Norway Conference

By Kandula (USA)

Dear Patriotic Sri Lankans,

As a Patriotic Sri Lankan I am proud of the success of the conference organized by WAPS (World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka) held in Oslo, Norway recently. Our heartfelt appreciation should go to all the hard work by the organizers of this conference. Finally we have an effective group of capable Sri Lankans representing the majority of Sri Lanka telling the true story, history of the conflict and present situation in Sri Lanka. The conference exposed LTTE tiger terrorists, atrocities committed for over three decades against all communities in Sri Lanka, genocides, ethnic cleansing and suicide terrorism. The conference also brought to light the bias Norwegian peace brokers and their controversial role in Sri Lanka. You can read all about the conference and read transcripts of speeches given on the following websites.

We should encourage WAPS, SPUR (Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka) and all other Sri Lankan organizations that are actively involved in countering the racist Tamil propaganda around the world. We should rise up with our friends in the world and bring awareness to the international community on racist terrorism practiced by these ruthless terrorists.

WAPS has decided to hold a conference in Sri Lanka in December 2004 as a follow up to their conference in Norway to present the conference proceedings. They are planning on inviting important diplomats, academics, military personnel and professionals for this conference.

Time has come for us to put words into actions. Time has come for us peace loving Sri Lankans to unite and defeat the enemy. We may be scattered around the world but patriotic expatriates this is our chance to help unite us and keep the momentum going with the WAPS initiative. Support WAPS and SPUR by sending in whatever contributions you can. Regardless whether you contribute or not do visit these websites and read about the great work done by our friends.

You can send monetary contributions (mail or money transfer) to SPUR or WAPS. Below are web links to the official websites.

Kandula (USA)

A Sinhala Sri Lankan Patriot

Discloser : I am not affiliated with WAPS or SPUR in any way. This communiqué was solely to bring awareness to all peace loving Sri Lankans around the world on recent events and pave way for them to contribute to a noble cause



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