Dr. A Karunanayake New Zealand

A reply to “Another Example of Neo-Colonial and Capitalist Perception and Servitude By Mahinda Karunaratne”

Reading through Mr Mahinda Karunaratne’s long description brings me memories of persons and ideologies which were commonly seen and heard during the dark period of Sri Lanka around 1989. The core of the discussion was to say that every freedom fighter dying in the motherland is not a terrorist and any problem should be solved by dialogue, compromise and compassion.

What Mr Mahinda Karunaratne (Mr MK) sadly forget is that we are talking about the worst terrorist group in the world the LTTE. Their claim for the motherland is based on bogus claims of traditional homeland and distorted history in which Mr. MK seems to be drowned. This perception had made him to sympathies with the murderous terrorists who have annihilated innocent civilians, ruthlessly killed pilgrims at their prayers, tried to destroy the most sacred worship site of Buddhists and has killed their own people in numbers larger than by any others in history and are involved in destroying the Tamil community by destroying the children of the north and east. Mr. MK do you think that we can stop this LTTE by your theory of dialogue, compromise and compassion. I agree that we need to look in to the grievances of the North and East and address them appropriately and effectively. But if this group does not despond to the call for dialogue, compromise and compassion, and still demand the pound of flesh, we need to disarm this rampaging murderous group. They do not even let the Tamil people of Sri Lanka voice their opinion and yet claim to be the “sole representative” and go on eliminating any one who opposes them.

In dealing with a problem that has roots internationally and implications that can affect globally, we have to recognise the world powers and politics and they invariably do want to have a hand in such affairs whether we like it or not. This is exactly what is happening now in Sri Lanka and we cannot pick and choose who is going to help us and whom we do not need. We as a poor country who depend heavily on foreign aid, need “any help” from “any body” to solve our problems. If you claim that we can solve our own problems and turn down the help extended, it appears to be foolhardy and exposes a dreaming mind far away from reality. Some of the help rendered in such situations may be with ulterior motives, but true and clever statesmanship should be able to manipulate the situation and use it to our own advantage.

Mr MK seems to be very concerned about the mention of JVP as a terrorist group. That label has come out of the JVP because it’s trigger happy culture was crushed by military means and they were allowed to think of other means of addressing their grievances. This principle should apply to any other terrorist group that refuses to put away the terror activities and then only that their representative group and the community will be able to think freely. Then only the other communities who co-habitate with them will be free and safe. Only after achieving this that we will be able to build bridges of friendship and trust and start dialogue with compromise and compassion. Cold blooded murder of innocent unarmed civillians children women and clergy cannot be justified by any kind of aspirations and grievances that a group has. Such a group can never be freedom fighters but gross murderers and criminals.

Do not be scared of your own Neo-Colonialism and Capitalism. These are just words that look impressive and heavy. The only truth is that man needs to live on earth without hate and fear, without being threatened or intimidated. Terrorism does not allow peace on earth and peace is not the period between two devastating wars. If terrorism or armed criminals are not eliminated there will be continuos mass destruction like what occurred in Aranthalawa, Kent farm, Dehiwala train bomb, Colombo Central Bank and Maradana to mention a few to which you or your loved ones could be victims in future. Let us unite together, follow any example from any where or any body, obtain help from any where or any body and effectively crush terrorism in our country and bring lasting peace to a proud nation.



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