Poetic Justice Finally Served As Minister Is Indicted And Imprisoned.

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That UNP Parliamentarian and former Minister S.B. Dissanayake was yesterday sentenced to two years' Rigorous Imprisonment for contempt of Court comes as no real surprise as he leaves behind a tainted track record during his days of public office.He has no rights of appeal being a Supreme Court Judgement and will face the loss of his civil liberties automatically.

There are many who believe he was hegemonious, intimidatory, (as were his sons) arrogant and high handed as a personality who barnstormed his way through life despite having accomplished a high level of academcs and headed many prestigious levels of private and public office and subsequent to his incarceration there were celebrations around the Nation as many expressed their approval of the sentencing as the many areas which expressed sentiments in the form of firecrackers attested to and a sense of jubilation and relief that perhaps justice had been finally served.

His tainted track record probably commenced with his expulsion from the President's Party the People's Alliance, having fallen out of grace with the President during the previous tenure of the PA, also on defiant and defamatory statements made arrogantly to Sri Lanka's Chief Executive Officer Mme.Chandrika Kumaratunge who was once one of his closest allies.

To add to his woes, his alleged embezzling of funds during his days as Minister for Samurdhi Affairs which was apparently portrayed as testimony somewhat incredulously in a palatial mansion he built at Hanguranketha in the Kandy District has not served him well having acquired the dubious reputation of a thug and a man in high office who robbed the poor! Ironically it has been observed that the celebrations as a result of his imprisonment were the most vociferous and jubilant in the Hanguranketha Region where he appears to have amassed a great deal of contempt and derision from the local residents as his reputation has been greatly tarnished by allegations of misappropriating World Bank Grants for Rural Development and skimming them for his personal use though these charges were never officially proven.

He will also be remembered as the principle tormentor of Sri Lanka's Olympic Medal winner Susanthika Jayasinghe during his tenure as Sports Minister in the PA Cabinet who caused a great deal of distress for Sri lanka's much loved sports queen where he was accused of attempted sexual harrassment and subsequent intimidations of the superstar which almost destroyed her career. Undoubtedly Susanthika would be greatly avenged as the Nation was angered by the manner in which Mr.Dissanayaka conducted his campaign towards discrediting her as a result of her rebuttals of his sexual advances according to the record.

Following closely in their father's footsteps, his two sons too seem to have acquired a reputation of notoriety bordering on thuggery and intimidation in public places, as memories of a wanton and brutal attack on the leading member of one of Sri Lanka's best loved music groups the Gypsies is remembered where the musician was assaulted and hospitalised for voicing a satirical political opinion in one of his songs! Apologies were eventually tendered albeit the scars of greater significance which have remained in the minds of many!

His conviction of two years rigorous imprisonement with hard labour for contempt has been summarised by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in the following statement and follows many instances of admonishment and warnings to desisit from making high handed, libellous and slanderous statements where the long arm of justice has finally caught up with him.

It was stated during the final judgement delivered by Sri Lanka's Chief Justice the Hon. Sarath Silva that quote "He appears to have been emboldened by the leniency shown by this Court and directly confronted the authority of the Court with a slanderous and abusive tirade with the objective of whipping up public opinion against the Court.

He stated that, "they will close down Parliament and if necessary close down the Courts to pass this Constitutionally".The second sentence was that if "State Judges" do not agree with the implementation of the Constitution, "they could go home." end quote.

Mr.Dissanayake's comments which were recorded on tape and presented as prosecuting evidence in court, were made at a 'Wap Magul ' Ceremony In Habaraduwa in the Southern Province last November in a public address.

There were vehement protests and unruly behaviour in Parliament by supportive UNP'ers as news of the verdict reached them and Parliamentary Sessions had to be temporarily suspended where further proceedings of contempt might be in order against a few individuals who take it upon themselves to continue the trend of Mr.Dissanayake and bring disrepute to the manner in which business is conducted in the Legislature!

His imprisonment also attests to his loss of civic rights for 7 years and consequently his parliamentary seat with immediate effect where Mr. Dissanayaka has brought on his woes by his own irresponsible attitude which certainly is no shining example nor role model for the Nation and its future politicians.

There will be lessons learned as Poetic Justice has finally been served against making contemptuous statements that adversely impact the Administration of Justice in Sri Lanka where no individual irrespective of his or her high office is exempt from the Law of The Land and a noteworthy point for some of the dissentors of this decision where their turns might be next!



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