Private Rebel War In Eastern Sri Lanka An Intolerable Challenge For New Administration!

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It has to be a matter of great concern for the New Administration in Colombo that there has been great high handedness shown by the factions of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to conduct a private war in the East of Sri Lanka while a ceasefire is in progress and an affront to National Security and Defence! Bearing in mind that the LTTE whether they be a single or divided entity which is of no consequence to the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka, relative to their division are still an outlawed, proscribed and banned group of condemned terrorists being sought after but both the Nation as well as Internationally and short of being a joke, Sri Lanka will probably have to face the International Community towards explaining how such a turn of events is deemed possible without some affirmative action taken to correct what may end up being more than a mere dilemma! In short immediate remedial or preventive action has to be taken in orderto curb what is going on in the East of Sri Lanka from escalating further which could easily be utilized by the unscrupulous morals of the LTTE towards furthering their cause and more than an idealogical danger to the Nation if the realities and relativities are put into perspective!

It has also been verifiably reported by Col.Karuna of the breakaway faction of the LTTE that his opposite number the infamous Velupillai Pirapaharan has blatantly continued to build up arms on a regular basis while the ceasefire was in effect ansd something for the deposed Wickremasinghe Administration to mull over as this is something that was intimated to them while in power many times over by the Opposition as well as the President to which their lack of concern and indifference especially by the namby pamby attitude of the then Defence and National Security authorities (Tilak Marapone take note!) which has perhaps projected the turn of events where within a Democratic Sovereign Nation a war between two motley guerrila factions is being waged making a mockery of Sri Lanka's Integrity where many questions are being asked about how the New Administration intends to deal with it as it is something which simply cannot be swept under the carpet assuming that it will blow over or self - resolve!

The Armed Forces also undoubtedly overly concerned are reported to be on high alert and there are reports of an exodus of fleeing civilians from the war zones and unless there is some response post haste towards an authoritative proclamation from the Central Administration towards quelling the conflict and restoring order to the affected areas within the statutes relative to law and order, somewhat of a delicate task given the circumstances yet perhaps a mandatory obligation.The rational interpretations within Sri Lanka and perhaps even globally would be that it would be a neglect of duties and a lack of responsibility towards maintaining the freedoms and liberalities of a Sovereign Nation which the LTTE have absolutely no right to disrupt at this stage of the Ceasefire despite their infighting and probably poses the first challenge to the Newly Elected Administration to set in place a normal order in the East of Sri Lanka accordingly which may take a fairly concerted effort but of vital importance nevertheless.

An excerpt from a report in the Lanka Academic News Website read as follows " Rival factions of the Tamil Tiger rebel group fought each other on Friday killing eight in the first major fighting in Sri Lanka since a 2002 ceasefire. Members of a faction that broke away last month exchanged mortar and small arms fire across a river dividing two districts in northeastern Sri Lanka. The battle lasted about four hours, leaving casualties on both sides, according to military officials. The Government signed a ceasefire with the rebels in February 2002. Government forces are on high alert, and say they don't want to get drawn into the fighting, which could happen if rebels try to pass through government controlled territory to get at their rivals. Efforts to finalize a peace treaty became more complicated on March 3, when more than 6,000 troops followed the Tamil Tigers eastern commander in breaking away." end of excerpt.

It would be foolhardy and almost unthinkable a that a situation may present itself where the Sri Lankan Armed Forces may be dragged into this conflict ending the Peace within Sri Lanka which has lasted for over 2 years and imperative for the Administration to formulate some immediate strategy through viable means at a time when there exists a felt need for peace monitoring through dialogue and mediatory intervention to end this conflict in the East which will undoubtedly be in the best interests of the Nation.

It would not seem an ideal response to watch the two LTTE factions go at eachothers throats without a response from Governmental Authority, in the expectation that the faction which may be of eventual benefit to the Government (also hypothetical) will overcome the other of impure design as their track record indicates that they are capable of confounding the odds against them!(also hypothetical).It has to be reiterated once again that a mediatory respose from the Government may be urgently required!




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