Dr Senaratna's Outbursts Somewhat Puerile As The UNF Appears To Have Entered A Tailspin Through Bad Navigation!

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It seems a cool irony that former PA turncoat and ship jumper Dr.Rajitha Senaratna has the nerve to talk about the solemn promises of the President regarding dissolution of Parliament and how she has broken them when he has been a epitome of broken promises during his tenure with the PA. The tone of Dr.Senaratna's emotions seem to indicate a certain derision which appears to be more personal than official, that of a bad boy mentality perhaps, when denied his cookies!!

While the President has utilised her constitutionalized prerogative to initiate an action which seems very appropriate relative to the prevaricating and hence failure by Dr.Senarana's party the UNF and its leadership to renew the Peace Talks and all the pussyfooting which seemed to be buying time for them in the face of a new alliance of opposition parties posing a threat to their existence, once again there seems no injustice in the President's decision to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections contrary to Dr. Senaratna's dejected opinion.

As well as granting dangerous leverage for the LTTE to rethink their strategies when the President consequently annexed the Defence, Communications and Information Ministries at a time when the UNF seemed to have lost their direction in how to deal with the obnoxious and ridiculously obtuse demands of the LTTE which the Administration seemed virtually poised to accede to! the UNF have only themselves to blame for having forced the President's hand. Dr.Senaratna's outbursts about the irregularity of the President's move and the outcome of the Next Election relative to whom the victor might be as well as the veiled threats issued to the President seem to have a hollow ring to it, purely speculative and of no consequence!

Bearing in mind that the UNF Administration was indeed careening towards chaos despite the ongoing calm of a ceasefire where the LTTE were given far too much leeway to regroup, re-arm and conduct their nefarious activities with impunity and the privy that no terrorist organization has ever enjoyed anywhere else in the world, ( Norwegian backing may be thrown in for good measure!)and that the country was being steeped in lawlesness and corruption which rather than having abated since the change in Administration after the last Election seemed to have augmented where little or nothing was done to quell a frightening surge, there's little towards conjecture in greatly justifying the Presidents call in the best interests of Sri Lanka.

All of these, together with the weak responses of the Administration to the high handed quasi LTTE mock administrations in the North and North East which should by rights have been disrupted annihilated and effaced in the name of Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity yet pandered to and paid homage to, have created a mood amongst the populace of Sri Lanka which suggests contrary to Dr. Senaratne's wishful thinking that they are just about fed up with the pretences of the Wickremasinghe Administration towards their capabilities in providing restitution to the Sinhala Nation, maintaining its Sovereign and Territorial Integrity and asserting the ability towards dealing with LTTE oppression which regardless of what mantle it is wrapped in does still exist on an ongoing basis!!

Dr Senaratna's motivations towards the Nation's needs which have appeared somewhat questionable in recent times does not entitle him to bare his fangs as he might, in name calling the President and threatening to" teach her a lesson " as it merely creates an air of puerility with his anguished outburts when in reality he should nod his assent that the UNF Administration have failed greatly in their responses towards the people's expectations and have shrugged aside even the many calls by the President towards a Government of Reconciliation National Unity at a time when it might have been the best option but sadly rejected for reasons not best known only to themselves and in itself a lesson to be learned!

Perhaps a handing over of the reins of Administrative Power to a new Regime with grace and dignity rather bemoan their personal losses may be the best option for Dr.Senaratne and his UNF allies while the Nation acknowledges some good which has resulted in their establishing the Peace Process which was factually a brainchild of the President though initiated and ratified by the present order.The GDP growth rate of 5.6 refered to in Dr.Senaratne's statistics is also a meritworthy of acknowledgement which may not necessarily have been beyond the reach of the President as implied although the persuasions of the LTTE to give up their demands towards secessionist objectives seems somewhat debatable, circumspect and questionable as they continue to remain an unrelenting terrorist group which has not de-commissioned their weapons, given up child conscriptions, Arms stockpiling, fundraising towards their cause and continue to utter statements which uphold the realities towards this conclusion which sometimes even hinges on a bold return to attrocities as part of their sabre rattling!

The key issues which appear to be beyond the reach of the UNF at present seem the inability to establish a Permanent Peace within Sri Lanka without compromising Her safety and the relinquishing of what is sacredly Sovereign together with the ability to restore a normal order incorporating the path to a stronger socio economic equilibrium of contentment acceptable to all Sri Lankans together with the reduction of corruption and lawlessness and regardless of the brow beatings of the likes of Dr. Senaratne probably needs new blood to infuse what is necessary for the Nation where the UNF have sadly had their chances and failed.

In disillussioning Dr Senaratna, the New Blood in the form of the PA-JVP-MEP, SLFP and hopefully other late entrants to the coalition surely await their turn with great enthusiasm and anticipation towards their capabilities of building a better Sri Lanka while for the UNF it appears to be a case of missed and squandered opportunities as they appear to have entered a tailspin through bad navigation!



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