(Former Secretary to the Prime Minister and Secretary to the President 1984-1994
September 02, 2004)

By Walter Rajaratne, Sydney, Australia.

Consultation, compromise and consensus. The sacrosanct three Cees. Are Sri Lankans short of memory of the author of this hilarious and deceptive set of words emanated from the mouth of a great orator, at every twist and turn?

If you heard this triplet of notes from a chamber of a sacred shrine devoted to Lord Buddha subsequent to a Dharma Yathra and a Bodhi Puja, a pile of charred bodies of brutally murdered youth was the obvious horror scene to be witnessed the following morning in a remote corner of the Dharmadveepa. After a lengthy silence, embroiled in a deep trance, at last the man has yawned.

An illustrious career, the Secretary to the Prime Minister and H.E the President Sucharitha, of immaculate, from noble upbringing, so to speak. One wonder for whose attention KHJ has written the garbage. A premise orchestrated with a set of vocals vividly conjoined, sensationalizing a metaphor that has been articulated for the umpteenth time on the emotionally debated national crisis put forward by the political and bureaucratic felons from time immemorial be it ISGA or Provincial Council for that matter. Finally he has grasped the scourge as his last ditch come back to mainstream politics.

How else could they survive without their topsy turvy globe trotting lifestyle, on the drop of a hat, in search of peace, exhausting the resources of a poor nation although the problem and solution both are homogeneous to this land itself?

Crestfallen and besieged in a lost world since the untimely and inconceivable bereavement of the Autocrat not so much dissimilar to the butcher in the Vanni and the Red Comrade from the South, who were instrumental in the carnage of innocent and misguided youth in their thousands, the admirable Purohith Secretary has not minced his words calling a spade a spade in his essay.

The high spirit Sinhala blood, oozing from all the tiny vascular cells in his body, he even has lost patience and moral code that he painstakingly attempted to control. Nonetheless, it's too little and too late, to wash down all the crimes committed against a nation now in utter turmoil, Mr.KHJ.
On the ISGA, he goes on to say, Quote "This is the biggest sham and the sleekest eyewash that could have been perpetrated on unsuspecting Sri Lankans who have cherished the independence of the judiciary for generations". unquote

Here comes the braying of the ass when there is a coterie of guard dogs and lapdogs with the incumbent royalty in the presidential palace, his former citadel, continuing the intransigence since his departure.

How the judiciary cherished during his tenure is a well documented history that Sri Lankans need no reminders. Ronnies, Dougies, Sotthies not to mention the brutes in the armed services and police, are still haunting in reincarnate amidst Sri Lankans in such different guises as Nihals of PSD and Sanjeevas of Beddagane. Wonder what discourse this ascetic of a KHJ sermonized his astute ruler with, when he unleashed the cannibals in their ferocious rampage eliminating those who took to arms for a morsel of food?

Where was this patriot when his master ordered the unqualified surrender of 600 plus policemen to Karuna, the Devil Incarnate turned liberator of Sinhala nation today, with Sinhala blood stained from tip to toe?

In the plunder of treasury of a nation that was in abject poverty and the ransacking of state institutions in mock projects with eye-catching names such as poverty alleviation Janasaviya, later rechristened as Samurdhi under another buffoon, his master's protégé SB, the annual Village reawakening carnival, celebrating a thick headed ruler's insatiable lust for superiority, that the Factotum played as his loyal and trusted sycophant, is ample testimony to his compassionate credentials.

Honorable sir, just hang on till the benevolent scion of your master, doling out alms to the poor peasants in the Deep South, thanks to the wealth amassed by his father, looting state coffers, laid his hands on the reins of power, to be his Purothith once again to make this land yet another Uganda under a Idi Amin.

Don't forget that the son has already gone on record that it's incumbent upon him to fulfill the unfinished businesses of a great father in connivance with a genius of a Secretary, if the allegiances are still applicable.

Thought provoking irony of his writing is the discreet exclusion of the biggest blunder committed under the guise of liberating the nation from the hegemonic forces of IPKF. By inviting the monkey brigade if his master's predecessor JRJ committed a grave perfidy, he himself added insult to injury by ejecting the IPKF unceremoniously, on the verge of launching its final weeding out operation against the LTTE in utter disarray, which would have eradicated the reign of terror by the Sun God, a decade ago.

