Terrorists at Large.

Narada Gangadhara

The heartless destruction of lives and property on 09/11 has drawn the attention of the global peace loving people to the need for the total elimination of terrorists every where. Terrorists are busy brining about disaster and destruction to the peace loving people in many parts of the world. There is a crying need for global focus towards the total elimination of terrorists every where.

The LTTE in Sri Lanka is one of the most vicious set of killers and destructors who continue to ride the high horse for over two decades. They killed the Prime Minister of India few years ago. They killed the President of Sri Lanka and the most popular Presidential candidate who was also popular minister. They killed several other ministers and leaders. They killed a bus load of Buddhist monks returning after performing a religious ceremony in the eastern region of Sri Lanka. They killed over 100 Buddhists who were meditating under the sacred Bo Tree in Anuradhapura. They destroyed the Central Bank building of Sri Lanka in Colombo and a large number of persons who were at work in that building and also the people who were in the vicinity. They have exploded number of other public buildings and institutions in Colombo. They have killed about 100,000 innocent Sinhala and Tamil people in this Island nation. They bombed the most sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka which is being venerated by all Buddhists through out the world. They bombed the International air port in Colombo destroying over 4 air crafts. Due to a timing error by the LTTE suicide bomber the present President of Sri Lanka escaped death when the bomb blasted few feet away from her. During the last two years when there has been a Peace Agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE , they have killed over 100 Tamil persons in violation of the Peace Agreement. They also forcefully conscripted young children for war fare without allowing them to do their studies. Young girls are conscripted to engage in suicidal bombings and destructions.

This problem is erroneously being referred to as an Ethnic Problem in Sri Lanka by some persons. This is certainly not an Ethnic problem. It’s a TERRORIST problem and needs to be crushed with the total focus and attention of the global authorities. Sri Lanka Government has failed to do so for the last two decades. The LTTE are in contact with other terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida and other underworld terror groups.

Prabhakaran the leader of the LTTE was one time engaged in transporting drugs between India and Sri Lanka. With only a grade 7 education he belongs to the global drug dealing circle. He killed the Mayor of Jaffna in broad day light at a Hindu Temple in Jaffna in 1973. He has subjugated the Tamil community living in the North of Sri Lanka by his death dealing devices and terror tactics. When Tamil persons living abroad visited their relatives in Jaffna he had extracted their jewelry and money leaving them in a helpless situation.

Over 60% of the Tamil people live among the Sinhalese in Colombo and else where in the country. They live in fear of the LTTE terrorists.

The LTTE demand for the separate State is an absolutely baseless and unreasonable demand which can never be conceded. Why create another Taliban like State which will be supporting the world terrorists and create training camps for the world terrorists ?

Do we need to create a State to support drug trafficking in Asia? LTTE pays millions of dollars to countries like Norway so in return they can back LTTE and safe guard their interests. Last two decades the LTTE violated all peace agreements and bluffed the world by engaging in peace agreements. During this time they smuggled arms to build up the forces with the help of countries like Norway. If the world leaders are interested in eradicating terrorism completely, they need to open their eyes and look at these barbaric LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. The changing political system in Sri Lanka has failed to understand these most dangerous LTTE terrorists during the past two decades. Our country needs help to fight terrorism and they need to be eliminated completely.

Sri Lanka has remained as one country during the last long period of over 2500 years.

Peace loving Sri Lankan in USA



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