Peace Negotiations should be based on the assurance that the LTTE will disarm and disband, and give up their Eelam flag and Insignia, and pledge allegiance to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, before any negotiation on an ISGA.

By Charles Perera

With regard to the peace negotiations , the Government should inform the people whether the much talked about ISGA proposal of the LTTE is to be negotiated with the LTTE with the intention of eventually, the agreed ISGA, is to be implemented by the LTTE. If so there is a difficulty for the people to understand how the sovereign state of Sri Lanka would entrust the implementation of the ISGA by an armed terrorist group in the North and East of Sri Lanka..

As long as the LTTE remains armed they cannot be recognised as a political party. Therefore, if the negotiated ISGA is to be implemented by the LTTE , it should enter the democratic system of governance, give up their arms, disband the black tigers and pledge allegiance to the President of Sri Lanka. Are they willing to do this, if not would the Government of Sri Lanka handover the right of ISGA to a fascist leader-a criminal, wanted for master minding the assassination of Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, of an outlawed terrorist Group ?

It is well and good for the Norwegian Government to keep warning the Government of Sri Lanka of imminent war if the peace negotiations are further delayed, but have the Norwegians and the other donor States given thought to this important question of who would finally be responsible for the implementation of the ISGA what ever its final form. It cannot certainly be the LTTE with Prabhakaran as its head, even though Anton Balasingham once said that “ our President and the Prime Minister is our Leader”.

Norwegians do not care” two hoots” about these matters and neither do the UNP Pandits nor the political analysts, like Professor Uyangoda. The pet subject of debate of the UNP is the criticism of the JVP on their position with regard to the ISGA. If the UNP pandits would only take off their coloured glasses and take a ” neutral” view they will understand the reality of the JVP stand. The Norwegians, the donor States, the UNP pandits, should rethink and ask themselves the question whether they are or not misdirecting the government, forcing its hand to start peace negotiations based on the ISGA.

Therefore, the ISGA should not be the basis of peace negotiations with the LTTE. The Government of Sri Lanka should first have the assurance that the LTTE will give up arms and disband as a terror group and convert itself to a political party giving up their Eelam flag and Insignia and pledge allegiance to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, before discussing matters concerning an ISGA to the North and East.



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