of the island was quoted as saying "We are facing a very dangerous situation.They could target us to drag us into their conflict, precipitating a crisis. We are keen to avoid getting involved and have alerted troops to exercise extreme caution in all their manouvres." In all wisdom, while maintaining defence lines the Sri Lankan Armed Forces cannot be taunted or tricked into participating in any internal insurrection of the LTTE but perhaps should be at the ready to assert their authority at all times!

The LTTE regardless of what faction eventually prevails ,if in fact the professed factions are real, face a distinct possibility towards a disruption of their motivations and objectives in the event of a resounding win for the SLFP/JVP coalition where the other national minority parties have also pledged their support towards stabilizing National and Territorial Integrity and making positive moves towards ending the terrorist issue with no further conciliations and an alternate dialogue which does not include acceding to any improper demands such as presented by the past LTTE 's ISGA !

The Wickremasinghe led UNF candidates continue to make references to turbulences related to LTTE agitation and a return to war, in their election campaign in an almost anticipated sense of frustration which permeates through much of their present campaign and the verbosities of the likes of their sycophants Prof.G.L.Peiris, S.B. Dissanayake and Dr.Rajitha Senaratna in their monotony of support for Ranil Wickremasinghe and his botched Administration reverberate in a meaningles cacophony entailing the evils of the President and the merits of their return to power on their election platforms which is unlikely to be realistically lent a ear to, given the mood of the Nation well aware of their indiscretions offset against a dwindling economy, a soaring crime rate and mind boggling corruption by some incumbent ministers and most importantly the likely collusion between the UNF and the LTTE which by now has become more evident than previously thought and perhaps a post election pledge to address in the best interests of the Nation for the President's coalition.

If the split within the LTTE is of deliberate design, it would be to their great disadvantage and that of the UNF Administration of Ranil Wickremasinghe as it would probably be a net of entrapment which would eventually ensnare the hunters where a split whether deliberate or not given the resources available to the Armed Forces at present could disperse their nefarious presence not only deeper into the jungles of the Wanni but perhaps out of it and into the Indian Ocean from which there could be no return.

On the other hand, a genuine breakaway from the LTTE by someone of the determination of Karuna though not necessarily commendable given his past reputation could be of great advantage to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the Administration if his resources could be tapped advantageously and collectively towards the benefit of Sri Lanka in engaging his support towards defeating Pirapaharan and the LTTE where Karuna could perhaps take on the reins of delivering to the Tamil Community its dignity and rights which have to a greater degree been blocked, circumvented and misdirected by Pirapaharan's Fascist idealogies provided he joins mainstream Sri Lankan Society through legitimately accepted means and leads his flock towards posterity!

Somewhat incredible in its idealistic perspective perhaps but certainly not an impossibility towards accomplishment as similar conversions have prevailed in history to great advantage for both the convertor and the converted !!!



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