Former Samurdi and Agricultural Minister MR. S.B.Dissanayake sentenced to two years of hard labour for insulting and defaming the Sri lanka Supreme Court and Judges.

He insulted the Supreme Court and Judges when addressing a public meeting held at Habaraduuwa on 3rd November 2003.

Thanks to our independent justice system , justice has been served.

Surpeme Court is the highest and final appellate court of the Republic of Sri Lanka consisting of the Chief Justice and not more than ten judges. Any one who is insulting the Supreme Court means he has no respect to the country's justice system and law. No matter who, if that peson is a Prime Minister , Opposition Leader, Terrorist Leader or a ordinary person, he or she must be punished.

My Sincere thanks to Chief Justice Mr. Sarath.N.De. Silva and other justices Shiranie.Bandaranayake, T.B.Weerasoriya, Nimal.Dissanayake and Raja.Fernando for your unanimous decision against Mr.S.B.Dissanayake.

This landmark judgement has nothing to do with politics, but to respect our justice system and law and order.

I have nothing against with Mr.Dissanayake, but reason days I noticed that maintaining the law and order become a difficult task in Sri Lanka. Today most top government officials, some politicians, some big buisnessmen are having some sort of connection with tugs, underworld organizations and gangs.

What happened to our innocent Judge Mr. Ambepitiya? Who knows who is behind his murder?. Making treats to Judges, insulting Supreme Court, disobeying law and orders and killing judges become a simple thing in Sri Lanka.

There are rumours that lot of high ranking police officers are involved with underworld killing gangs and tugs. Government must bring them to the justice, remove their brass buttons and punish them. If not, one day Sri Lanka will become a most dangerous country in the world.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Our Buddhist leaders must come out from their temples to safeguard this country from terrorists, Murderers and gangs. Get together with political leaders and do something to save this beautiful island. Make them united. During the Sinhalese king's time buddhist monks given advice to the kings and rulers, but today buddhist monks are getting advice from the politicians. How much corrupt this country? Today our country's important problems are terrorists, corruptions, murderers, underground thugs and gangs, not the forth coming presidential election. Opposition leader wants only the presidency. He doesn't care about country's future. He may give part of the country if he can get the presidency. What kind of a politicians we have?

Finally, I am glad we have a strong and tough President in Sri Lanka and she must take tough decisions to protect the country, the Justice system and the citizens from terrorists and tugs.
Long Live President! Save our country.



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