An Editorial Response To:
AN APPEAL FOR SANITY By S. Makenthiran Mississauga Ontario Canada

Hopefully Mr Makenthiran and his colleagues writing out of Canada have not drawn conclusions that LankaWeb can be used as a platform for LTTE propaganda! Not so! They have to be advised also that regardless of having relinquished their Sri Lankan citizenship if that be the case, there is no such entity as a Canadian Tamil as the correct definition in Canada is ' a Canadian Sri Lankan of Tamil origin'.

Indeed the writer is constrained in much of his expressions about the issues involving the Sinhala Nation and its minority Tamils and carries much bias toward the latter whose peace and prosperity is in shambles according to him and if so a direct result of the internal armed insurrection of his champions the LTTE. He has also to be informed that the Peace and Prosperity of the land though at risk during certain times of the insurgency was never in shambles and a misconception in his seemingly confused mind! Disrupted yes and presently making a remarkable recovery with no thanks to the Tamil Diaspora which made many unsuccesful attempts to ursurp Sri Lanka's well being as finally there seem to be many assertions from many powreful supportive quarters that Sri Lanka will never be divided and that too by a paltry lot of conniving terrorists whose time is fast running out.

There is no rut other than the one imagined by the writer that the Sinhala and Tamil communities are trapped! (in what? The writer does not seem to be able to define!) Indeed the excercises of the LTTE have always been counter productive, worthless from a democratic point of view and while the Sinhalese have legitimately sent their representatives to Parliament through the democratic process the Tamil terrorists have illegaly sent their proxies through intimidation, cheating and corrupt practises in the North and East of Sri Lanka during the last Election, a fact attested to by international and local monitors in an official capacity.The presence of the TNA in Parliament should have been made null and void but for a spineless pro- opposition Commissioner of Elections.There are no terms for the TNA to come to terms with other than dealing with their own impervious LTTE biased political future!

It has bee correctly stated that The Sinhalese do not foresee a break up of Sri Lanka to concede a separate Eelam.This isabsolutely correct thinking.As to whether the Tamils give up their aspirations for an autonomous status, and accept the sovereignity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka in the manner it has been through history it is their unacceptable choices which would have no implications on the general consensus of the majority Sinhalese who have always maintained fairness and impartiality towards minorities although the LTTE and the likes of the writer continue to point to the contrary towards their own ungainly means!

There is no question about the need for unity between all races within the land.It is an imperative necessity which the President of Sri Lanka has reiterated many times over and the real question is "Can There Be Real Peace Anywhere on Earth If It Involves Unrelenting Fully Armed Terrorists Who Do Not Even Have A Full Mandate From Their Own Community." The general consensus amongst a vast number of discerning and peace loving Tamils and Muslims is that they do not wish to be dictated to by authoritarian rule at the hands of an autocratic megalomaniac and the writing seems to be on the wall towards this expectation! On a more favourable note towards sanity and expected normalcy, these terrorists are now being depleted and disrupted through internal rifts and dissention within their rank and file and a matter of time before their ultimate demise and the ultimate reality which the writer should grasp in the best interests of his community! Decentralization,Polarisation, a Federal Form of Government,Autonomy and Unified Administration are all terms which fall within the norms of a normal order and not one which relates to a group of unrelenting terrorists who have no demanding rights within the Administrative Infrastructure of Sri Lanka as long as they remain terrorists and need to be put down rather than be uplifted!

No realistic Editor of any institution or any Sinhalese Community representing the Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka at present is under any obligation to condescend to fantasy and the obtuse persuasive means extended to the undiscerning and gullible that the LTTE and their supportives have any legitimate rights toward their demands! Bearing in mind that they are an outlawed and internationally proscribed insurgent terror group who have no mandate even from their own community, whomsoever supports their mendacious means must face the ultimate reality that they too contribute towards the detriment of Sovereign Sri Lanka which at its highest elevation is an indictable offence regardless of being domiciled outside Sri Lanka!

It is hoped fervently that there will be no need for a military means to overcome the LTTE as their credibilities alone which have been greatly disrupted and downtrodden globally would be a contributory means towards eliminating their unwelcome presence.However it has to be emphasized that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces have risen from the mediocrity the writer beholds in imagined perspective and turned into a contending force beyond any realm of his comprehension perhaps if the need ever arises!

The tone of bravado in the writer who goes on to say that " Even if the Sri Lankan Army were to advance into LTTE held territory, the Tamils will wage a devastating guerilla war as is happening now in Iraq." Perhaps the term 'Tamils' should be clarified and analogies to Iraq dispelled as pure speculative irrelevance of hollow conjecture as the military might of the LTTE today has to be circumspectly dubious with far too many deterrents against then to even consider any major offensives or forms of organized aggression against the Government other than the cowardly, surreptitious wanton killings and assassinations they continue to indulge i to this day! and a matter of time when that too will be confronted effectively as the powers that be have indicated!

There is also a Regional Defence Agreement between Sri Lanka and India now ratified to alter the writer's trend of thought towards any ambitious rhetoric about LTTE power which probably reduces them to being none other than' legends in their own minds' also applicable to the writer!

To ever imagine the swaying of Sinhala public opinion in favour of the garbled gibberish this writer extends to the minds of the majority Sinhalese seems either an apathetic ineptitude or a very optimistic expectation of a self styled opportunist who believes in himself as much as the Emperor Who Wore No Clothes" did and somewhat laughable! Feelings are infuriated on all sides based on how contentious the expressd thoughts normally are and this writer seems to have overstepped his limitations which even condemn patriotic Sinhala writers as mentioned in his list who as alleged by him write offensive articles to infuriate Tamil feelings so what about the writer and his ilk who have contributed to a ballistic response from the Sinhala majority who demand their credibilities! And in case some point was missed the expression is 'soul searching' rather than 'sole searching' more applicable to a species of fish, the underside of the foot or footwear where the glorious pun implies perhaps a clean pair of heels! Which may be the writer's eventual resort!

And to cap it all, the writer has eloquently described himself as 'A Voice InThe Wilderness ' so need there be any further illustration towards the evaluation of the pros and cons of what is being implied?



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