In crass ignorance you and your master reversed the gains achieved at the cost of tens of thousands of innocent Sri Lankans be it Sinhlala or Tamil, still bleeding this nation to death. The distinguished Secretary, the age catching up with his flagging faculties, has forgotten that Butcher from Vanni was the younger brother of his master, on his own words, uttered from Chiththavivekasramaya, Battaramulla, indubitably on a script drafted by you, the Purohith.

Be aware that, the then viceroy Jyothindar Nath Diksith now back in business at the hot seat, dictating terms to India's 26th state, Sri Lanka, must be clinching his fists to settle score for the humiliation dished out at the giant nation by the folly of an adviser, when unleashed his wrath and venom with the inevitable fragmentation of our poor nation. Read Gen.A.S.Kalkat's (Rtd.) biography, what they came to SL for?

That's not all. Wasn't it your master who nourished and nurtured a Don Juan of a Ranil, overriding Gamini Dissanyake and Lalith Athulalthmudali, the frontrunners, because they were made of different traits in the political forum? This is not the moment to enlarge the argument on those two and the legacy they have left for the yet to be born generations mortgaging the country to WB, IMF, ADB etc, and where their robbed dollars and pounds are lying.

Mr. KHJ, with your ultra-mundane adherence to Buddhism and Sinhala you would have been the first choice for convener's job by Ranil when he declared the 5th centenary thanksgiving holy communion for devastation of a 2000 year refined culture of Buddhist history by Portuguese conquistadores.

Hon Secretary to the president goes onto say, quote; "I would like to bring to the attention of the architects of this shameful ISGA document including my good friend the former Attorney General of Sri Lanka now living in Australia that the doctrine of territorial sovereignty in international law as expounded by Akehurst" unquote.

In the rush, Mr.KHJ has forgotten a few erstwhile buddies of yore. Paski (Paskeralingam) Shun (Shanmugalingam) Baku ( Mahadeva) AJ (Wilson) Arjun/Charlie (Mahendran) et al. How can you forget that Babu the Kamikaze. Obviously the loss of memory is playing tricks on your senses. Weren't these the bedfellows of yesteryear, the gang of mentors with whom you sanctioned the policies to a tyrant when you held the undisputed and holiest post, the silent compere of events.

They were, in deed, the most docile clique of bureaucrats, always yes men, to your heinous schemes thus your handpicked lot, competent of running the state machinery to your tune. It's too late Mr.Wijayadasa to reverse the ground reality and close the gates at this point in time because; the brigands have bolted with the loot, in the process blasting the gates.

We are in a spot of bother, on your cutting-edge fluency of the ISGA where you have gone to great lengths in presenting a holistic picture, but falling short of any realistic contribution towards "taking the battle to enemy territory, going at a vigorous pace, initiated by a dedicated few individuals of Sri Lankan Diaspora and intellectuals who fearlessly tread into the den of Tiger Terrorists, Oslo, where no Sinhala macho man has gone before. As usual you prefer to play it cool from your natural habitat.

Your essay bears all the hallmarks that, now you are in a come back trail as a liberator. Sinhalese and Dravidians have survived and lived with people of your kind for 2500 years, reminiscent of Kevattayas and Aritta Kee Vendus. The other Pukkusaya, Juan Don Bradman would be best of the company for you though he was one step ahead by writing gibberish "Premadasa I Saw" unfortunately you did not see, which conveyed many plaudits to your boss, posthumously.

Bootlicking is an art that you got to develop according to changing climatic conditions. And when you make a Pie you must not forget to keep your finger on the Pie at all times because shrewd cowboys are out there. Bradman is a smarter cowboy with a quicker draw, way ahead of you in that context. Thomian ilk, with the blessing of holy cross, mind you! Didn't he snatch Ranil the Pie you and your master baked?

People are well aware of schemes the Chandrika regime is engaged in with Scandinavians, Peaceniks and the dollar yielding NGO emissaries in Balkanizing a land that stood the test of time, undivided. How could Ranil, Chandrika and the Vanni Sun God with other stakeholders from various fronts in the peace business say no to an enticing carrot worth $4 billion dangling within striking distance. You may still try your luck with them for a Vandibhatta position.

Nonetheless, Armchair ideologues in your class are no more in demand since yours is a chequered history tainted with blood that marked the most gruesome Bheeshanaya, which you will pay a terrible price subject to your faith in Karmic dogma if not the Newton's law that "every action has an equal reaction".

If you are a devout Buddhist never be late. You still have time to become an accomplished Kautilya in your next birth in Samsar, if a Premadasa to be born again.



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