Open Letter to Her Excellency, Hon. Madam CBK

Nisanka Weerasinha

Hon. Madam:

The following news item appeared in a SL daily news paper today:

"The opposition UNP yesterday urged the UPFA government to first clarify its stand on the peace process before seeking the support of other parties.
Addressing a news conference, UNP Parliamentarian and former Chief peace negotiator G.L. Peiris said President Chandrika Kumaratunga should announce whether she was willing to resume peace talks based on the ISGA proposals.
"While the JVP is publicly declaring that the government is not prepared to talk on the ISGA proposals alone, the President is making contradictory statements and as a result nobody knows the government's exact stand regarding the peace process."

Although the motive for this demand is highly suspect (i.e. likely politicking and not much else by the now defeated UNP, especially so by the "educated idiot" who became the "boy-servant" to the fiery LTTE Balasinham, whereby LTTE gained a bounty harvest in benefits in return for giving virtually noting to then UNP led GOSL!), nevertheless, it is a valid demand from anyone, for that matter!
Although you may not know it, the manner in which this ISGA has been dealt with so far has brought much ridicule to your own coalition party, not to mention your own character integrity also surfacing up for regular scrutiny.

Permit me to sum it up, the popular sentiment of the day, to you in this manner:


You cannot disregard the following:

- Please remember that a key corner stone of your last election platform was the strict opposition to LTTE's ISGA proposal that you and your coalition party adopted. You and your coalition partners successfully convinced the SL population of the danger of the ISGA and it overwhelmingly gave you a mandate to squash it. Therefore, it is an abject violation of trust on your part now to be saying that you are willing to start negotiations on the basis of the ISGA. If you did commence negotiations on the basis of the ISGA, then in my view that places you at a no higher plateau than the corrupt Ranil Wickremasinghe who displayed callous regard for the sovereignty of the Nation. Simple political expediency, intricately tied to his personal ambition (i.e. to become the Executive President of the nation), was evidently paramount to Ranil over anything else and he very craftily deceived the masses by hiding all his secretive agreements with the LTTE, to get elected in that earlier election campaign.

- While your coalition partner, the JVP, is still adhering to its opposition to the ISGA, your own party, the SLFP, is showing rapid signs of reneging on that stand. While this may score you and your SLFP cronies brownie points (internationally, and especially with the Norwegians), it very atrociously makes the JVP look the intransigent "bad boy." This is indeed is a damn shame! Is this the way to treat, reciprocate, your loyal partner without whose help your "in-dire-straits" SLFP party would not have formed the government of today? JVP, very honorably, is sticking by its mandate from the electorate and therefore, it must be admired for its display of unwavering principles. Of course, this is something strange to the traditionally corrupt UNP/SLFP politicians who have gotten used to, shamelessly, discarding the election promises no later than after the parliamentary swearing in ceremony!

- Hon. Madam, has it not occurred to you that it is time to call the LTTE's bluff on the ISGA? Do you not think it is time that your government bluntly refused to discuss it and instead expended much needed energy to expose ISGA for what it really means and not try to overlook its serious flaws - flaws which will surely mean the doom of SL as a unitary, sovereign nation? Would you not think it is better to be resolute in rejecting the ISGA, just as when you boldly took over the three ministries from Ranil on the basis of the danger posed by the ISGA, than to look a weakling who has now capitulated into terrorists' demands despite the earlier grand-stand? Has it not occurred to you that in an international context, there is admiration (yes, despite the publicly given rhetoric) for those world leaders who display conviction and steadfastness in dealing with their national security issues? This is why the Norwegians and the TNA are earnestly requesting meetings with the JVP and the JHU while your party cronies are being "told" what to do - mostly by repeating Thamil Selvam's threat-mantra of "imminent danger of war."




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