Has Ranil Lost His Direction In The Peace Process?

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Has Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe dug his own grave towards burying his political future? is a question being asked in many quarters both Nationally and Internationally with great speculation as he has proclaimed in a tone of astounding irresponsibility that "The Truce with the Tamil Tiger Rebels Has Been 'Invalidated' "due to his inability to wrest the Defence and Communicative Powers constitutionally vested in the President which he attributes to a so called Power Struggle which he portrays as an impure gesture by the President whereas in reality it is the privilege of the President to execute all Defence and Communication matters as clearly outlined in the Constitution. Mr Wickremasinghe seems to have displayed a puerile immaturity towards his administrative responsibilities which could have dire ramifications towards his political future according to many analysts where his disgruntlements seem to rest on an issue which now appears beyond his comprehension and his ability to interpret the ammended constitution of 1978!

Somehow the belief that the February 2002 cease fire with the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam was with the understanding that the Prime Minister controlled the Military as expressed by him goes to indicate the extent to which he has had his head buried in the sand as far as whose right it is to control the Military and something stated uncompromisingly in the articles of Constitution as a Presidential right where the concessions of the President far exceeded her limits of tolerance at the extent to which the Ministries she eventually reclaimed were being misused.

It appears that the high handed manner in which the Prime Minister at times conducts himself with no real thought to the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka has become visible and reiterated time and time again through Presidential wisdom and observation that the Wickremasinghe model of a lasting peace for Sri Lanka was perhaps through a sell out to her enemies through capitulation and no thought to the safety and well being of the Sinhala Majority in Sri Lanka whose best interests he and his caucases have seemingly cast to the winds and permitted the LTTE, an unrelenting outlawed and proscribed terrorist outfit to gain inroads toward their own goals which the Wickremasinghe bandwagon seem to be oblivious to or perhaps championing towards their own ends!!

It seems somewhat preposterous that the Hon Prime Minister has the audacity to state in public that "We can't go against the agreement. If we do that, there will be a war again." when he in all probabilities should be saying 'We As A United Sinhala Nation In Keeping With The Constitution And Our National Pride and Entitlements Should Stand Up To The Ridiculous Demands Of The LTTE And Their Impure And Obtuse ISGA Towards Preserving The Unitarity Of Our Nation While Offering All The Rightful Entitlements To The Tamil Community And Other Minorities!" There should be no reference to 'War' which now appears to be a dirty word even within LTTE enclaves and short of exhorting the LTTE to a war purely because of his disagreements with the President it seems mind boggling that the Prime Minister should indulge in such rhetoric where all his accomplishments could fizzle out to nothing with such blatantly irresponsibel utterances!!

President Chandrika Kumaratunga who on November 4th 2003, sacked the Ministers of Defence, the Interior and Information and assumed the three key portfolios appears to have made the moves in astute wisdom and hindsight towards preventing what might have ensued as being be a National catastrophe should the LTTE with their past track record of unpredictabilities have been given too much leeway and freedom towards their objectives and in the face of all their ongoing clandestine activities which have been well monitored, reasearched and documented upto the present through intelligence sources! which the Wickremasinghe Administration without reservation seemed to have paid homage to or overlooked in a sense of blind optimism that "all's well that ends well " which might not necessarily have proved to be the correct judgement on his part!

The present attitude of the Prime Minister sadly seems to be an attempt to blackmail the President into releasing the Ministries she has annexed in the best interests of Sri Lanka while synonymously portraying his righteousness without basis or justification giving scant respect to what might eventually turn out to be a turning of tables on his personal quest towards ursurping the Presidency while appeasing not only his personal ambitions but also lending opportunities for the LTTE to capitalise on the disunity within the Nation amongst its Sinhala majority perpetuated by the selfish motivations of its powerhungry Prime Minister and he could easily be voted out of office as a consequence!

As uncertainty looms over Sri Lanka's political Horizon where an obstinate Prime Minister seems to have locked horns with the President over an issue which needs a consensus of unshakeable unity, and while the possibility of a snap polls might be the only way out of the impasse there just might be a few latent regrets in the Prime Minister's camp should the scales eventually tip heavily in favour of the opposition as an aftermath of his lack of insight toward what the greater priority might have been! Whether it was compromising to a group of terrorists , driving towards his personal ambitions or securing the Nation from its enemies!!!

Or is this a giving up of the ghost towards ineptitude that the Peace Process which was manouvred thus far with a great measure of success towards posterity has suddenly become inconsequential in the mind games of Sri Lankan political opponents where the Prime Minister seems to have lost his direction?

Time Perhaps will tell!



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